Organizing Your Wardrobe


Organizing your wardrobe.  Always a hot topic.  And while they are professing the few items listed below are all the clothes you’ll need, I’m thinking perhaps a few more would work for most of us.  🙂  I do, however, like their organizing tips, and would prefer it if the word Organized, was spelled correctly.  But that’s just me.  🙂   Ok, here is a handy list…Short and Sweet, and you can print it as well!


Great Tools for Closet Organizing


I Love this idea for folding t-shirts


Neiman Marcus now offers free shipping, including free return shipping!  This is great news, as it matches my fav store, Nordstrom.  And Neiman’s does have some great gifts, and many under $50…

Here is a copy of their ad/announcement… Notice, Neiman Marcus is no where to be found.  That’s just bad marketing. They are lucky they have me spreading the good word! 🙂


I am still rather cranky re: my Bear’s deplorable play on Sunday against the Lions…even though my friend Connie was pleased, I was not. Thankfully we are still 3-1, leading our division, and we have 75% of the regular season left!  That’s a good reason to smile.  And beating the 4-0 Saints, who took an undefeated season away from the Dolphins (1972 was soooooooo long ago), is just what I need to put the bounce back in my step.  Ok, who am I kidding, the bounce is still there, but we need a Win!


Go Bears!

Happy Birthday Mom!  Love and miss you…

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