Fall 2013 Fashion Trends


More than half-way through September, and I am just Now getting to Fall Fashion Trends?  My goodness, where has the time gone?  And it’s almost the end of September?  Yikes!  Okay, so this can be down and dirty…Courtesy of Etcetera (but of course) we have the fashion trends…You can just use this as a guide, shop in your own closet, and decide what you have, and make a list of the things you may need.  I’m using some of the photo’s at the end of the blog as my own inspiration for looks I want to wear this Fall! 🙂


What’s the Hue

We’re popping neutrals with power points of warm, saturated color. Standouts:

aubergine-  the perfect plum
persimmon – a dollop of orange cerulean the clearest sky
teal deepest – blue-green mulberry winter magenta
rust – earthy mulled wine

1.  Quilting – Quilting’s the texture that stormed the runways. Found in a trench sashed, flapped, raglan-sleeved & box-quilted in the most gorgeous tone of teal.


2.  Leather & Lace – Cool treatments bump-up simple silo’s. Find leather piped, sequined, collared & trimmed; & lace printed, bonded, appliquéd & overlaid.

trends2 (1)


3.  Moto madness – Sporty, spunky, polished or punky. In black double crepe suiting [the hottest!] with leather trim or black leather with tabs, zips, shoulder yokes, croc detail & gunmetal studs no less.


FA13 PV Rebel Dandy

4.  Pajama Party – Fluid free-falls of silk as easy as p.j’s. Slip a luxe tunic over a breeze-to-the-ankle pant in a paisley foulard of-many-colors. How fabulous to pack-up & fly in!



5.  Peplums – Whooshes of peplums are showing up on everything from a red merino cardie to a champagne charmeuse shirt to a sexy black stretch ponte two-piece.



6.  Fancy Pants – After-five gets a jolt from skinny ankle pants. Super-sleek in black stretch paisley jacquard to suit up if you wish; eye-popping in metallic mélange to properly top with espresso leather for maximum impact.



7.  Fraternal Twins – The perfect mismatch, a reinvention of the sweater set. Find solo riffs of styles, lengths & stitch-mixes that play together in perfect harmony.


FA13 PV Regency Tycoon

8.  Patterns & Prints – Plug-in a print as the perfect update. Inspired by menswear 60’s cravats or Carnaby Street scrolls. Spun into bodacious botanicals & colorblocked paisleys. Elegantly flighty to wickedly wild-child.



Fall 2013 Pantone Report

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013

Other Great Fall Looks

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Great Fall Shoes 

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Great Bags – Yes, size does matter

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Life, is short.  Make the most of it.  This is Ed, Beth  and Rachel…3 of my favorite people!  Ed, we love you and miss you dearly!


Song of the Week – What is Life, by George Harrison

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Happy Birthday Week, Mer Mer!


Coming Monday…a personal blog, Critical Discussion.  I was hoping to blog it today, but need to marinate with it a bit and find the words that are in my heart, but having a tough time putting them on “paper”.

Meredith home for the weekend, and Bears on Sunday Night Football.  It does NOT get better than this.  Oh yeah, and Kevin is here too. 🙂

Go Bears!!



Here’s a link to Meredith’s Fashionista Blog


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