Negative Fans Need Not Attend…and how I feel I’m (partially) responsible for the Bears Win.


First and foremost..Great win yesterday by the Bears!  We stunk it up Big time in the first half, but they made the necessary adjustments and came back from a 10-21 deficit, and brought it home with a 24-21 WIN against the Bengels.  Nice. I, of course, feel slightly responsible for the win.  More on that later.  Also, a big Congrats to Coach Trestman on his first regular season win…and let’s hope there are 15 more to follow before the playoffs!  Very exciting!!

What is Not exciting, however, are the fans who are Negative, Bitter, Angry, Foul (as in language, not chickens) showing Poor Sportsmanship and quite frankly, in my opinion, have no business attending an NFL game. Why sit and wear a Bears jersey, if you are going to complain, swear, nay-say your team, arm-chair quarterback (with clearly no experience), harass, depress and irritate  the rest of the fans in your vicinity?  Why do such a thing?  Here’s a suggestion, Stay home and do that in the comfort of your own home on your Naugahyde couch and irritate your loving family members, who have to tolerate you.  I, on the other hand, do not.  And by the beginning of the 4th quarter, after 3 quarters of enduring this behavior,  figured I had Just about enough of this…and I was NOT going to take it anymore.

These are some examples of what I had to listen to:

Oh for Crying out Loud…what the H**l is wrong with you?

Lovie must be calling the shots

Are you F-ing kidding me?

OH MY GOD.  OH MY GOD.   OH MY GOD.  Don’t you know what you are doing?!

This is Crazy…Catch the Da** ball, for Crying out loud

Get off the Field, you Moron!


And that was on just one play. 🙂


Before I continue my little rant, I do understand getting upset with your team’s poor play.  Especially when you pay the high prices that the NFL charges the fans and you are convinced your high school team (Go Bronco’s) could do a decent job hanging in with your NFL team.    I get it, and I do recall slapping Brian Urlacher on the hand for complaining about the fans who were “booing” the Bears.  The players get Paid to play…I pay to watch them play.  But there’s being disappointed in your team’s play, and there’s those who become Raving Lunatics and fill the entire stadium with Negative Vibes…and we do Not need that.


So…After 3 quarters of enduring the screaming and yelling of the unruly fans, I really had more than enough, and I wasn’t willing to risk a loss by sitting idly by, so I went over to the negative Fans and said/pleaded, “Come on guys…how about a little positive enthusiasm?  You are bringing our team and ME down, and I know you have it in you to think happy thoughts and make positive, constructive comments, so we can Win this game! What do you say?”  And guess what?  The two guys fist-bumped me…:)  I’m a girl, wearing snappy sunglasses and I have dimples, so pretty sure they weren’t going to hit me, at least I was hoping they wouldn’t smack me.  While they may have been placating and humoring me, I’m thinking they started to see the error of their ways.  They might also have caught on that the rest of the fans in the 2 sections in which we were sitting, were also getting sick and tired of their behavior and perhaps some of those other fans would Smack ’em. Or they just didn’t want to have to deal with me any longer, so they got with the program.


I’m happy to report I heard no more foul language, no raving rants, no screaming at the refs, Bears, and coaches , though they may have sneered, but it wasn’t verbal, and I didn’t see it, so no harm no foul,  and they cheered enthusiastically!    And each time a play didn’t go our way, I’d start clapping and yell “Only positive, happy  thoughts, Boys”.  Truly, it wasn’t nearly as obnoxious as it just sounded as I was typing this. Or maybe it was.  Didn’t matter, as  I do believe I was truly in control of this situation.   Of course, it may have been the 3 Stella’s, but that’s neither here nor there.  I like to think I turned those bad fans around…and we have a Big Win to show for it.  Thank you very much!


The above picture is a “selfie”, hence the awkward angle. 🙂

So, Yes, I am of the belief that  I indeed, did commandeer the game!  Plus, even  Patrick will attest,  that my Pollyanna-attitude and positive outlook, while bamboozling the naysayers over to the good-guys side, did appear to be working.  And Patrick rarely, if ever, reads my fan mail  (not that there is ever any fan mail).    Plus, the other guys in my section (Men are so easy), were high fiving me as well.  They were also sick and tired of the buffoon’s behavior.  Every time something went our way, which at this point, was more often than not, my new friends would rally around me and my cause.   So, of course, I started to take credit for all the good plays and each time proclaimed , “Yes, you may thank me for this”. 🙂   Fortune favors boldness!  My new posse inquired if I could sit here every week, as I’m a good luck charm.  Love that, btw.  I will continue to do what I can to help our Bears win! 🙂


So…my request to all of you attending NFL games, leave the nasty attitude at home. Stop yelling inappropriate comments at the players, especially my Bears.  Leave the unbecoming behavior at work (;) ) and come enjoy the game, and Cheer your team on!   Negative fans need not apply…nor attend!  Home field advantage is supposed to mean something, and if we can fill our home stadium with positive enthusiastic fans channeling happy-winning thoughts…we are that much closer to a positive outcome (WIN)


Go Bears!  Beat the Vikings!








  1. Way to go, Terry! And you didn’t even have to invoke your “I work for the Bears organization” approach!!

  2. Totally agree, TOB . . . it would be nice if people would exhibit less negativity on FB and other social media pages as well!

  3. You go girl! Those Bears don’t know what a gem they have in you. If you’re not organizing lady restroom lines (good one Colleen) you are rallying the fans! Love it and your glass half full attitude. Everyone needs a Terry on their sideline. Great selfie. GO BEARS!

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