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Plain White V-Neck Tee Shirts

Ok, who knew this topic would be so popular?   I published my blog on Friday, and have since heard from 9 of my followers (basically all of you) in regards to where to get these coveted Plain White V-Neck Tee’s…

So, briefly, and in a nutshell, without many general pleasantries, so I can keep this blog short and to the point.

Hanes Men’s – you can get at Target…At Target they have,  Buy 6, get 2 Free (we like free).  $13.99.  Cannot beat this price.


The Hanes Premium , not quite as light-weight (sheer), is on sale, 6 , plus 2 free (we still like free), for $20.79


Continuing with our Target shopping trip, try this from Mossimo Supply Co.  Online price, $7.  They also come in a variety of other colors.  This one does not have the small pocket.  These are the ones that I have been rocking for most of the summer.  Yes, 18 of them. 🙂  I also  have them in pink, grey, and this fabulous melon color, which makes me look tan, non easy feat for an irish gal! 🙂

Mossimo Junior Supply Co

If you want more “coverage”, aka, not quite as sheer, look for a Premium White Tee… Some of them are really light-weight, and therefore, possibly more sheer than what we can want.  You want these tee’s fitted, but not loose, and not tight if your body is not quite as “tight” as you’d like. 🙂

I also get my white v-necks at Nordstrom, the Caslon brand, but they only have them with a sheered side.  I typically can find these on sale. They are currently $29, so I’d wait till they go on sale.


The Gap – $19.95, for a great white v-neck, but Today you can get 35% off, at the Friends and Family Event.  That brings it down to $13, and some change. 🙂


Thanks again for the comments and questions.  I truly am tickled (Pink) that people not only read my blog, but also want to know more about what I write.   Always makes my day. Thank you! 🙂




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