The White V-Neck Tee


If I had to say what my one clothing staple has been this summer, it would be the white v-neck tee.  I think I have 18 of them.  I am not kidding…I’ve gotten them at Nordstrom (Caslon brand); Target (Mossimo Supply Co); Hanes (boys tee), and the Gap. I’ve never paid more than $20 for any of them.   My favorite is from Target, the boyfriend pocket, white v-neck, which I found on sale for $6.  I believe I bought 8. I pair them with cotton skirts, Nike workout shorts, jeans, leggings (where the tee is long enough to cover my back side) , leather skirt (lightweight for summer), casual capris, black slacks, etc.   Come Fall, I’ll wear it under sweaters or long cardigans, denim jackets and blazers, while continuing my tradition of feathering my Plain White v-neck tee (cue Plain White T’s and Hey There Delilah) into my everyday wardrobe.

The reason I’m droning on and on about this  (the usual), is because many of the pics taken of me this summer, are of me in a white v-neck tee…and many of these pics have been posted on FB or Instagram.   I want a disclaimer to say, ”  Hey!  I have 18 of these, so I’m not always wearing the same shirt”.  Plus, I like to share pics with my peeps, and send pics of me and either Mer, Paddy or Kevin, and I’ve come to realize that my fan club is probably thinking, “stop shopping in your own closet, and go buy something new”!  And I’m aware, no one, but me cares, but I thought it was worth a mention, and it currently is all about me (in this blog anyway).   In the days of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media avenues, remember to Mix up your wardrobe…otherwise you’ll end up wearing the same ole thing in all the pictures…Another reason to journal your outfits.  And please check out my blog from 3 years ago, “The History of the Fashion Journal”.

Photographic Proof



IMG_6841 edited


In above picture, I am Literally hiding behind my friend, NKO, because I’m wearing, yet another white v-neck tee, and knew she’d post this on FB.  This is no way to live one’s life!  Sheesh!    And yes, if I’m ever in a position whereas someone should ask, “What are you wearing”…I’ll be sure to quip, “well aside from a white v- neck tee”…Yeah, and the “What Are You Wearing” question,  will be an upcoming blog, btw, with a highly entertaining story!

So, you can see the dilemma in the above photo’s… It’s important to mention that 3 of these pics were at different “outings”…Just trying to save face here.

Other ways in which to rock the plain white tee…



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Guys Rocking the Plain White V-Necks…

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And speaking of rocking out…Rock out to some Plain White T’s, and one of my fav songs, Should’ve Gone to Bed.

Summer is winding down, and soon I will be taking Meredith back to school, for her senior year. ;(  It’s been a great summer, but much too short!  And Hats off (I’d say White v-neck tee off, but that would be raunchy, and I’m so not raunchy) to Meredith, Monday’s guest blogger.  She did an awesome job, and received more comments, likes, high Fives and kudo’s, then her Mom.  This is telling, very telling, people.


Have a great weekend.  Later Gator, 😉




need more vodka


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  1. A staple for me as well… well, we have a white shedder dog and I either need to get her some black Miss Clairol or move away from black wardrobe choices! Also, there is nothing more delicious than wearing your man’s v-neck tee when it still carries his yummy scent. Excellent guest host! Have an exceptional senior year Mer (although I’m a Boilermaker 😉 T, how did this go so fast? Beautiful pics. xo

  2. Obviously, I’m just catching up on my TOB blogs . . . and came away with — OMG, I am old too as I remember vodka before it was flavored AND . . . OMG!!! Mer is a senior already??

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