Beat the Heat


Beat the Heat!

Is it hot enough for you?  Staying cool?  Are you getting tired of answering these questions?  Are you feeling hot, hot, hot and not in a Buster Poindexter way?  Are you looking for relief and a way to Beat the Heat?  Not everyone can head to SoCal where the weather has been in the mid 70’s…What to do, what to do?  I’ve done much “research” and found some great tips…both for looking good and for feeling good, or at least cooler!

BEAUTY TIPS – this came from Girl’s Guide To…twas Not written by me.

Lighten Up

Just as you lose a few layers of clothing during the summer, so should you lose layers of makeup. Too much makeup is never a good thing, but even more so in the summer when the high temperatures can cause a makeup meltdown.

For starters, just lighten up the daily routine by going for a more au naturale look. You don’t really need 10 different products on your face just to run to the store.

When it comes to makeup, think light and sheer. Tinted moisturizer, sheer foundations, and the newly popular BB creams are perfect for summer.

In addition, beware of too much powder. Use blotting sheets to fight shine instead of patting on more powder. And swap your powder blush with a cheek stain or cream-based blush.


Brighten Up

A quintessential summer trend will always be brights and neons. But don’t let this rule only apply to your clothing.

The easiest way to brighten up your summer beauty routine is through your nails. Go ahead and try the brightest, most eye-catching shades you can find.


Freshen Up

Yes, we’re talking about deodorant. Let’s be real with each other. What works in the winter may not just cut it for the summer.

I have tried many different brands and often fall back on Dove products, but have recently discovered a new favorite: Degree MotionSense. I don’t even use the “Clinical Protection” strength and I find that it lasts all day.

Since summertime calls for impromptu plans and outdoorsy activities, keep a spare travel-size deodorant in your purse to reapply, just in case.

This gal is just about your basic nightmare…Who looks this perfect anyway?!


Cover Up
Could there be a discussion about summer beauty tips without mentioning the most important one of all? Protect yourself with a high SPF sunscreen. Seriously. If you haven’t already check out the news articles about the man with the severely sun-damaged face, and you’ll realize just how damaging UV rays are.

And don’t worry, there are endless sunscreen options, no matter how sensitive your skin may be.

If you’re spending the day at the beach remember to reapply every 2 hours, at least. And treat yourself to a giant, floppy beach hat and bathing suit cover-up for protection that keeps you looking chic too.


Toughen Up

The simplest switch to update your makeup routine for a sweltering summer is to use waterproof (and sweatproof) products.

More than likely your current favorite eyeliner and mascara is available in a waterproof formula which makes a huge difference in its lasting power.

To truly ensure your makeup doesn’t pull a disappearing act, invest in primers. Primers transform skin into a perfect canvas that gives makeup something to adhere to. Primer on your eyelids before a smoky eye look will keep you from looking like a raccoon by the end of the night.

If you’re very serious about your makeup staying strong, try a setting spray, such as Urban Decay’s all nighter. It’s a favorite among beauty bloggers because it literally lasts all night or day to keep your makeup looking freshly applied. Even though this is a great product, it’s probably not necessary for everyday use.

My recent fave mascara is definitely Maybelline’s the Falsies in Black Drama. This mascara is so good, that shortly after I started wearing it both my roommate and sister bought some of their own.


We’ll leave you with a few more summer beauty tips:

Try leaving your lotion and eyeliner in the fridge for a refreshing and, in the latter case, a neater application.

Blow dry your hair outside the bathroom. I always dry my hair in my A/C-ed bedroom now, and believe me, it makes a huge difference. I won’t sweat off my makeup in the process and my hair dries so much sleeker outside of the humid bathroom.

(Source:  Girls Guide To)



To avoid problems like heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and to try to stay cool…it’s important to  know the basics: be aware of the temperature and stay hydrated. Also, modify activities, if possible, to avoid being outside during the hottest parts of the day. When outside, wear loose-fitting, lightweight and light-colored clothing.

But what else can you do around the house to keep cool? Here are some more tips to cope in temperatures that feel like the triple digits.

No air conditioning? Make a homemade air conditioner using a fan and bowl of ice. The fan’s breeze will blow across the ice cubes and, as they melt, ice-cooled air will spread and help cool off a small space, like a bedroom or kitchen.

Another way to simulate A/C is to hang a wet towel filled with ice from a desk or table and position it near a fan, which will blow colder air around the room. Be sure to place a bucket underneath to collect the melting ice.

Cool off by spraying yourself with water from a spray bottle in the fridge. It’s a cheap and an easy way to lower your body temperature. Be sure to “spray your upper chest, arms and face to cool down.”

Make your freezer your friend. Put household items in the freezer and use them to cool down. Anything from towels to pillowcases can be tucked in the freezer and pulled out during peak afternoon heat hours or overnight to cool off.

Sleep in the basement to stay cool. “I see many people go down to the basement, where things are much cooler and less humid.”
Cover windows that receive a ton of sun with shades or towels to keep your house cooler. Turn off the lights, when possible, to reduce energy use.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Cold beverages and water will help cool down the body.

Mind what you eat. Avoid spicy foods, which can raise your body temperature, and opt for well-balanced and light meals, instead. Kids should eat foods such as fresh fruits, like watermelon, or ice popsicle, that are rich in water to stay hydrated.

Avoid coffee and alcohol. “They are diuretic-based and can lead to frequent bathroom visits that exacerbate dehydration.”

(Excerpts from this article found on ABC News)


And a Few More Tips

Here are a few tips to keep cool and carry on:

Tip #1: Wear a slip as a dress. After all, light, breezy nightwear feels so good in the daylight. Don’t want creepy guys asking you “How much?” when you strut by? Go for a loose slip, all the better to take advantage of the cool breeze off the river.


Tip #2: Rock some loose pants. It’s that rare win-win scenario. You’ll be making a fashion statement and feeling ultra comfy at the same time. Wear them at home, at the office, at the beach, at the emergency cooling shelter, wherever. If you wind up looking like Princess Jasmine of Aladdin, all the better. She did okay.


Tip #3: Lose the socks. Go with shoes that don’t need them, like ballet flats, sandals, wedges, open-toed heels, and espadrilles.  Hitting the gym? Little ankle socks are okay with sneakers, but slip them off the moment you’re off the elliptical. Your toes will thank you.



Tip #4: Slip on some lace shorts. A pair of high-waisted shorts by Chloe or Diane von Furstenberg are as appropriate for the runway as they are for the coffee-cart line. Your dresses, skirts, pants, and jeans can hang out in your closet until September.



Tip #5: Put on a hat. What kind hardly matters if you pair it with the right attitude. Baseball, fedora, cloche, newsboy, cowboy, sombrero. Whatever it is, it’s an essential tool to keep your precious face shaded. Add some pricey sunglasses and a pout and people might ask you for an autograph.


Tip #6: Wear white. If you learned nothing else in your high school science class, you know that white reflects heat, while darker colors absorb it.  Let’s move on.


Real tip #6: Wear black, but keep it loose. Loose, black ensembles do exist, and they’ll catch a breeze just as well as some stark-white number. They’re also a hell of a lot easier to keep clean and stain-free. And when the first wisps of fall alight in September, you’ll be ready.



BEAT THE HEAT BEAUTY RECIPES…and sorry, but this is as big as I can get these pictures, so you’ll need a magnifying glass, or really strong reading glasses to read the small print!



The Science of it all…

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