The 80’s called…they want their bangs back…and other snappy comments folks have made about me and my blog!


As promised, I said I’d pen a blog about all the comments people have made on my blog, and at times, unfortunately, about me.  But as I’ve always said, I’d rather make fun of myself, before others have a chance to, since I’m aware I give people lots of material to work with.  The comments made are in bold …My responses are Not in bold…and sometimes a response isn’t needed.  I’ve indicated which blog the comments came from, as well, should you decide to peruse back and see what all the fuss is about.

1.  The 80’s called they want their bangs back.  This was just plain ole rude!  Clearly this reader thinks my bangs aren’t very 2013…What can I say?  They’re kinda side-swoopy…as much as I can get a swoop due to my low forehead?  But I’m not sure people are thinking “Cindy Lauper” when they see me.  Of course, I deleted that person’s comment and marked it as “Spam”!  🙂

profile pic dec 2012

2. If the average 50+-year-old looked like Ms. Sheridan or Ms. Brinkley, I might simply ignore your self-indulgent narcissism, which sounds very much like the “I’ll do what i want!” sort of thing a 16-year-old might say. There’s a reason those women look so young — the same reason why it’s wildly unrealistic and just plain irrational for regular (i.e. non-fashion models & non-actresses) women to look at them as an “inspiration.” They do very little besides constantly work at being beautiful, while most women actually work at real jobs. Get real! Speaking of acting your age …I’ll just confine myself to saying that such considerations as class, dignity, and an awareness that grandmothers dressing like tarts is an affront to the sensibilities of many (including their children and grandchildren) may be something to consider, provided of course that one can step outside of self-worshipping, ego-ridden vanity. (Dress your age survery…seriously).  He was implying that I was self-indulgent and narcissistic because I said that while I do angle towards fashion rules, I do tend to wear what I like when I like it…as long as I don’t look too foolish or inappropriate.  I think people should be able to wear what they want (i.e. white jeans after Labor Day), without the Fashion Police accosting them.


3. 120″ carry on with satchel that has my purse in it. Boots, flat shoes and tennis shoes , 3 pants , 1 skirt, 5 sweaters , 2 tops, 2 scarves  , minimal jewelry     But oh crap I just remember I forgot my curling iron.  This was in response from a friend about my savvy packing blog, and this is what she packed for a 1-week trip to Japan…and she carried on!  Impressive…my in-flight amusement typically meets the maximum requirements of the airline’s carry-on limits.

4. What about a tiara??? (The one fashion accessory I can’t live without) – This helped launch its own blog, entitled, “What about a tiara”?  Don’t leave home without one.


5. Not a bad idea to shore up your fan base by throwing a bone to your guy followers. (This one’s for the boys) – This helped launch MANic Monday’s…the first Monday of the month being dedicated to Men.

6. Ahem…rumor has it you have a stunning poncho that many at Soldier field would covet! Given your top-notch negotiation skills, I’d bet you may even be able to trade it for a parking pass. (Are you ready for some football) – Yes, I do have a Bears fleece poncho, which 2 very dear friends gave me.  And no, I have not worn it…but thinking this just may be the year to do that!

7. Terry O…I have to say “well done baby!” As a southerner though, i have to go to my roots, there are hard-fast rules that i must abide…even though I’ve been here for more years than i care to admit…white ONLY from Easter thru Labor Day!!…unless you’re attending a Bear’s Game, where off white corduroy is acceptable…don’t ask me how I know this (Wearing White After Labor Day and other Fashion Myths)…My friend Kathy P, actually wore, in December, a pair of cheetah mules, with white (off-white) corduroy pants…She looked Fabulous!

8. At what size do skinny jeans become an oxymoron?  That, is actually quite true…They make them in all sizes, and I’m thinking as long as your bottom is covered, why not?

images (1)

9. A person who carries a $895 Tiffany bracelet bag, should Not be writing about frugality (Frugal is the new black). Touche.  But it really is a fabulous bag!

10.  And every one of these came from one reader…they’re all worthy of their own blog.  I actually thought this was spam, but no such luck.

a) Would somebody please give that blonde in the first pix a baloney sandwich? Maybe enroll her in the Bad Lunch meat of the day club? Which blond? Why the one who looks like she’s got a stick in her bum.

b) Fashion tips for men from men. NO getting men to change fashions like girls. Example:

c) 30-year-old dress shoes are OK as long as they are perfectly polished (Parade Dress), the leather is without cracks and holes. It is OK to pay over $300 for these shoes ONLY of you plan on making them last 30 years at least.

Mole skin repairs are acceptable if on the inside only.

d) Button down shirts work. Short sleeved button downs DO NOT EXIST. Don’t think of it, you’ll just make your self look more like an idiot if you do. Well if you are participating in Bring-A-Dork to work day, it’s OK.

Polo shirts are OK for weekends ONLY. Tees are OK ONLY if they have a pocket. Colored tees work only if they have bleach blotches

e) If you are wearing a shoe that is not round toed and highly shined, it had better be:
i) a real cowboy BOOT clean but without a shine.
ii) a motorcycle engineer BOOT without a shine.
iii) tennies, Chuck Taylor hi-tops or athletic shoes that you paid less than $100 without a shine, you moron.

f) If you wear those idiotic square toed shoes plan on never getting promoted beyond the mail room  Stop buying this crap or we all are gonna change AND you know exactly what this means – Shopping for shoes – Why did you think it is all right to wear 30 year old properly shined shoes. If it weren’t we’d hafta shop for shoes more often  OK, get it moron? AND STOP watching that sissy Montel Williams. What the heck kinda name is Montel?

11.  How could I have not known about this blog and all of your valuable insights and fashion tips for the gorgeous, gridiron gals of Chicago? Thrilled that the Bears’ opener is this Sunday hardly captures my optimism for the upcoming season. With Brian U. back on the field and our new acquisition, Julius Peppers, we may truly have a defense that could inflict some serious hurt. Offense…who knows. In my opinion, the jury is still out on Jay C.  All of this analysis aside, I’m hoping to get to a game this year and sport one of my own fabulous Bears-appropriate ensembles. I guess all I need is a dear friend with an extra season ticket and place at her tailgate table for me  (Are you ready for some football)  If you hadn’t heard about my blog, you’ve clearly been living under a rock. 🙂

bears wine

12.  How did you get Kevin to pose for the picture with the socks and sandals (There was an old man who lived in a shoe)  Sadly, Kevin really does, at times, wear socks with sandals. Men!

13.  Dear DTAT,Sadly I must work over spring break. This work encompasses a four-day site inspection in the Riviera Maya region of the world with two clients and one JR fellow. My question is; since the guilt of leaving my wife and kids at home in the shitty weather, is killing me. Can I wear shorts and flip-flops on my site inspections to make myself feel better?
Never whistle while you pack for a business trip (Spring forward and plan forward for spring break) – I do believe this comment, from my buddy Jason…was nothing more than pure boasting. 🙂

14.  You are a genius, but I did not see one of those mix and match outfits on your body in Orlando! Who are you trying to kid? :O) (packing tips).  I posted a blog about mix and match outfits, the week I returned from a 4-day business trip to Orlando…and my dear friend Leslie is correct, I did not wear one of the Giranimal outfits in Orlando. 🙂

15.  I finally got a chance to actually read the blog that I was dissing you about. You do confess your sins well. Bottom line is anyone who actually checks bags for a 3-4 day trip is not a savvy packer. On the other hand, when you reach your destination T, you will look and dress much better than I will! (Overpacking at its worst…guilty as charged).  Yes, I do try to confess my sins well.

16.   Mrs. Farmer turned me onto your blog, but I am my own man…nobody forces me to do anything!
I’m looking forward to the first Monday of May, I won’t wear a thing until then.
Love the blog, but not necessarily the pictures/examples…I’m fat (Mom calls me husky), can I not dress well?
Can you help me dress well? (The truth about sport coats).  Mr. Farmer, the pleasure has been all mine…and I’m still having trouble finding great pictures of larger men who are dressed well!  What is wrong with people in Fashion?!

17.  Great ideas. I’d like the 365 ideas for a year. I must say you sound like you have way too much energy. Reduce the caffeine and you’ll be more like the rest of us. (21 days to get organized).  I really don’t want to reduce my caffeine.

18.  I would never complain about you sneaking in a George Clooney pic, but really? Another Buttercup reference? Do you take us for a bunch of fools?! (Dressy after Six…MANic Monday).  No, but I do enjoy both George Clooney and Buttercup…as a matter of fact, I may start to insert those references into future blogs again.

images (2)

19.  I’m not trying to dethrone the fashion blogger, but I think you need an intervention!! When packing for a 3 or 4 day trip, why does one need “2 pairs of boots” and “more boots”? As you said, if you stick with the color scheme of black, you shouldn’t need multiple pairs of boots! And “handbags”, (plural)? For a quick trip you can certainly pick one neutral purse that will go with all outfits. No one is going to “out” you if you don’t change your purse every day on a trip, as we know you love to do. And if you’re like me, you pack about 4 outfits per day, because you just never know if you will fall in a mud puddle, or get caught in the rain, or end up going to 3 or 4 different events that require different looks. Cut back on half of the clothes. There, I believe I’ve removed about 25 pounds of your luggage! Your back can thank me later! (overpacking at its worse…guilty as charged) My dear sister Megan, should be a guest blogger.

20.  Here’s a tip for you Terry: bring half the clothes and twice the money. I like your rebuttal and the original post. I believe you said you were a savvy packer, not a light one. Alas, no one wants to be known as the heavy packer…not a good nickname. (Rebuttal on savvy packing).  I agree, I’m not too keen on being known as a “heavy packer”.

21.  Great blog! And your decision to start shopping in your own closet fits well with your previous blog on frugality. Can’t blame you for the pink sunglasses because I would have thought they would look cute on you too!In your list of bad purchases, you might add that Nike tennis sweater that perfectly matched the rest of your outfit, but you bought for a trip in which we were playing tennis in 85 degree weather. A better purchase would have been investing in real tennis shoes as I think the ones your wore wrecked your feet for months. (don’t buy it if you don’t love it).  Fashion before function.

22.  These comments make me laugh so hard I pee my pants! Good thing I am not traveling because I pack so light I wouldn’t have a change of underwear!! (rebuttal to my savvy packing blog) Making people pee in their pants is a goal of mine.


23.  What is so spectacular about not checking luggage? Who in their right might want to schlep a bag through the airport than heave it into the overhead bin? I’m with you T — one must be prepared for more than one fashion situation regardless of length of trip. When someone starts handing out Nordstrom gift cards for minimal bags packed, I’ll consider it. For now, that’s why God put luggage handlers on this earth. And, finally, why would anyone ever count their pairs of shoes (or purses)? I’d rather spend that time searching for the perfect luggage! (rebuttal to my savvy packing blog) Thank you Phyllis for coming to my rescue!

24.  This is for “ME?” Fellow Readers: I read Terry’s last blog last week with dressing tips for women and I suggested she write a version for men. So, I’m hoping (!) Ms. O’Brien is not insinuating that all of these points are directed at me, per se, but to all men.
I just have one comment. Ladies, on Item #2 – Men don’t do “skin care.” Get over it. I don’t know a single man who buys this overpriced junk. It’s bought ny women, then men stick it under the bathroom sink. (How not to look old for men) I truly meant no harm here…

25. I want you to tell me that the woman’s trend of huge bug sunglasses is OVER….women look like idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Men’s fashion faux pas) Sadly, Mark, big sunglasses are still all the rage.

Your Style with Trendy Women's Sunglasses

26.  I just hope Missoni doesn’t have a “plus size” line of horizontal striped sweaters. (Standing in line to buy a horizontal striped shirt?!) Hilarious.

27.  I have a bad mental picture of the woman wearing horizontal stripes sitting at her computer watching her eBay items with a huge pile of Chick Fil A wrappers next to her! (Standing in line to buy a horizontal striped shirt?!) Again, Hilarious.

28.  KOW 77 (Vanity plates…yay or nay) – Classic, classic comment.

29.  I’m afraid the quarters for a college student will not be used as ‘intended’! Good lists though. (stocking stuffers) I think Ellen was correct here.


I found this posted either on Pinterest of Facdbook…regarding Adult Truths…After witnessing some very “”un-adult” behavior this week, I thought this was worth a mention.

23 adult truths


Have a great weekend, Happy Father’s Day and Go Hawks!!

Here’s a link to last year’s blog on Father’s Day gift ideas:








  1. I LOVELOVELOVE your blog as well as your bangs! I also love the book I “won” for my comment last year. Please offer more contests, I really like winning stuff. 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. Great blog as always, TOB . . . Love the TGIF (thank God I’m fabulous!). This was new to me (yea, I live under a rock!) Thanks for the chuckles . . . and the good tips!!

  3. Naysayers… T is as beautiful inside as out and doesn’t share this information as a self-proclaimed expert. Keep the kudos coming, but you boo-hiss folks, remember what Oscar Wilde said: Life is too important to be taken so seriously.

  4. Favorite blog post I’ve read in a long time. I think a cocktail party at your place with all these spirited responders would be a real hoot. Invite me! TGIF. Love it.

  5. Great reading once again . . . and I enjoyed the TGIF (thank God I’m fabulous!) just as much the second time! Thanks!

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