Nordstrom…Terry’s favorite retailer…I mean, American’s Favorite Retailer!


American’s Favorite Retailers

According to a survey of 40,000 shoppers conducted by Market Force Information, Nordstom  is America’s favorite shopping destination.  They didn’t have to go to 40,000 shoppers to come up with this conclusion…all they had to do was survey me!


I love Nordstrom.  I am happy to report that Nordstrom led in six of the eight categories, including great service, merchandise selection, business wear, and evening wear. But according to the survey conductors, it was actually the store’s return policy that makes them so beloved. Per the press release: “While all of these attributes combined provide a structure for an excellent customer experience, we discovered that a liberal return policy is the attribute that matters most to consumers. Retailers that recognize customer service doesn’t end once a purchase is made have the ability to build a longstanding, trusting relationship with their customers.”

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A little background regarding Nordstrom, our love affair, when we briefly broke up, but how we fell in love once again.  I love to shop, but really don’t dig going into crowded stores or malls.  Hence, why Etcetera is a great way to shop (sorry, shameless plug).  So…I tend to buy many items online, and especially adore free shipping and free exchanges.  When a retailer advertisers “Free Shipping and Free Exchanges”, I wasn’t aware they were keeping “tabs”, per se.  In Nordstrom’s eyes (or the eyes of the pesky people in customer service), they thought I was “returning an excessive amount”.  They literally called me at my office and asked about my returns.  Now admittedly, most of the returns were shoes I bought online, because of my darned hammer toe, not every shoe feels good (or sadly, looks good) , so some needed to be returned.  And some of the other items were gifts that I found something else I preferred.  I never returned anything worn, or returned anything after an “excessive” time-frame.  Not sure what “excessive” time frame would be for returns, but I’m sure I didn’t exceed that.  So, I explained to the kind woman, who called me “Therese” as noted on my Nordstrom credit card (so I get my Nordstrom points…as well as starting at, it’s like they’re paying me to shop), that based on how much money I actually do spend, are my returns really “that excessive”?  Apparently, Yes, was Nordstrom’s take.  So I stopped shopping at Nordstrom for 3 months.   Then lo and behold, I was sent some Nordstrom notes (that’s Nordstrom cash for those who don’t have a Nordstrom rewards card).  Coincidence?  I think not.  I think they missed me.  I missed them.  And I’ve been very good about not returning an “excessive” amount of items.  We are both delightfully happy, once more.


Here’s the Top 10 list of American’s Favorite Retailers

1. Nordstrom – Obviously!  and they have amazing sales on their website.  Service will keep the customers coming back time and time again!  And while I keep talking about shopping online with Nordstrom, the in-store experience is just as fantastic!
2. Kohl’s – I do like Kohl’s, and especially love that everything in the store is almost always 40% off…and when they have their special cash back specials and coupons, again, it’s like they’re paying you to shop.  Unfortunately, I don’t get there as often as I shoud.
3. Macy’s – I am NOT a fan…I miss Marshall Field’s.  Perhaps I’m channeling my mother, but Macy’s really missed the boat by not keeping the Marshall Field’s name…especially in Chicago.  I think they’re still suffering, and will never bounce back.  Ever.
4. Dillard’s – none in Chicago, so really not too familiar with this chain.  Perhaps I need to do some research on Dillard’s?
5. JCPenney – not sure why, but I don’t shop here.  Perhaps the board saw a draft of this post, and fired the CEO this week because I don’t shop there?  Hmmm…could have possibly happened.
6. T.J. Maxx  – my second love!  The note-card, napkin, and household section cannot be beat…and I’ve found some terrific hair products here!  I’m way too antsy to to shop for clothes here,  but I do know they have designer brands here at a “fraction of the price” (so says the commercials).
7. Banana Republic – love it, but kinda pricey for their target market.  Some friends gave me a fabulous cheetah purse from there, with a pale pink silk lining, which I absolutely adore!
8. Old Navy – great for flip flops…if I were to wear them.
9. Ross – not too familiar, but 2 have opened near my house.  I will check it out soon.
10. Target – I shop here weekly, if not twice a week.  for groceries (non-perishable) the prices are so much lower than grocery stores.  And you much check out their dollar section.  Seriously, some really great stuff here!  I found ice scrapers for the car, that’s actually a mitten, with the ice scraper attached for $1.  It must have cost $4 to make, and I’d pay $8 for it.  Loss Leader folks!  I love Target!


Building a Jewelry Wardrobe…

building a jewelry collection.  The Classics

Have a great weekend.  My weekend starts early having a festive birthday lunch celebrating my BFF ***, Lora…then I happen to be travelling North for a fabulous birthday soire.  Happy Birthday dear Beth…Cannot wait to celebrate with you!  Below straight from Huntington Beach…one of my favorite places in the world!

HB beth

…and Congratulations to my brother Mark, on being elected Mayor of Cary!!  Yes, that makes me First Sister!


Song of the week (a new feature)

What is Life…by George Harrison.  I actually switched my ringtone from Monday Night Football to this.



*** not to be confused with my BFFL (best friends for life).  Best Friends Forever, does, however, trump best friends for life.  My BFFL needs to take note of that.




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  1. Glad you kissed and made up with Nordstrom. Belk is big here in knoxville but strangest thing…they have women’s/home and men’s/children’s in separate buildings?! That boggles my mind if I want to shop for sons and me I need to leave one building and head to another (which doesn’t happen and they get half the sale.). Something to do with expansion and leases but two separate Belks are like that. Ok too much info but its on topic! Love the Mark family pic.

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