Tiffany…to a Tee


I’ve written a lot about my Favorite things and great gifts to give as well as wonderful gifts I  have received.  I thought that was all well and good and was keeping the handful of people who follow my blog happy (actually I’m about 440K lifetime views, but who’s counting?).  Apparently human nature is such that  “some people” don’t always want to hear about fairy tales, ribbons  and rainbows.  So I’ve been cornered, yes cornered and asked “what is the worst gift you’ve received…You should blog about that.  People would find that interesting and you more likable”.  Wow…people don’t find me likable, because I write this snappy blog?  That’s hurtful. 🙁  Anyway, I honestly couldn’t think of anything that I’ve received that I truly disliked.  There once was a cocktail ring that Kevin gave me for an anniversary, that some of my friend’s originally thought was a “miss”, but I actually really love that ring (future blog).

So…(and yes I will get to the point and land this plane), the kids and I were “hanging” and Patrick came into the family room swinging a Tiffany & Co.  Golf Putter Kevin had given me for Mother’s Day a few years back (along with 6 Tiffany charms for a charm bracelet which makes that bracelet weigh about 8 LBs).   The request regarding “frivolous gifts” sprung to mind.  The Tiffany & Co. golf putter comes in a  tiffany-blue felt protective cover, covering the entire putter and the sterling silver club head also has its own tiffany-blue felt protective cover.  I golf, I’m not a good golfer, but I do enjoy it, and love to have fun on the course, but in no way am I remotely close to needing a really fine putter (Patrick is the only person in the world who would dare try to actually use that putter) nor am I worthy of displaying a fine golf putter. I don’t think I even have a handicap, except that I like to drink adult beverages on the course and tell duck jokes.  🙂


So…Patrick and I were discussing this golf club,  that I keep in our umbrella stand, in its’ protective cover, and he decided to Google it…and this is what we found:

Tiffany to a tee. Golf putter in stainless steel with sterling silver club head. 3′ long.

Available exclusively at, the New York flagship and select Tiffany stores.


$2150.  $2150?  I had to do a double take…I had NO IDEA he paid $2150 for a decorative golf club.  At least I think it’s supposed to be decorative… remember, I keep it in my umbrella stand, so I find it decorative.  And, as we know, my mantra is Frugal is the New Black, but Kevin must have thought this was something that I’d really, really love.   The O’Brien’s are not the Kardashian’s, so I am still baffled by this purchase.    Kevin may have his own faults (that won’t be a future blog, either), but he really is probably the best gift-giver, ever.  When I’m long gone, Meredith and Patrick will enjoy those gifts, as will their children and hopefully generations to come.  And just perhaps, they’ll also enjoy this blog!    Oh, and it’s important to note this was given to me Pre-Recession!.



I’m in good company, as apparently Michael Jordan was awarded a Tiffany Golf Putter, suitable for engraving, for some act of kindness and goodwill…and how happy was I that I was able to get a picture of it, as shown below.  I’d like to mention that the putter I received is Not engraved, nor did I receive it for any random act of kindness, goodwill, or chivalry.  I believe I received it because it was Mother’s Day and I’m a Mom to Meredith and Patrick.

images (3)

So, I now have a ready response for when someone asks “What is your least favorite, or most frivolous gift you’ve ever received”?  I love everything I’ve ever received…but I did receive a Sterling Silver Tiffany Golf putter…that’s for decoration only.  I love it, but it’s just too good to take out on the links! 🙂

If you would like your very own Tiffany and Company Sterling Silver Golf Tee, there are several on eBay.  Prices range from $595 to $1750, depending on condition.  And no, you will Not find one listed by Dressedtoat, as regardless of whether or not it’s a frivolous gift, I’m keeping it!

“The 80’s called, they want their bangs back”…That, and other snarky comments people have made regarding my blog will be addressed within the next few weeks.  Let’s give the people what they want.  No ribbons, no rainbows, no fairy tales…but sarcastic and some very unflattering comments people have made regarding me and my blog…And yes, someone, really did post about my bangs in a comment on my blog.  I spammed his comment! 🙂   And to further make people happy, I’m going to do a blog on “Make-up tips” for my friend, Gracie!  Not that I’m remotely qualified to write about make-up, but I do think I have a pretty good sense about what is right and what is wrong!  Plus, Google is certainly my friend. 🙂




  1. Fun and easy-reading blog (as usual, T) .. . thanks! And I think the umbrella stand is an excellent place for a very expensive and not-too-usable putter! Altho, perhaps you should try it out. Would THAT make a statement on the course!

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