Jay Cutler among the Least-Liked athletes in all of sports? Shocking.


Shocking revelation. As my friend Jack said, not really “stop the presses material”.

No, not stop the presses material, nevertheless, I am very distressed by this.  I have been blogging about Mr. Cutler and his need for a life coach for almost two years now…Apparently my words of wisdom are falling on deaf ears.  Clearly he is not heeding my well-thought advice.  Honest to goodness.    What is wrong with him?  Like the honey badger, he clearly does Not Care if he’s well-liked.  He is the polar opposite of me, who loses sleep if I’ve possibly upset someone.  He is his own private Idaho.  Jay Cutler is among the least-liked athletes in all of sports, and he really doesn’t seem to care.  Hmmm.

Here’s the article that hit the presses this week:

According to a report on Forbes, Jay Cutler is among the least-liked athletes in all of sports. Why not embrace it? 

Cutler is only behind Lance Armstrong, who doped on the way to Tour de France titles and then lied about doping; Manti Te’o, who may have lied about a girlfriend dying of cancer; and Tiger Woods, whose adultery became very public.

The Forbes report says Cutler is viewed as standoffish, and he has only a 21 percent approval rate. Cutler is less-liked than Michael Vick, who was convicted of dog fighting, and Alex Rodriguez, who is a New York Yankee.

Cutler’s continued bad reputation comes after a year of more openness from the Bears’ quarterback. He has a weekly radio show during the season, and he and his fiancee Kristin Cavalleri have shared pictures of their infant soon. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s much more open than Cutler has been since he’s been in Chicago.

So at this point, Cutler should embrace his lack of appeal and turn into a pro wrestling-style heel. Wear all black to press conferences and punctuate every response with an evil laugh. Keep a folding chair in hand just in case a Packer walks by. When he’s sacked, stand on Gabe Carimi’s shoulders and throw a flying elbow at Ndamukong Suh.

He may as well embrace the reputation, because it doesn’t look like it’s going to change.

My advice to Mr. Cutler…do NOT embrace your reputation.  You can do many things to change your poor ways.  Again, I’ve been blogging about this for two years, so don’t even have to put much thought and effort into this blog, as I can just re-post my brilliant snippets from my previous blogs, which are still Spot On, btw.  Because not everyone will want to click on the link of my past posts re: why Jay Cutler needs a Life Coach, I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting a few key points from my previous blogs:  Jay Cutler needs a Life Coach…and Jay Cutler needs a Life Coach…Part Deux.

Jay Cutler needs a Life Coach

Jay Cutler needs a Life Coach…Part Deux!

Jay Cutler Needs a Life Coach…Part Three in this Trilogy


1.  Jay needs a Life Coach:  A Life coach would tell him he needs to develop a personality.  Think Jim McMahon!  That Punky QB was chock-full of personality.  He not only played with Heart…but Showed Heart.  The city of Chicago loved him.  The city of Chicago could love Jay Cutler…but Mr. Cutler needs to give the city a reason to.  He doesn’t have to win a Superbowl to get our fair city to embrace him.  He needs to show us he has a personality, and cares about us.  If he does that, We will also care about him.

2.  Behavior:  In press conferences he needs to lose the arrogant attitude.  He needs to smile more (and not only for magazine covers).  He needs to embrace and cheer his team while on the sidelines (no need to bring up that game again).  He needs to show his personality on TV and in newspaper interviews, not just when he mugs for Magazine covers.    He needs to act as a gentleman, and a role model to his young fans (and not so young fans).  And yes, he is indeed a role model, so he needs to act like one.

3. Give back to the community. Work with the underprivileged…Attend Charity Events. Get involved in the community where you work. It will humble you to see how very fortunate you are, and make you feel good about yourself, and what you can do to help others. You are a role model, whether you like it or not…being a role model to children is a privilege, act like it.


4. Go to a Chicago Hot Spot after every home game – May I suggest Gibson’s (or Shaw’s, as ”there’s lots” going on there, or Joe’s Stone Crab)…and bring your Offensive Line, and buy them a Huge Steak and lots of Stella Artois (or Crab Legs if you go to Shaw’s). With a $49M contract you can splurge and buy everyone Chimay Ale ($141.99/case at Binny’s,and you can afford it). Whether you win or lose, take your Offensive Line out to dinner, or a post-game snack. Hob nob with the patrons in the restaurant. Give autographs (only when asked, as offering them when someone doesn’t ask, could be considered poor form). Trust me, you’ll end up with your own little groupies, and they’ll all start to buy your Jersey. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Cutler jersey’s outnumber Urlacher jerseys? Send your linemen home in a limo, so they don’t get pulled over for a DUI…that would undo all the good you are doing if they drove under the influence. Show them you care, so they Block for you. Jim McMahon was famous for buying his OL Rolex watches…The Punky QB had a good plan. The punky QB won a Superbowl.

5.  Smile.  For Pete’s Sakes, the man has a $49M contract, and can’t smile?  I’d smile till the cows came home with that kind of money.  He is quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and  can’t smile?  I’d give my eye teeth to just be a sideline reporter, and he gets to be the one who throws the football?  I’d be jumping up and down for joy everyday!  He gets to play in the best sport’s city in the world, and can’t smile?  Stop scowling Jay, and show those pearly whites…just like the picture below (which finding a picture of him smiling on the internet is no small feat!).

Jay 1

6.  Wear a suit for your post game interviews.  That plaid lumberjack shirt you wore last year was an embarrassment.  You make a decent living,  buy a nice suit.  Oh, and buy one that fits.  And feather in some Blue and Orange ties.  Wear a Dark Navy Suit, white shirt, Orange Tie.  That would be a nice touch.  Here are 2 fabulous options for orange ties:

orange tie


7.  Act like you care, and Chicago will care about you.  The City wants to love you!  At the very least we want to like you.

Come on Jay…you can do this!  Be a good guy.  Act like you care.  Don’t be a jerk.

whatever you are

In closing…on a Bear’s note…I received my Bear’s Season Ticket holder invoice this year for the 2013-14 season.  How lucky for me my price, per ticket, went up $65!  That’s $260 per game.  Jay…you’d best bring your game on.  And try to look like you’re having fun while doing it…it’s a Game after all! 😉

12 things happy people do differently

Perhaps Jay can practice a few of the above tips…just a thought. 🙂

Update to this post:  No one seems to think proposing via text and fed-exing the ring is the happy way to start a marriage.  I’m more perplexed the bride to be has no problem with it!  Gold-digger?  🙂  As my friend Colleen says, “it’s all about the gesture”!



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  1. And one more piece of advice…..”it’s all about the gesture”! Proposing via text and mailing the engagement ring… Seriously??!!

  2. Jay definitely needs a personality transplant. And, he needs to be humble! I’m embarrassed I bought my grand niece a Cutler jersey. Getting her an Urlacher one to replace it!

  3. Sadly Terry O, you care more than Jay does…but that’s what we love about you!! I say, when is Joe Flacco’s contract up? I know Cutler’s is up next year!!!

  4. It is quite a brilliant trilogy as well as a brilliant smile. My absolutely favorite line, “He is his own private Idaho”, indeed! I’m going to use that one…with credit to you of course.

  5. Did enjoy the ‘private Idaho’ phrase . . . excellently put! I knew Cutler wasn’t well-liked, but I was surprised to see him only ‘bested’ by Lance Armstrong. He’s in quite the company . . . great blog (as always). And, as for pearls . . . understated elegance. Thanks!!

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