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without the socks

I had a different blog scheduled for today…Looks I love.  And I do love that blog (along with the looks I was going to share) and shall next week…but after hearing on the news all week long  about “Beyonce…did she lip sync?” and  “Manti Te’o…did he know his girlfriend was fake”?  Seriously?  Who cares? Why is this all over the news and the internet?  Admittedly, from someone who writes a snappy “lifestyle” blog, which is hardly hard-hitting news ,this statement may sound strange, however my blog isn’t a lead story on the national news or the morning news shows.  I don’t want to recap all the other issues that should be reported on, as I’d like to keep this light and snappy, but I’m just saying, we really shouldn’t care about whether or not Beyonce lip synced (she sounded amazing, regardless) and whether a 21-year old may or may not have lied about having a girlfriend…and if you say that Manti Te’o did it to get more votes for the Heisman Trophy…I have 2 things to say.  Shame on the Heisman voters if that became part of the criteria… his girlfriend dying of cancer…and aren’t we all aware of the Heisman curse?  OJ Simpson; Reggie Bush; Matt Leinart…ETC…

Okey Dokey…that being said, these are some words and sayings that I find inspirational and motivating…and some just make me smile..I felt this was better than Looks I like, based on my mini rant…but promise I will share Looks I love next week as well as something snappy and stylish re: the Superbowl….aka the Harbowl!

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people are



Smile and spend your time thinking and talking about things that actually matter…with people who actually matter.

May you always weigh yourself without your socks on.  🙂



I'm not arguing

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i was going to workout


  1. You know me, I’m a sucker for all these pick me up and do right reminders! Love the first clip especially, that’s me and you. 🙂 Listening to Dolly Parton audiotape DREAM MORE: CELEBRATE THE DREAMER IN YOU, she gave a commencement address at Univ of Tenn and expanded it into a book. You’d like it, pretty much just like this post. Simple rules for being happy…dream more, learn more, care more, and be more. She doesn’t worry about exercise or going running, because she’d giver herself two black eyes, lol!! TGIF Terry, keep DREAMING!

  2. Your blog is the exception to my rule. I absolutety love your postings. Being retired I got such a hearty laugh from your being productive today post; it was as if you knew me personally. Although, I did not take a nap this time.

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