Chicago Bears…a Year, make that a Season, in review

NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals

Perhaps not a whole “season” in review…but a few thoughts.  The Chicago Bears…well, I am very sad (in a football, not life tragedy kinda way)…The Bears start the season 7-1 and do Not make the playoffs…because they ended 10-6.  Lost 5 in a row!  For Pete’s sake   It’s their own fault, since our division had teams who played better with the same or better records (Vikings, which made Kevin happy, but that’s not the goal here) so they got into the Wild Card and we did not.  I’m not sure we could have gotten past the Wild Card game, but it sure would have been nice to try.  Anything can happen in the playoffs.  Last year, the Giants were a wild card team, and they won the Super Bowl.

I’ve been jotting down some thoughts regarding this season since August and due to other things I had going on, chose not to devote too much time to the Bears…so I’ll share what’s been on my mind:


Preseason Football – I mean this with all sincerity, if the star players are Not going to play for even one play in a preseason game, the NFL has no business charging me full price for those tickets and including them in the season ticket package.  This is not an isolated incident either.  If you want to play every wannabe walk-on (I’m okay with that, as Rudy is one of my favorite movies), then charge $35 a ticket, and open the tickets up to the public so others can go, and experience sitting inside an NFL stadium for an NFL game.  I have 4 tickets which are $165 apiece, which is almost $700/game, or $7000 a season, not to mention my PSL for 4 seats, which cost more than my parent’s first house.  I’d love a break of 2 games, lowering my tariff by $1400 a season.  I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who’d love a chance to buy tickets, at a more affordable price so they may experience the “glory” of Soldier Field and possibly introduce their kids to the NFL.  I’m all for giving players a chance to make the team in the pre-season…just don’t charge me $165 a ticket to watch a scrimmage.

Brian Urlacher – Shame on You.  I’m terribly disappointed in you for dissing the fans.  Really?  You don’t care about the media or the fans?  I get the not caring about the media part, but not caring about your fans?  The fans that buy your jerseys?  The fans that spend over $100/ticket to attend a game?  The fans who clear their calendars to watch your team play?  So you don’t like it when you’re booed for stinking up the field?  Boo Hoo!  Everyone is accountable, and when I don’t do a good job, either at home or the office, I get booed as well.  Well, maybe not booed, but no one throws me a parade or buys a jersey with O’Brien on the back!  I’m thinking Jenny McCarthy may not have been the best influence on you…and it pains me to say that, as she’s from Chicago, and we’re very nice people.  Suck it up, smile and tell Chicago and the fans that you love them.  Sending me flowers would be a nice token gesture of good will.


you have the grace

Brandon Marshall – I’m your newest fan (and not in a Kathy Bates from Misery, way either).    I love your smile.  I love how you play with heart and you care about the game.  So you made a few mistakes in the past?  So What!  Who cares?  Life is about second chances.  Starting over.   You’ve cleaned up your act, and you clearly love the game of football.  As do I.   🙂


Jay Cutler – I’m still a fan…but I really recommend you find that Life Coach who will take you to the next level.  Plus, you  need a good PR person.   I understand you are frustrated.  I’m frustrated.  Your team is frustrated.  The city of Chicago is frustrated.  That being said, you are the team leader.  Act like it.  Stop scowling.  And yes , you can help it.  Scowling is a choice.  Choose to smile and show off those beautiful teeth, which have been bought with your $50M contract.  Read my previous blogs giving you my well thought-out  advice.  I’ve conveniently included links at the end of the blog, or you can do a blog search by searching either Chicago Bears or Jay Cutler needs a life coach in the search bar on my blog.  All that being said, I’m still a fan.  Possibly your biggest fan.  We have some work to do, Mr. Cutler.



Bye Bye Lovie – actually I like Lovie, but after starting 7-1, and then combusting like we did, sadly, we needed a coaching change.   I realize that bouncing a coach who is 10-6 raised some eyebrows, but so did the Bears not making the playoffs to the fans of Chicago.  Jon Gruden or Mike Singletary were my 2 top choices.  Unfortunately, my vote did not count.

CT bears76.jpg

Meet Marc Trestman – So, we didn’t hire Jon Gruden and we didn’t hire Mike Singletary…we hired a coach from the CFL…I know the Bears said money would not be an object when hiring a coach, but I’m kinda thinking money had a Big hand in the coaching decision.  I’m guessing we got him at minimum wage, and with the exchange rate, it didn’t turn into a bad deal for him.  Am I happy about him?  Nope, but he had success in the CFL, and I will refrain from dogging him until after the opening game of the 2013 season.  Is that an orange tie he’s wearing?  It’s muddled orange, but at least he’s trying.  My suggestion is to perhaps get rid of the transition lenses which look like you are still wearing sunglasses indoors.  But that’s just my opinion.

Marc Trestman

Football Announcers – what is wrong with Terry Bradshaw?  Why does he hate the Bears so?  Admittedly, as I have earlier in this blog, Jay Cutler isn’t making friends with his scowl but to say, “Even Jay Cutler doesn’t like himself”.  That’s just silly.  They never have anything good to say about the Bears.  And Howie Long and Michael Strahan, I adore both of you, but cut us some slack and accurately report our team.  They had a nail in our coffin during the last game of the season (which we won, btw) and had nothing nice to say about any of the Bears, even though we ended up winning.  They also indicated that it basically didn’t make sense for the Bears to advance to the playoffs (if the Packers would have beat the Vikings…which they DID NOT) because we couldn’t play our way out of a paper bag.   I’d like the record to reflect that the game announcers of choice are either Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, or Chris Collingsworth and Al Michaels.  I worked out next to Chris Collingsworth at the Four Seasons Las Colinas in Dallas in 2010 when he was in town to announce a Cowboys game (they lost in the Wild Card) and he was pleasant…though we did not chat, but he appeared pleasant.  He’s tall and quite thin.  I picked the machine next to him, because he was working out on the one next to it. 🙂  and PS…I miss John Madden and Pat Summerall.  PPS…Howie Long truly is handsome.  I’d like his hair a tad longer…but that may be just me. 🙂


And finally…Regarding Chicago’s only chance to get into the playoffs in which the Packers would have had to beat the Vikings…and ,Shocking… they did not in the last game of the season….but funny enough did so in the Wild Card game.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Lesson:  Never leave your destiny in someone’s else’s hands…especially Those of your Arch Rival!


Bears Style – I found my new outfit for the 2013 season…blue and orange!  Love this…

orange ETC



218424650647642541_hw74VGdc_c (1)

Still love my Bears…as does Murphy!

Murph as Payton

And in the HarBowl…I’m rooting for the 49-ers…and with any luck, Kevin will materialize with tickets! 🙂



Looks like I’ll be bringing some coffee into my next Bears game:

entire bottle of wine




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  1. Very entertaining! Love that you are on record stating you and Mr. Cutler have some work to do. And love your outfit for next season, perfect. When you are out here next you will love all the orange fashion everywhere (Univ of Tenn.) Hope you get to the superbowl, too fun. Until next year…

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