One Suitcase…30 Outfits


Packing is always a Hot Topic for my blog.  And it appears that every year just about this time, especially when I return from a meeting which I attend each January, and one in which my arms hurt from lugging my properly packed luggage (or not, which is why my arms are aching as I’m penning this blog)  I always think about packing better and more efficiently, which is why I’m penning this blog now.  While I fancy myself a “savvy packer”, sadly, as revealed many times in the past, some of my friends, especially those whom I travel with, may beg to differ with that…as do my aching arms.  So in keeping an open mind and always yearning to learn new things, I  found this handy illustration of how you can pack these 14 items into one suitcase and make 30 outfits.  Now, even I, a self-proclaimed clothes horse,  wouldn’t need 30 outfits (which all appear to be “business-attire”, btw)  for any trip, but I love how it illustrates how you can mix and match.  You can look in your own closet and use items you have and see how they all work together to many more than 4 outfits!

This breaks down to:

2 sweaters – one cardigan and one v-neck

2 dresses – one wrap and one sheath

1 blazer

2 tanks

2 skirts

1 pair jeans

1 pair black pants

1 blouse

1 tee

1 long-sleeved tee or cotton shirt

Accessories feature one pair of flats and one pair of high heels.  One belt, and several necklaces and a watch.  I’d add a pair of boots.

I would add 2 scarves, a neutral shawl, and more pieces of jewelry (all of which I”d put into my carry-on).

This would be extremely easy to feather in items you already have and mix and match


Here are some other options


Five week business trip - clothes



Let us not forget the Guys…so, I present…For Men!


Great tip to ensure you don’t forget any items in the hotel safe in your room…Put a shoe you plan on wearing the last day in the safe, with your valuables, to ensure you don’t forget your jewels!


Due to the recent announcement about the Bears new coach, Marc Trestman, I am postponing my blog, “Chicago Bears…a season in review” till next week, as I’m really on the fence about this new coach…I’m going to noodle this over, and sort out my thoughts, as I was hoping for a Jon Gruden or Mike Singletary announcement.  My initial thoughts are this guy is indeed an “offensive guru”, but so is Chip Kelly.  Did we get him from the CFL because he’s cheap?  I’ll let you know my thoughts.

Happy Packing and Go Patriots!





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  1. You are a genius, but I did not see one of those mix and match outfits on your body in Orlando! Who are you trying to kid? :O)

  2. Leslie, correct, I was not wearing these Giranimals…but they are a snappy way to pack. I’d like the record to reflect, your honor, that I did have black pants, a white blouse, a wrap dress (which did not make an appearance) a skirt (but mine was leather)…And thank you for realizing I’m a genius…it takes a genius to see that.
    BTW…You look marvelous!!!!!!

  3. And don’t forget how to pack all those items — I advocate using packing cubes! Best investment I ever made and they come in various sizes. So easy to move the ‘packed’ packing cubes straight from the suitcase over to the hotel dresser drawers!

    • NKO…Those packing cubes are a staple for me…and my dear, dear friend who gave them to me gave them to me in my favorite color…PINK!
      love my packing cubes!!

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