The Little Black Dress…by Tory Burch

Tory Burch…my new obsession.  And not because I have the most fabulous Tory sunglasses either (sold out in stores, but I found them on eBay, brand spanking new  for $80 less than the stores)…but I absolutely loved the interview she did with Brian Williams.  Tory Burch is nice (which in my book speaks Volumes), and she started her business 7 years ago, and its’ estimated worth is $2B (billion).  That’s nothing to sneeze at.  That will buy a lot of bananas!  It just goes to show you that nice girls can finish first.

Tory also has a blog (not sure she’s yet at $270K lifetime views like me, as it takes time, but I’m sure she’s getting a nice little audience :)), and on it I found her blog on the Little Black Dress (LBD).  So… since I’m a huge fan (except her flats, which like my friend “D”, I think are the most uncomfortable shoes ever) and I think she has fabulous fashion sense, I’d like to flatter Ms. Burch, and reprint her blog on the Little Black Dress. 

Tory Burch on The Little Black Dress

Why is the Little Black Dress such a perennial?
It’s a classic, and it’s flattering on everyone. It’s also an incredible cultural phenomenon. Think about all the images we have in our minds of stylish women in a little black dress: Coco Chanel (who popularized the LBD), Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, anyone in anything by Azzedine Alaïa.

Why do you love the Little Black Dress?
My mother and grandmother wore them, and each had a distinct style. Black dresses are really a blank canvas — you make of them what you will.

So it’s not just for minimalists?
It’s for everyone. Minimalists can keep it streamlined and spare in all black. If you like it bolder, think about a dress with lace or sequins and then pile on the costume jewelry and a statement shoe.

How do you wear it?
I like a ladylike silhouette — nipped waist and slim fit. For cocktails, I pair our Bovary Dress with my favorite Sevan Bicakci ring and embellished stilettos like our Pixie Pump. Depending on my mood and where I’m going, I mix up the shoes and jewelry and go with either opaque black tights or bare legs.  (Bovary Dress and Pixie Pump are shown in photo above).

These are Little Black Dresses that I adore

Don’t be afraid of a sleeveless or short-sleeved dress, even if you are Afraid of your arms.  Quite frankly, I’m terrified of mine! 🙂   Grab a shawl, and wrap it wear it over your shoulders.  You can tie it in front to give it more “staying power”.  Or you can wear a black “shrug” over your dress.  Voila…your arms are hidden, or at the very least, covered.

Here are my Tory sunglasses, which I happen to love.

Now, all I need is a fabulous occasion so I can wear a LBD!  I shall stand by and field the many offers I will not doubt be receiving. 😉




  1. girl – could not agree more! Loves me my little black dress. But do tell, of your faves, who makes them? Esp the first one – 3/4 sleeves and the open v neckline. Love it. So figure flattering. And LOVE the dress Tory is wearing and also loved the interview that you noted. She is a doll, plain and simple. Re her flats, I do think you need to go up a 1/2 size. That is the only way they are comfy for me. Deb

  2. Luckiest girl ever…over here….I have a fab little black dress AND a smashing black shawl, all thanks to my fashion forward guru friend Terry OBrien, you’ve got the best taste girlfriend. 270K hits…keep blogging, all our lives are a bit better thanks to your wise and witty words!

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