Work Wardrobe Essentials

I found this great post from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and think wardrobe essentials always make for timely blogs!

I receive a lot of questions about what people should wear in the work place – how to incorporate trends, the key pieces that everyone should own, and those items on which it’s worth spending. I haven’t worked in a typical office for several years, but I’ve put together my list of 15 essential pieces that are a good starting point to building your work wardrobe.

1. Classic bag $168
2. Pencil skirt $98
3. White button-down $72
4. Pumps $120
5. Trench coat $199.99
6. Trousers $240
7. Cardigan $128
8. Dark skinny jeans $176
9. Skinny belt $24.14
10. Ballet flats $135
11. Statement necklace $165
12. Shift dress $295
13. Blazer $99
14. Printed blouse $80
15. Watch $175

Thank you Cupcakes and Cashmere…I love every one of these items!  And could take every one of these items on a business trip!

Here are some of my ideas of items on this list

A black cardigan is a wardrobe staple.  You can dress it up, or down…or in this case dressed up and down!

Cheetah print flats…a must have for your shoe collection!

I am obsessed with this look.  I have a black sequin tank and a gold sequin tank.  I’ve had both for several years, and never felt comfortable wearing them.  I have now been wearing them with a white blouse underneath, and a blazer…loving this look!

Love this cheetah print blouse, but for work, please button this up further!

And this watch may be a bit much for everyday…but a girl a girl can dream, can’t she? 🙂

Check out Meredith turned me onto Emily Schuman and her blog, and it’s one of my favorites.  She started blogging in 2008, and has millions of followers, and is a best selling author.  All in 4 years.  I like to think I can do that!  After all…Fortune Favors Boldness!

May you have a Bold Weekend…and Go Bears!!




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