What your Clothing Color Says about You

I always wear black…I will fall just short of saying it’s my signature color, as that can be construed as being a bit morbid.  And, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I don’t wear it to try to look “thinner”, as it would need a Whole lot of Black for that, however, I’m quite clumsy, and tend to fall and spill on myself, so black doesn’t  quite show the stains that yellow or white would.  This illustration indicates what “Your Clothing Color Says About You”.  In regards to what my “almost signature color” says about me, I’m pretty approachable, not powerful nor authoritative, but try to angle towards being stylish. 🙂

When searching for the perfect color to wear to an interview or important business meeting, consider What your Clothing Color Says about You!

I could have gone to Great Lengths to find business-appropriate clothing in these colors to show the point of this post…and truth be told, I did, so clearly not all of these outfits are appropriate for interviews, but I like all these outfits, and as we know, I like to post pictures of outfits I like!  Plus…I believe that this color code works in all facets of life, not just in business settings.

When trying to find cute outfits in the above colors, Black , White and Red were the easiest to find.  It was hard to find good options in Purple and Green!  No wonder most of us wear black, white and sometimes red…and as we know there isn’t a woman’s clothing store called Purple House Green Market!  Black and White are the easiest colors to find!! 🙂

Whatever color you choose, Love what you wear, wear it with Pride and  I’m sure you’ll look just Fabulous!

Happy Weekend.

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Upcoming blogs…Murphy Monday…in lieu of MANic Monday, next week’s Monday post will be all about the musings of Murphy…and how Murphy has learned to be Dressed to a T!

And Blonde and Virgo!


  1. Color is important and what color looks good on you is definitely worth knowing . . . and looking forward to seeing how Murphy has embraced his new fashion sense!!

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