Truths for Mature Humans

Things that those of us who have “been around the block” , will understand and hopefully, appreciate.  And you can be a 20-something and thoroughly enjoy this (Meredith!).   I apologize in advance for #2, with the word, s*ck, which I find to be totally unbecoming.  And because of Pinterest, I know how to fold a fitted sheet (fold in from corners to make straight edges).  Bad decisions can indeed make Very good stories…but some of those stories are best not repeated.   And waiting for the day when I actually leave the house looking good (tis been many months) and bummed out that you didn’t run into someone…or at the very least an old boyfriend.  Some of these are very true, are very funny and made me smile.  It’s good to smile! 🙂

Enjoy your day…and those on the east coast, stay safe!



And this is Murphy, newest addition to the O’Brien home, enjoying a little R&R during the day…Creating havoc and following your new Mom around all day, is exhausting!  Love you Murph!

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  1. What a fun surprise to see a Blog posting from you today! I think Cursive should be the “sarcasm” font.

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