Learning to be a Good Receiver

I have learned to be a Good Receiver…And I’m not talking about football, and catching Jay Cutler’s fireball pass, but I am referring to being gracious when someone offers to do something nice for you.  I’ve had a great deal of experience this past month learning to be a gracious receiver when those offer to help.    I found myself desperately in need of all kinds of help when my father was ill, thankfully I was surrounded by friends who rallied to help me and my family.

My dear friend Coleen mentioned to me that “During this time, you need to figure out how to be a “good receiver”.  Being a good receiver not only helps You, but truly makes the person making the gesture feel good as well”.  I must say there were lots and lots of people in the Chicago and South Barrington area as well as AZ and MA feeling pretty good these past several weeks, because my family and I received help from everyone.  We’ve been on the receiving end  of delicious meals, assistance driving Patrick and people who rallied to help walk and feed Murphy.  A dear friend made the most beautiful video featuring pictures of my Dad, as well as help with my trunk show,  the three amigos (D,L and L) coming to grab Murphy from visiting my dad so I didn’t have to leave my dad’s side…not to mention those lending an ear, being a shoulder to cry on, checking in via phone, text and email on our well-being  and those  just being a friend and sharing in my/our pain.

People say it’s better to Give than Receive…but I must beg to differ…without everyone lending a helping hand to me and my family, I don’t know how we could have gotten through the past few weeks.  I’ve learned the most beautiful life lesson.  When those offer to rally around you and offer assistance…just say, “sure, I’d love the help”.  Saying Yes, as opposed to my typical, “I’m fine and have it all handled”, truly made a huge difference in our lives the past several weeks.  We were able to focus on being where we needed to be, and let others help do the things that needed to be done, but didn’t necessarily need to be done by us.  Not to mention we were very well fed (and watered). 🙂

Love you all and Twirl…it’s Friday!!



As my father in law loves to say,  “There are two types of people in the world.  The Irish, and those who wish they were Irish”.  Love you Bruce, aka Pops, one of our most favorite Irishman!


  1. I wish there was a LOVE button, “Like” isn’t strong enough. I’m loving this post and message and photos. You’ve got the wisdom and thank you for sharing it. Such sweet dads and they will be remembered forever and cherished by all who shared their lives. Love the picture of your dad laughing with the birthday cake (and Patrick’s t-shirt “Wait in Line Ladies” is perfect.) Twirl away today, hang in there sweet friend. Love you,

  2. It is indeed a great lesson to carry through life…as is finding a reason to Twirl everyday! I am certain your Dad is smiling down on you and absolutely honored at the way you and the family have celebrated his life. It was beautiful tribute and that too is a reason to Twirl.

  3. Remnds me of my mother’s addage . . . learn to say ‘thank you, Honey Girl. There are times when people will want to do for you, and you need to learn to say Thank You’. So, thank you for reminding me of my Mom (not that she’s ever very far away), It’s been a tough couple of weeks for you, and it will have it’s ups and downs for quite awhile. You’ve got a ton o’friends who stand at the ready . . . xoxo

    Oh, love, love, LOVE the Twirl . . . it’s Friday!! I’m stealing it!!

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