Pinning a “Bout”

In honor of Barrington’s  Homecoming Weekend, I thought I would post regarding how to Pin a Boutonniere…or “Bout” as I’ve come to hear they’re referred to as, or says Jim Fabbrini, so I’ll go with that.  Plus,  it’s best not to stab your date in the heart…and don’t ask how I know that. 🙂

Center the boutonniere on the gentleman’s left lapel so both are parallel. Hold boutonniere with left hand and pin with right hand. (1)
Gather fabric of lapel and push pin through lapel and through stem of boutonniere. Go through two layers of fabric, the lapel and the jacket front. That is the secret for pinning the boutonniere securely. Illustration shows pin on the underside of the jacket front.
Weave the pin from the inside of the jacket out to the lapel. For safety, tuck the tip of the pin into the fabric of the lapel. Notice in the illustration, only the pearl end of the pin is visible from the front. (3) This gives a sophisticated, finished look.  And, with the pin tip hidden, you won’t hurt someone when you hug them.
Now all the lovely young ladies, pinning a “bout” on their gentleman callers, will know how to properly handle this task, without stabbing them in the heart!   (My advice is to Save that for later, ladies). 🙂
Have a great weekend, and Make Good Choices. 🙂


  1. How timely! Hope the kids have a ball. Fun time of year, I still remember decorating my parents station wagon senior year like a hearse for homecoming, and getting to ride around the football stadium being in a car rally before the game (big sign, Bury the Bison, was there really a coffin on top as I recall? oh my).

  2. I was pinning lots of bouts on Saturday for Dan’s wedding . . . I’m glad to know I was doing it properly!! Thanks for the confirmation . . .

  3. i work for a florist and this is NOT the best way to pin a boutonniere. The boutonniere does not stay on properly throughout the day and the pins showing is not ideal for photos.

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