Secrets of Fabulous Women who Flaunt it!

I couldn’t help but purchase the book…Frumpy to Fabulous:  Flaunting it…Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style…only because the book was pink..and had the word Fabulous in its title, and it was quite the title..and that day, I  felt quite frumpy, and was wondering how to feel more fabulous.    So, I perused through the book (which happily I found at the Goodwill store, for $1.69, and buying books at the Goodwill store is worthy of its own blog…Great place to book shop!!)…and while it didn’t have as many pics as I’d like, especially for a person looking to feel Fabulous (because I’m more of a “visual” person, which is why I always like to have lots of pictures in my blog), but something jumped out at me:  7 Secrets of a Fabulous Woman who Flaunts It.  I mean, what’s not to like about that?  I was totally interested, and here it is:

From the book:  Frumpy to Fabulous:  Flaunting it: Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style!  (My comments are in italics)

1.  Strengthen your inner core – Not your muscles.  Flaunting it requires confidence, self-possession and complete comfort in your own skin.  I truly believe that confidence will take a person much farther than good looks.  Even “confidence” that is only a rouse.  People always say they wish they had my confidence…I am Not confident…I just laugh a lot, and try not to take myself, or anyone else too seriously.  I can barely pull off looking pretty decent, more than 2-3 times per year, tops!  I just try to look put together, and hopefully not repeating my outfits around the same people, and without cookie stains on my clothes.  🙂  I like to think I have nice hair (or at least I used to) and sometimes that’s  half the battle. 🙂

2.  Have a defined signature style – Know your signature style.  Define your signature style.  I think I’ve done a decent job developing my own style in the past few years.  I love to wear black, because it’s a neutral and goes with everything, and doesn’t show as many stains.  I probably used to be much more “Traditional and Conservative” than I am now.  My work wardrobe basically consisted of Liz Claiborne, Jones of New York and Anne Klein II.  Not so much anymore.  I think many people who used to be more conservative, have also come more into their own as far as style goes.  Plus, the older we get, the more we have a better understanding of what looks good…and what doesn’t.

3.  Utilize Experts – Be clear about the limits of your own knowledge.  Women who are Fabulous, don’t “wing it”.  I love that.  Nordstrom has Personal Shoppers and Stylists.  I know I’ve been instrumental with many women (and men) in helping define their styles and finding what makes them feel their best.  I am in no way an “expert”, but I have a pretty good sense of what people can pull off, what looks sensational, and what they need to avoid.

4.  Be Organized An organized closet is one that is easy to work with.  I’ve blogged about this many times, and if you happen to have missed it (as I’ve found out that many, many, many of my loyal blog followers, and some of my very best friends, don’t read this blog as loyally as I had thought).

5.  Have outfits for every occasion – Own a well-rounded wardrobe that mirrors their lifestyles, personal styles, personalities and goals.  Have a “go to” outfit for special occasions; interviews; chances to impress; funerals (sadly), and make sure these items are clean, pressed and have in tip-top shape!

6.  Timelessness not Trendiness – smart women focus on style and its impact, not fashion trends.  Be Timeless.  Audrey Hepburn;  Jennifer Aniston; Jackie O; Princess Diana; Kate Middleton; Gwyneth Paltrow…These are Fashion icons, whose looks always appears timeless.

7.  Be a Woman of Consequence – a woman with a purpose.  She uses her image as a tool to facilitate her success in all areas of her life.  I think it’s about being the very best we can be, and trying to put forth your best effort.

More Tips

1. Hemlines – Take a look at the skirts pictured. The first style is primarily for younger women with great legs. My best recommendation for skirt and dress hemlines is somewhere between the top and bottom of your kneecap. Once your skirt length starts hovering around the mid-calf area that’s when it ventures into the frumpy zone. The same is true for cropped pants, so beware! This look will make your legs appear shorter and heavier so steer towards lengths that end at the slimmest part of your leg and see how fabulous you look!

2. Fit – Trade in your big, baggy tee shirts and opt for something that skims the body and shows your shape. Yes, I say this all the time but it’s so true. Big and baggy may be comfortable, but body-skimming can be just as comfy without visually adding pounds or creating a sloppy appearance.

3. Neatness – Take a look at your outfit and determine how neat it is. Does your shirt need to be ironed? Are there holes in your sweatpants? Have your shoes or jacket seen better days? These all add up to work against you and keep you in the frumpy zone.

4. Unfinished Business – If you throw on a top and pants and head out the door chances are your look is unfinished, meaning you’ve left off the finishing touches. What accessories could you add to give polish? Sometimes just a belt, a watch and a pair of earrings are all it takes to transform your look from frumpy to fabulous.

5. Go the extra mile – What else could you add to your look to take it up a notch? Try a chic trench coat, a pretty cardigan or a scarf to give it that third layer that sends the message that you’re confident as well as chic and you know how to look fabulous!

Your assignment: When you get dressed have a checklist using the tips above. If your look doesn’t pass muster take the necessary steps to get it up to par and see how not only your image is boosted, but your confidence will be too!

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