Michael Kors Style Tips!

14 Sep

I love Michael Kors…You can incorporate some or all of his tips into your wardrobe!

Michael’s Do’s and Don’t of Fall Fashion

1.  Go Neutral, darling –  DO return to classic camel. It’s a chic alternative to black that works around the clock.  DON’T do the same shade head to toe. Mix in other neutral to give things some life.

2.  Have Fun with Accessories–   DO wear simple outfits with bright accessories that keep your look versatile.  DON’T skimp on investing in the best quality so what you buy will last for years.

3.  Get Inspired by 50’s Fashion –   DON’T be afraid of curves. It’s all about an hourglass silhouette.  Belt your waist!

4.  Try Tailored Pieces – Invest in a classic pants suit.  You can dress it up, or dress it down.

5.  Buy One Long Skirt –   DO experiment with a body-con shape as an alternative to jeans.  DON’T pile on too many voluminous layers in longer lengths, or you’ll look like you’re standing in a hole. 🙂

6.  Give clogs a change (not sure I’m agreeing with this one).  These are cute colors.

7.  Own one piece of Rose-Gold Jewelry – the new “It” Jewelry.  Don’t mix rose-gold with silver.  Not a good match.

8.  Incorporate one Purple Piece – DON’T pile on purple head to toe or you’ll suffer from Barney syndrome. Always anchor the color with a neutral.

9.  Wear Camouflage in Moderation – (again, not sure I”m agreeing with this…perhaps No camouflage).  Actually, I do recall wearing a pair of camouflage pants in college…which, if they’d still fit, I could pair them with a v-neck t-shirt and metallic flip-flops.

10.  Buy More Boots – 100% Agreed!  Match your boots to your personal style…

With the Bears game behind us, Thankfully, all I can say is:

Go Bronco’s!

Have a great and always safe weekend.



and Sadly…this can indeed be true.  Perhaps Alcohol has something to do with this?  Just a thought.


3 Responses to “Michael Kors Style Tips!”

  1. Nancy Olson September 14, 2012 at 7:58 am #

    Perfect timing! Last night I was actually chatting with a friend about the Michael Kors spring 2013 line….. love Michael Kors!

  2. stewcarol September 15, 2012 at 9:01 am #

    Love him too. I enjoy him on Project Runway, especially one time he had his mom on the show and he is such a sweet son! Of course, love his bags…they always catch my eye in a mall when I’m power walking by his store. Great tip on aviator shades, I have a pair I bought for the boys they won’t wear…MINE! Hmmm….boots…want a pair of flat boots that look so great on everyone but can’t figure out what pants to get to fit in them. Finally…who doesn’t love a guy that tells ladies to embrace their CURVES. Agree 100%.

  3. Leslie September 20, 2012 at 4:59 pm #

    WOW-every page is me, me, me! I love your style and your taste in clothes.

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