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I don’t like football…actually, I love football…and those who know me, understand that September – February (hopefully my Bears will be playing through Super Bowl Sunday), I’m all about Football.  I know the game, enjoying watching it and love to talk about the game and share my thoughts on how they should be doing it better. 🙂   Not sure if  it’s because I grew up with 4 boys in the house (and my lovely sister, Megan, of course) but I truly get giddy on Sunday Nights when I hear Faith Hill start singing, “Alright Sunday Night Where are you…Hey Jack, it’s a fact, the show’s back in town…”  I do know, however, that not every woman (or even every man) understands the game.  I found this cheeky article  about things Women (or people who don’t understand the game) should know, and since we are emerging into Football season, I thought I’d share it, so in case you catch yourself watching a game, and enjoying it, you’ll actually know a bit more about it!

Before I share that article, if you don’t think the NFL is Big Business, take a look at what the Top 5 Football teams are worth:

1. Dallas Cowboys ($2.1 billion)

2. New England Patriots ($1.64 billion)

3. Washington Redskins ($1.6 billion)

4. New York Giants ($1.47 billion)

5. Houston Texans ($1.31 billion)

8.  Chicago Bears ($1.2 billion)

My Bears come in at #8 at a cool, $1.2 billion…With a $65M profit, did they really have to do a 3-year contract with RC Cola (and yes, RC Cola still makes soda, but not Diet Coke nor Diet Pepsi, sadly, which means I must drink Heineken at Bears games)?  And they can’t afford to have real half-time entertainment, but we’re subjected to a punt, kick and pass, “sponsored” by some car company?  Please…Give us a marching band, or a Chicago-based band, for crying out loud!  How about Styx or Off Broadway?  Or perhaps, Chicago?  And it wouldn’t hurt to  dial-up the music with some snappier tunes to get the crowd riled and motivated to cheer on the team…and snappy music can also motivate the team!    And seeing as I’m probably “past my prime” to be a sideline NFL reporter (actually, I’m not, but no one has hired me for that position), I most certainly can go to work for the Bears to give the fans (the best fans ever, btw), a better NFL experience.

10 Things Every Woman (Or anyone really) should know about Football

(Source:  Marie Claire Magazine)


1. GET TO THE POINT. Know the basics. A touchdown is six points. An extra point is worth one (but teams can go for a two-point conversion, where they get another play to make it in the end zone, rather than kicking an extra point). A field goal is worth three points. And a safety (when a player with the ball is tackled in his own end zone) is worth two points.

2. THIN YELLOW LINE. The little yellow line indicates how far the team has to go to get a first down. And it works through the magic of television — the players cannot see it, nor can you see it while you are sitting at the game.  They have also started indicating when a play is in the Red Zone — that means when the offense has possession of the ball at the 20-yard line or closer. It means there’s a good chance that the offense is going to score soon. And no, the players can’t see the red part either…nor can those sitting in the stands.

3. TRUE OR FALSE START? A false start is when a member of the offense moves before the play actually starts. Offsides is when a player on the defense moves before the play starts.

4. DOWN BUT NOT OUT. Say you hear the announcer say that it’s “2nd and 10.” This means that it’s the second down and the offense has 10 yards to go in order to get a first down. There are four downs in total, so if it’s 4th and 10, the offense will probably punt the ball. If it’s 4th and inches, they might go for the first down. The risk is that if they don’t get it, the other team gets the ball right then and there.

5. FLAG ON THE PLAY. A yellow flag on the play indicates that the referee is calling a foul on the play. We all have to wait on the edge of our seats to find out which player did what and when. If you see the coaches throw down a red flag, this is called a “coach’s challenge,” and it means that the team charged with the foul disagrees with the ref’s call. If the coach tosses a red flag, the play is reviewed by the refs and if they reverse it — great: All is fine and the team is happy! If the play is reviewed and not reversed, the team that threw the red flag is charged with a time-out. Keep in mind that coaches can only throw a red flag in the first 28 minutes of each half. (In the last two minutes of each half, any questionable plays are automatically reviewed by the refs.)


1. PLAY TO THE CROWD. If you’re at a bar or tailgate with a group of die-hard fans, now is not the time to ask questions like: “What does ‘FG attempt’ mean?” or “Can they see that yellow line on the field?” But the beginning of the season is the perfect time to sit back, have fun, and enjoy the pomp and circumstance of the NFL. Commit to watching this season and absorb all of the drama.

2. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Take a few minutes to do some quick preseason homework. Check out the usual suspects for all of the nation’s sports headlines. There are also great sites that focus on other elements of sports, besides stats. Visit or  They all cover sports from a girl’s-eye view. Plus, the NFL puts on “Football 101: Workshops for Women” in cities all over the country.

3. FANTASY ISLAND. Try joining a You Pick ‘Em or Salary Cap fantasy league.    They provide a fun, not-too-time-consuming way to get involved and stay on top of the games every weekend. Apparently a company “I do business with” has a fantasy league, but girl’s aren’t allowed.  I find that rude and unbecoming”.

4. PREGAME FESTIVITIES. If you like entertaining as much as I do, make Sundays a regular gathering for you and your football-loving friends. Plan some fun pregame festivities, like a Madden video game tournament, or create your own temporary tattoos that declare your love of your team (or disdain toward the opposing team). For your game-day menu, go beyond chili and wings and create a menu inspired by the city your team is playing. Philly cheesesteaks…Chicago deep-dish pizza…Dallas BBQ…New Orleans muffulettas. You’ll bring a whole new meaning to “devouring the competition”!  My friend Donna has a Super Bowl party each year, and serves foods from each city playing in the big game!  Here’s a copy of the article featuring her as Cook of the Week!

5. SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS. Many people think that women love anything pink. Even pink jerseys. Me? I prefer to wear my team’s true colors. If you love pink, go for it. But if you don’t, look for cute, sporty clothes like Alyssa Milano’s Touch collection, NFL’s line with Reebok, or 5th & Ocean vintage tees…or some small indie spots with cute apparel, like Football Chicks Are Hot or perhaps our “I Watch Sports Like a Girl” tees. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to wear your heart — and your team spirit — on your sleeve!

As I’ve mentioned before, but it Bears repeating (pun intended)…I don’t wear football jersey’s (or any jersey’s for that matter), as I don’t like looking like a Linebacker (no offense to Brian Urlacher)…and I have yet to find one that is even remotely flattering, so I like to wear my team colors.  Blue and Orange.  Here are some cute outfits, in navy, orange, but not necessarily together, that could be good options.

Go Bears !

Navy twin set with white jeans

I actually wore something very similar to this last year, with either a white scoop neck tee, or a white blouse…but I also was rockin’ the cheetah flats.

The above dress should be worn to a Pre Season game, with metallic flip flops…not strappy pumps!

These almost look like Dockers…I may pair this orange sweater with a pair of jeans or walking shorts (weather permitting, of course).

These shoes, while darling, are NOT appropriate to wear to a Bears game…

Have a Fantastic Weekend…And Go Bronco’s!!

Patrick is #15. 🙂



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  1. Absolutely agree about the pink jerseys and pink NFL clothing — no way! ….. I am a purist — it must be orange and blue — Go Bears!!!

  2. Thanks for clarifying offsides and false start, but they definitely could have made Offsides be an Offensive penalty since they both start with O. Now I need to remember it is reverse. Also love serving game day snacks to my family, and great tip for food from the opposing city. Clever! Keeps things fresh. Fantasy football is HUGE at our house, and this year it will be the battle of the Mannings. Son has Eli QB and husband has Payton QB. As they say, may the best Man(ning) win. Also Terry you’ve got to get to Knoxville where all the stores sell TONS of orange, since it’s UT’s color. Adorable outfits above.

  3. I tend to be an orange/navy person vs pink, but you are correct. Where what you like and support our Bears!! Good reminder info as well. THANKS, T!!!

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