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I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Stacy London (What Not To Wear).  I tend to think she can be rather “harsh”.  That being said, I do think she is chock full of great advice, and found this little tidbit, which I absolutely agree with Wholeheartedly.  So I present to you:


Choose Quality of Quantity – Look for pieces you’ll have for a long time, and that aren’t trendy. This is great advice and one I wish I had learned early on.  As I’ve mentioned before …I have way too many clothes, and many are not timeless, sadly.  I used to buy Quantity, not Quality.  Now, I angle towards quality, over quantity…though I also have a large quantity.

Don’t Always Wear Black – She says that over 35, black makes you look older. Oopsie. 🙁  Black is my staple.  Happily, I’m not over 35. 🙂   Though, I must admit I have been much better this summer with splashes of color…I have a casual, orange t-shirt material dress, that’s made an appearance 3 times (and I’ve journal-ed it to ensure the same people don’t see it too often).   If the Bears Opener is a warm-weathered day, I’ll wear the orange t-shirt dress, paired with a denim jacket and cheetah print sandals…Blue and Orange.  Go Bears!

Pictured below is a fabulous looking chocolate-brown outfit, which I’m thinking is a “must-have” for fall.

Aim High – Shop one tier up in designers that you are wearing. I used to wear Liz Claiborne clothes, religiously…now almost everything I own is Etcetera…I’d say Etcetera is a step up from Liz Claiborne.   Of course, I wore Liz back in the 80’s and 90’s, but who’s counting?  I am also trying to feather in other designers into my wardrobe.  A friend sells Doncaster, and I have some fabulous leather jackets from that line, that I’ve had for years, and are indeed, timeless.

Make a List – Only shop for items you need. Again, Oopsie. Of course, since I’ve been shopping in my own closet, I’ve gotten much better than I used to be.  And Pinterest has truly helped me explore new ideas of fun, new ways to pair up outfits, with clothes I have in my closet.   And that shall be a future blog, btw.

Don’t Forget the Basics – Day and Cocktail dress; Fitted Jacket;  Trench Coat and a buttery Leather Jacket.  Perfectly fitting Jeans.  Great White Blouse. A handbag you cannot live without!  Have fun with Accessories.

Here’s another ideas of some good basics to make sure you have in your wardrobe…though have to say, in my old age, not sure I’ve ever had a “flannel” shirt in my repertoire.  Flannel pj’s, yes.  Flannel shirt, not so much.

Think Versatility – I love this tip…I’ve always said when you find a pair of jeans you love, buy 2…this takes it a step further, you still buy 2 of the same pair of jeans, but have one hemmed for flats and the other hemmed for heels. Brilliant!

Treasure the remaining weeks of summer. Hug and smooch your kids if you’re lucky to still have them at home. And Go Broncos and Paddy in his first Sophomore game!!  This picture is at least 5 years old, I’ve used it before, but I love it, and I love to look at it.



Upcoming Blogs:  Michael Kors Style tips; Saving $$$ in College; Fall Fashion Trends!

And It’s good to be King (well, someday)! And Prince Harry…well, he certainly is something! 🙂




  1. Fabulous blog posting! I am almost ashamed to admit it…the fall clothes and boots are calling to me! That is one of my favorite POB pics, so handsome!

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