5 Dr. Seuss Quotes to Live By…and a note to Meredith

Love, Love, Love this…And isn’t it Wonderful we can all still learn from Dr. Seuss?

And yes, I did happen to miss my Friday blog drop date.  And thank you to those who actually inquired about it, as I do love to hear that people seem to miss the Friday blog  when it isn’t published.   I missed the drop because was I was driving back from Indiana University after we dropped Meredith back to school this week and of course was/am rather “melancholy” after saying goodbye to her.   So… blogging took a back seat (or publishing took a back seat).  And, I’m happy to report, she did a Much better job of packing this year and didn’t seem to take her entire wardrobe this year…as she said, “Mom, I do read your blog”, and perhaps took some of my college packing tips!

What may have started as my Mantra that I was going to have the Best Summer Ever (BSE) truly turned into one of my very best summers ever…and I have Meredith to thank for that.  We absolutely had a fabulous summer, and she was my partner in crime in shopping, massages, working out, walking, travel, cooking, mothering Paddy and even working on our tans.  Mer-Mer, you have turned into such a lovely, wonderful, funny, brilliant young woman and while I’m a firm believer that a Parent needs to be just that…a parent and not a friend, I think on the eve of the month when you will be turning 21, I can most certainly feather in being your friend, while also being your parent.  Because, if I had a choice, not only would I have chosen You for my daughter, I would most certainly choose You as my friend.

Mer Mer and Paddy at her going away dinner at Geja’s (well, just before dinner)!

Love ya, honey!  Miss you terribly.

Life is short…Make good choices, as you always do (thankfully)!


T. aka, Mom


  1. Sigh, cheers to BSE, sweet farewells to amazing college bound kids and of course, Dr. Seuss. My mom saw that quote a few months ago and copied it down and shared it with me, but I didn’t know it was Dr. Seuss till now. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Amen.:

  2. Have seen these quotes before .. . but it is always a great reminder and confidence-builder! Thanks, T, for the boost (and those are some good-looking kids you have there!!)

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