5 Ways to Wear a White T

I saw this on The Today Show (which I have to say, I’m not too thrilled with how they handled the departure of Ann Curry, however, since I wear a white T (v-neck) at least 4 days a week in the summer, I though this merited a mention) and there are some great tips and suggestions on incorporating the white T into your wardrobe.  The little white T is as versatile in your wardrobe as the little black dress.  Packing for our summer getaway, I have packed almost as many white t-shirts as I have undergarments!  🙂


Wear as a shell…Pair with skirt and blazer, or skirt, slacks and a cardigan.  Throw in some neutral accessories.  Easy to transition from day to night.


Pair with pair of Bermuda Shorts.  Jazz it up with fun accessories and sandals or flats

Night out on the Town

Pair with white jacket and black slacks or a cute pair of crop pants with sharp accessories.  Gladiator sandals or high heels are a great way to complete the outfit.

Weekend Looks

Colored jeans and fun scarf and you are ready to go anywhere…errands, lunch with the girls, watch a ball game, or a visit to a wine bar!

Special Occasion

Pair with great skirt and fun jewelry.  Tuck in the shirt and wear a fabulous pair of fancy shoes and fancier jewelry.  I have this sequined skirt in gold, and while I like to pair it with a white blouse and jean jacket, for the summer, I pair it with a t-shirt, play down the jewelry (so as not to over-bling myself…as even I have limits), and wear with either Tory Burch gold flip-flops, or dress it up a bit with gold gladiator sandals.

Other Fun looks with White T’s

Men in T’s

I get my White T’s at Nordstrom (Anniversary Sale starts today, btw), and get the Caslon brand.  I basically buy them in bulk, because I do wear them year-round and I like a v-neck.  I also love the J. Hilburn Luxury Men’s t-shirt in White!  Both men and women can wear it.  The Gap and Hanes are also great, tried and true tested brands, which get high praise from others.  And yes gals, you can wear a Men’s t-shirt, but make sure it fits and it’s not to large, otherwise you might as well have “I’m With Stupid” blazened across the front! 🙂  Guess that’s a good reason you can buy it in women’s sizes.

The white t-shirt…You can dress it up, you can dress it down…but just don’t leave home without it!!

What kind of shirt does a Golfer wear?

A Tee Shirt!! 🙂

Enjoy a little of the Rhythm of Love by the Plain White T’s.


Bon Voyage!!




  1. I’ve had a couple of white Ts (tank and shell variety) in my closet for years . . . but got some new ideas on how to wear them! Thanks!

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