100+ Things to do this Summer

I think everyone (including myself) is tired of talking about how hot it is outside…but, oh my goodness, is it ever hot outside!  And no doubt, since you may not have been able to be out and about enjoying the breezy summer weather that never was, here are some fun-filled ideas which you can do both inside and out (if you so dare).  Keep in mind, these are just options, but when the kids are saying “I’m Bored, I have Nothing to do” and you are ready to pull out your hair…you may refer to these handy, dandy lists!  Both Mer Mer and Paddy pulled that line on me recently…I mean, I thought we were all living the Best Summer Ever?!  So, out came a game of Apples to Apples which quickly cured them of their boredom!  And after perusing these lists, I’ve put a Pillow Fight and Playing Dress-Up  at the top of My list!  And may I say, Kevin picked the wrong weekend to come home! 😉

This was the kids posing in some lovely garden in San Francisco, enjoying yet another fabulous summer a few years back.

And here are some more ideas!

And if that isn’t enough…here’s more!

And on my list of things to do…here are my Top 5.

1.  Finish writing my screenplay (or actually start writing my screenplay). 🙂

2.  Make at least 3 recipes each week from my Pinterest board “Eat, Drink and be Terry” and 5 crafts this summer from my board “Crafty”.

3.  Read 10 books; finish reading the 50+ magazines that have piled up since I haven’t had time to go through them and finish watching Royal Pains (while using the elliptical as it’s too hot to run or walk outside).

4.  Spend as much time “By” the ocean as possible, while never being “in” the ocean, yet all the while avoiding the sand!

5.  Take the kids to a Cubs game; White Sox game; Bears game…and San Fran Giants game (AT&T Park is hands down the best ball park ever!  They serve fine chardonnay and Stella…I mean, what’s not to like?)!  My goal is to try to go to each of these sporting events in the closest time frame possible…and I think I can pull off doing all 4 games in the span of 11 days (but it shall be a Bears pre-season game…giving Peyton Manning his 1st loss as a Bronco!).

This above photo was taken several years ago in the midst of a Segway excursion around Venice Beach, CA and the Santa Monica Pier…to this day one of my all time favorite days…especially when Kevin wiped out on the Segway when his wheel fell between the path and the sand and I yelled, “Man Down…Man Down”.  🙂  Kevin was fine, and even his ego wasn’t bruised.  I think the kids are getting tired of that story, btw. 🙂

oh, and  number 6.  Wear more skirts and dresses! 🙂

I’ve never been a fan of when the weather is extremely cold (Keep Warm) or oppressively hot (Keep Cool), but truly, I do hope you keep Cool…And please add to that list of things I don’t care for, when it’s past the 3rd week in January and people are saying “Happy New Year”!  Not sure, but I don’t care for that either.



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  1. Laugh out loud! Man down, Man down! I thought we were having the Best Summer Ever? And who the hell added FLASH CARDS to the top 100 things to do this summer? Loving it all Terry. Too much fun. Have a great weekend. Don’t forget when it’s too hot to walk outside, the indoor malls are open early for walkers.

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