Thoughts on Success

I used to think of June as a Wedding month…now that my children and my friend’s children have kids graduating from high school and college, now I think of June as Graduation party month.  All these beautiful, bright-eyed, intelligent, enthusiastic and eager young adults, all wanting success.  Success…like Beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder.  I’ve always thought that success (in business) is to find something you love and get paid to do it.  I’m fortunate to have that.  And success in life…do you wake up happy and go to bed happy? And yes, most days, I do.  Success. 🙂

Different thoughts on Success.

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Suggestions for Success

Why do I succeed?

The Pyramid of Success

Job says…

Emerson says…


To all the Graduates!!

Oh the Places you Go!!

And that works for me!

Today’s blog is once again, dedicated to my brother Mark…Happy Birthday Mark…whose life emulates Success!



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