What’s with Jay and his Totally Unbecoming Behavior?!

I was happily going about my day when I received this picture of Jay Cutler, flipping the bird at photographers, from Meredith.   Her email said “Zack just sent this to me…said that he’s pretty sure you have not advised Jay to do this “.  And correct you are Zack!  It appears my work here with Mr. Cutler  is Not yet done!

Sadly, this picture, along with a plethora of others, seemed to go viral as Jay appears to be telling the city of Chicago, we are #1 in his book with his middle appendage.  Seriously, do people still flip others off?  Isn’t that rather crude, rude, and unbecoming behavior?  What would His mother think?  What would Her mother think? And he is doing so alongside his pregnant girlfriend (yes, I know fiance, but I’m sticking with girlfriend).  And how warm and caring, that he’s holding her hand, yet Flipping off the photographer with the other.  Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Of course, there were plenty of pictures of Miss Cavallari flipping off photographers last year when Jay Dumped her.  I’m sorry, I mean when Jay briefly broke up with her.  What woman flips the bird at people?!  Or perhaps she was flipping off Jay? 🙂

I apologize for not being able to black out the offending motions on 2 of the above photos…Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that.  And I realize that posting these pics isn’t very stylish on my part, but I’m rather riled up about this, and wanted to get my message out there (as well as the thoughts of the city of Chicago). Plus I’m intermingling lovely little pics to offset the unbecoming photos. 🙂

Sorry Bruce and Beth…It appears Jay and Kristin are  now American’s favorite Couple!  Kidding!  They’re both about to be parents (and yes, I guess Earl Bennett blew the big secret on a radio program mentioning America’s favorite couple is expecting a boy.  They were shocked and appalled that their “secret” was strewn throughout the airwaves…Really?  Then why tell a “Teammate” your “big secret”?  If you want something kept secret, here’s a hint…Don’t tell people! Jay is “allegedly” so upset he’s deleted his Twitter account.  Yikes).  Sorry…got off on a tangent…so, Jay and Kristin are about to be parents, yet Jay has been flipping the bird to photographers…Do they realize when their child (let’s stick with 1 for now) will google his (thanks Earl) parents, he’ll see the picture of Mom and Dad, both flipping their fingers at the “paparazzi”…(and hopefully many of Jay winning numerous Superbowl championships with the Bears).  Crass, crass behavior.  Thankfully Meredith and Patrick haven’t been traumatized by any errant photos of Kevin and I!  I guess being nobody’s has its advantages. 🙂

I would like the record to reflect, Your Honor, that I have been a big supporter of Jay Cutler.  I’ve written supportive blogs, posted handsome photo’s of him, given constructive criticism as to how to better embrace his team and Chicago, and bought 1st row seats behind the Bears bench (as opposed to my 1st row seats behind the visitors bench) to keep an eye on him ( my sister Megan thinks I’m his Muse, which I’m not, but I like saying that).  When people bad mouthed him, I stood by him.  My friends, Phyllis, Lora, Stephanie, Kathy, Jack and Nancy (to only name a few) taunted me for being such a loyal supporter.  I rallied the troops (my friends, not actual troops) in support of him. I was making headway!  I Almost broke down and bought for myself, a #6 jersey!  That’s quite significant.  I was a huge fan of Jay Cutler.  I’m rethinking that now. 🙁

And the above pic is a better option for me to wear to Bears games, anyway, rather than a #6 jersey.    Orange and Blue, with a snap of Cheetah, so as not to be boring!

I think Phil Emery (Bears new GM) should fine Jay $1M for shoddy behavior…not befitting a gentleman, or the leader of the Chicago Bears.  Give the money to charity, and teach him a lesson.  And Lovie should give him a stern talking to…I mean, as “stern” as Lovie can get.  Hmmm, that possibly won’t happen.  Actually, I’m up to the task.  I’ll talk to him.  Professional athletes are role models, regardless of whether they want to or not.  $50M contracts from the teams (paid in part by this season ticket holder) and endorsement deals from the likes of Nike, Reebok, Cadillac and Ray Ban, pay them to be role models.  That’s the nature of the business.  If you don’t like it, you can pedal clothes and hotel rooms and write a blog, like me.  I’m not a role model, but you won’t ever see me flipping someone off!  Bad behavior is poor form…and Bad Karma.  Chicago sports teams do NOT need anymore bad karma (poor Derick Rose…and speaking of Derick Rose, he could teach Mr. Cutler a thing or 2 about class!  His was not bad karma , it was just bad luck…really, really bad luck!).  Look what happened to Tiger with his unbecoming behavior, he lost most endorsement deals (or they were back-burnered) and his game went in the toilet for 2 years.  One word.  Karma.  Two words.  Bad Karma.

Jay!!!  Wake up.  Smell the Gatorade.  Clean up your act.  Act like a Gentleman.  And it wouldn’t hurt to hit the treadmill, as I’ve heard many, many comments that You may not be in the best shape.  And heck, neither am I, but I’m not paid $50M to be in shape.  I’m paid to be charming and witty…and I deliver.  🙂

I’ve enjoyed writing about fashion, high heels, Pinterest and what “chubby” men should wear (Monday’s MANic blog).  I’m not quite ready to go back to penning what you need to do with your life…I’m still figuring out what to do with mine and would like to continue to do so for the next few months, before it becomes football season.  Plus Mer Mer comes home today for the summer, so I’d like to focus on her and her life goals, and not have to focus on yours!  I mean, my goodness gracious!

In addition, I’d like to go back to posting these pictures of You, where you are NOT flipping the bird.

Clearly Jay missed my blog on Carolina Panther’s Jeremy Shockey and his boorish behavior in flipping off the Chicago Bears fans.  For his convenience, I’m providing a link here.  Again, I abhor this type of behavior…Especially from Grown Men.


Or… he could have just googled “Jeremy Shockey’s boorish behavior” and my blog post is Google’s #1 search result. 🙂

At the end of this blog, just in case Mr. Cutler Also missed my blog on “How to be a Gentleman”, I’ve provided another link, for his convenience to brush up on his gentlemanly techniques.

Ok, I vented.  I feel better now! 🙂

And Jay… you owe the city of Chicago (and this blogger) an apology.

Waiting patiently,

Terry O’Brien

Famous Blogger and someone who is immensely qualified to be your Life Coach…and You need one!

Today’s blog on “Nail polish is the new lipstick”  will appear later today, or sometime next week.  I felt there were other pressing matters…but so are lovely nails, so hopefully you’ll get 2 blogs today!  Yippee!!

The Rules of a Gentleman:  http://dressedtoat.blog/category/rules-of-a-gentleman/


  1. Apparently, Jay isn’t the person you’d like to think he is. I’m surprised you gave this as much ‘air time’ as you did. Behavior such as this does not warrant anybody’s time in my opinion. Look forward to hearing about nail polish cuz I just love love LOVE the clever names!!

    • Actually, LAP, I don’t entirely disagree…but since you are one of the only blog followers who didn’t ask me about this, I thought it should be addressed…Especially since I’ve been so supportive of him in the past. Plus, someone needs to speak out against this unruly behavior, so someone with authority (Roger Goodell?) does something. Their needs to be a code of morals and ethics and when it’s broken, there should be consequences…Argh!

  2. It does look like Jay could do with a P90X refresher course. For the record, you are charming and witty…and you most definitely deliver!

  3. Completely agree re morals and ethics code and would like these over-paid, under-utilized athletes realize their ‘job’ encompasses much more than what they do on the field. And, Kim is right . . . you are charming and witty and you do most definitely deliver! I always enjoy your blogs — whatever the topic! Thanks!

  4. I received this comment from Lora, and felt compelled to share (as Lora has yet to figure out how to comment On the actual blog, but only sends me emails). 🙂

    I take offense to the notion that I taunted you about your inappropriate fascination with Jay Cutler, a boorish football player that was no doubt injured when his team needed him the most. I have always supported your unwavering support of the “Bad News Bears” and cheered from my comfy couch in Naperville, drinking my chardonnay, as I imagined you freezing your *** off during those December games.

    I will always support you and hope that this season is the one that proves me wrong…;-)


    Your Best Friend, Blogger Fan, and Reformed “Jay Watcher” 😉

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