The Duchess Effect

“The Duchess effect” is the top fashion buzzword, referring to the way the Kate Middleton can sell out an item in hours just by wearing it in public.  The terms also refers to the way Kate’s fashion choices have led to more accessible pieces and a style that is more colorful and feminine than in the past.

The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton)  has become renowned for her powerful effect on the economy as most items of clothing she wears become an instant sell-out.  If she is seen wearing a dress, blouse, sweater, or sporting a handbag, that item immediately sells out in the stores.  I have never been one to run and buy a particular item of clothing when a celebrity (or someone famous), wears something, but I do like to follow those trends and happen to Love the looks I’ve seen worn by Kate.  That being said…I’m none too fond of the fact they say that Kate Middleton has single-handedly brought back Panty Hose (future blog, btw)  Although my BFF  Lora sure is happy about that (the panty hose part, not the blog…she thinks I have a ghost-writer.  I do not, sadly, this is just me), as she is thrilled panty hose are back in style!  I personally like to go sans hose, but will wear tights.  Not sure if it’s a requirement of the Duchess of Cambridge to wear hose, but I will reveal the hows and why’s in the blog, “Panty Hose…are they making a comeback”?  Which, no doubt, will be another blog my brother Mark, will find “boring”.

Back to Kate:) ….  She’s following in the near-perfect stylish steps of Princess Diana, but with a more modern flair…and it appears to be with No effort, whatsoever.  Some of the best style icons seem to effortlessly wear their clothes, so it doesn’t appear that the clothes are wearing them.  The clothes just accentuate her look and  personal style.

Kate Middleton is not the first style icon to impart her midas touch to the collections of successful British retailers. Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O, Coco Chanel and Grace Kelly still act as muses for the most successful of fashion collections. But for the first time, with the advances in social media and speed of communication ‘the duchess effect’ can be seen in our own wardrobes faster than ever before. (

Here are some of my favorite Kate Middleton looks:

Truly, how can you not love this young woman and her sense of style?!  I’ve yet to see her make a misstep!

Happy Anniversary William and Kate!!

On more than 1 occasion this week (and basically every other week, thruth be told) I was and am referred to as a “princess”…and I don’t take offense to that.  Those who know me, understand I’m not really a princess, but I do like cute things, and if Tiara’s were, indeed in style, I’d have many.    However, I’d like the record to accurately reflect what transpired yesterday:  2 Commercial Water Heaters, each holding 115G and 85G , respectively, leaked (well, poured) into the mechanical room.  While wearing rain boots (zebra print) I wet-vac-ed the entire room of 150+ Gallons of nasty, mucky liquid, with the help and camaraderie of my dear, dear friend Susan…and emptied the wet vac more times than I care to recall while Susan swept water in my dirction, and shut off all the pertinent valves (there were 5, btw) and did the “heavy lifting”, as I don’t care to lift heavy things (even when they’re my soaked belongings).    Thank goodness for Fabulous friends, who don’t judge you and your inability to properly access a flood (or lift heavy things) and the “chutzpah” to get things done when required, even when they’re not part of my wheelhouse!  As Susan said, we’re “sturdy girls”, and we can do this.  And do it we did…though I’m still wondering if being “sturdy” is a good thing, but it was yesterday.  And at 1157PM on the night of the flood, I had a dry mechanical room.  No hot water, but a dry mechanical room.  And a friend for life in Susan.  I’m glad she doesn’t live by the mantra, “A friend in need, is no friend”. 🙂

Love ya S!



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  1. Especially enjoyed this blog, being the Anglophile that I am .. . the panty hose thing is a bow to the Queen. Apparently, QE2 asked Kate, er Catherine, to please wear panty hose during their first state visit to Canada. Word is Kate acquiesced indicating it’s a small request . . . and it was supposedly truly a request. Smart move on Kate’s part . . . it’s easy to do, shuts up the grandmother-in-law/Queen/Head of State . . . and therefore, keeps her out of the Tower!

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