Spring Forward… Fashion Trends for Men!

MANic Monday!!

This blog is dedicated to Meredith’s boyfriend, Zack…who always looks great, has a great sense of style, and inspired some of the looks I chose…so, Zack…this Blog’s for you! 🙂

If you are a guy and you wanted to know what to wear to be “fashionable” this spring, and you turned to Google, and looked at images of Spring 2012 for men…you would come up with these pics:

I don’t know about you, but I do know many men who are Fabulous dressers…Bruce, Aaron, Scot, Luke, Mark, David, Dave P. and Eric P. (I had to include my brothers)…I’m not sure any of them would actually wear any of these ensembles (though the ones in the middle pic are the least offensive).  I think it’s hard to be a guy and figure out what is good to wear, if you want to be “fashion forward” and not look like a buffoon.  You can just go with the flow and wear a standard business shirt, white shirt and red tie; or polo and khaki’s in a neutral color…or you can mix it up, brave it out, and try something a bit “new”.  I’ve listed the spring trends as penned by Esquire magazine, and have tried to come up with options that most men will wear.  Clearly not meant for everyone, but you can pick and choose what you like.

MEN’S SPRING FASHION TRENDS 2012 – compliments of Esquire Magazine

Even Bolder Colors
Colors were strong at the spring shows one year ago (the clothes that are in store now) but this time, hues that were once accents — oranges, greens and mustard — could become the focus of whole collections.  Instead of wearing these “bold” colors in a pair of pants, or suit jacket…you could try a pair of shoes, tie, belt  or shirt.  The shoes may be a bit of a stretch, but a green belt of yellow tie can rock.

A Boxy New Suit

Some designer labels will push a suit fit that feels new: it’s cleaner and looser, even boxier than we’ve seen recently.  It’s a direct contrast to what we’ve been seeing in seasons past.  And it prevents you from looking like a 12-year-old at a wedding. Classic line, btw. Thank you for that Esquire. 🙂  And I would like every man I know to wear an ensemble like this. Please.

The New Double-Breasted Blazer

These already had their true comeback. This time, we’ll see even more of them coming down the runways, and then landing in store racks. Especially in new and unexpected jacket proportions, as an updated version of all those  (Double-breasted) DBs out there.

Formerly Known as White
The color is everywhere on the streets this season — you have your jeans and blazer, right? — but this time we’ll see off-white, bone, even dirty white. All in contrast and answer to the crisper, bleached versions.

The End of Skinny

For seasons, trousers have become narrower and narrower — bridging the line between straight and skinny. We’ve reached the precipice, though, and designers have already begun returning to a more dramatic option: wider pants, both as separates and in suits.

The Mix, Mastered
The runway shows, to some extent, are always about combining the high and low. But this time, it’s about mixing formal with informal: luxury fabrics and eclectic pieces will be thrown together casually — almost like you don’t care. Even when everyone knows you do.  This first option most likely won’t work for my Fab 5 (Luke, Mark, David, Bruce and Mr. X), but a great shirt mixed up with a tie that is not the standard choice can be right on…and yes, this would be a great time to wear a pink tie!!!

Going With The Flow

We’re not sure about using the word “flowing,” here, but that’s exactly what’s expected: big designer brands may return once again to longer, wider, and, yes, flowing shapes.

More Looks I like…

Not too terribly difficult to follow, and what’s always most important is wear what you like and what you feel looks good on you.

And gentleman…if you do not have these in your wardrobe, please change that:

Sunglasses – a great, classic pair…like these Ray Ban’s or Aviators.

Watch – a classic, simple men’s watch.  Both these watches are less than $300, and you can wear for 20 years.

Wallet – a good, leather wallet.  Even Patrick, my 15-year old has a Ralph Lauren black leather wallet.  He’ll have it for years, and hopefully will have money in it. 🙂

Good Shoes – not scuffed.  You can tell a lot by a man by his shoes.  Get a great pair for work, and a great casual pair.  These Sperry’s would be better in brown, but the blue color goes with the Pop of color they’re telling you to do for spring.  Both these pair of shoes were less than $100.  The converse pair are meant as a joke. 😉

And Zack…I think you always look great, but Meredith is clearly your best accessory. 🙂

Happy Spring!

Go Hoosiers!



Source: http://www.esquire.com


  1. A good way to start the week . . . man candy pics are always appreciated! And including Clooney is a welcome surprise! Oh, and I’m glad to see the pop of color for men this year!!

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