It’s All About Me…or at least this blog is. :)

I’m not an interesting person (but, I do  find myself, at times, kinda funny)…so it’s surprising to me, that I get asked a lot of questions and they are typically the same questions.  Someone told me that people are “curious” about me.  Not sure why, because those who know me know I am exactly the same, morning, noon and night (and I’m no prize, either).  I’m a homebody and almost always stay home,  I live for my kids (as most parents do) and I can bore the masses with my duck walks into a bar jokes, and am usually the person who laughs the most at these.  I find them Hilarious.  A loyal reader of my blog suggested I make a blog out of answering the questions that keep being posed to me…so I’ve called her bluff, and Voila…I present, It’s all about me…or at least this blog is!  And for those who could care less, I’ve feathered in more ecards and snappy pictures!  I’ve been averaging 1000+ views/day on this blog…I’m sure this one will hover around 20 or 23 views.  Oh well, so much for averages!

1.  Do I really safety-pin my socks?  Of course .  It’s my all time favorite tip.  My father suggested it and it truly saves, over a lifetime, hundreds of hours sorting socks. My other favorite tip is to store extra garbage bags under the garbage bag in your garbage can. 🙂

(Disclaimer – this is not me, nor my laundry room.  I just Googled “Safety pin socks together” and here you go!)

2.  How long does it take to write a blog?  I typically “write” it within 10-15 minutes, then take some time perusing the internet for just the right photographic  accouterments to lend interest and sometimes amusement.  Typically start to finish 30 minutes…though I draft some, and add pictures at a later date.  I have about 34 in the “hopper”.  So, should something tragic happen to me, this blog can go on till almost end of summer!  And since I’m always aiming to please, I most definitely take blog requests…Bring ’em on.

3.  How much is the Tiffany Bracelet Bag?  $795.  It was my 20th Anniversary gift.  I have Never spent, myself, $795 on a handbag.   Fortunately for me, Kevin O’Brien cannot say the same. 🙂  Mine is the black one.  I now consider it an “heirloom”.  I hope Meredith loves it as much as I do.  I truly love this little handbag!!

4.  How much do I spend on clothes a year?  Only God knows…and Etcetera.  Almost every single item of clothing that I wear (sans an occasion pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans or a man’s shirt or sweater), is from Etcetera. Plus, for the last 2 years, I’ve actually been “shopping in my own closet”, which has helped alleviate these clothing bills.  I have “a lot” of clothes (and that is a huge understatement), and need to stop adding to my closet.  Shopping in Your Closet will be an upcoming blog, btw.

5.  How much do I spend on shoes a year?  Only Nordstrom knows.  I buy 90% of my shoes and boots at Nordstrom.    And, shockingly enough, do most of it online, and almost every pair is bought on sale.  As much as I love to shop, I don’t have the patience to wait around in a shoe store.  And, you rarely have a day where you think, “do these shoes make my feet look fat”, so shoes truly do make women (especially this woman) happy. 70% of my shoes are Black, but I’ve tried focusing on more Brown and metallic!  And speaking of metallic, my “Black-Glitter” Ugg boots have so been my staple for the winter, that I’m really going to miss them come spring!

6.   What is the one fashion faux pas that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end?  Hose with Sandals.  Please.  Do. Not. Do. This.

7.  What are the best ways to save money while shopping? While I think clipping coupons is a Great idea, I don’t have that much patience, and I always forget the coupons, then get highly agitated because I forgot them.  When I find a way to master using coupons, I’ll blog about it.   Instead, I always use my Jewel Preferred Card (Grocery card).  I’ve mentioned this before, but I go to Target for shelf goods (but never produce), and go to specialty stores for fruits and vegetables.  I’m speaking Valli’s Produce, not Whole Foods.  I think Groupon rocks, especially for items you need.  Other great ways to save money while shopping:  Jill’s Steals and Deals (on the Today Show, used to be Tuesday’s but now I believe it’s on Thursday’s);;; Living Social.  All these sites feature Daily deals, or ebates offers cash back when you shop most stores online.   I think this needs to be its own blog, because I could go on and on and on.  But for now, check out these sites I’ve mentioned.

8.  Have I ever thought of switching to decaf?  Ha Ha.  Nope, unless I’m pregnant, and not planning that this year. 🙂  I happen to have a lot of energy (again, understatement).  I am like this when I wake up at 0’dark thirty in the morning, and basically run at the same pace, since I collapse around 915PM…And while I used to go to bed at 915PM, my obsession with Pinterest has me staying up past 10:00PM!  And I noted a comment my friend Lynda posted a while back, “you have way too much energy.  You need to switch to decaf.  Then you’ll be like the rest of us”. 🙂 I buy Starbuck’s French Roast (at Target, because it’s at least $3 a bag cheaper than Jewel), and probably drink 3 cups each morning.  And I drink my coffee black, because in high school when I started drinking coffee, I was putting cream and Sweet and Lo in it, and my dad (Harold) said, “Therese, you need to drink your coffee black, because there will be a time when you are at someone’s house and they won’t have cream or sugar (sweetener), and you will be disappointed, so drink your coffee black”…and I have since that day.  And I still love my Keurig coffee maker, as much as the day I got it!

9.  Why do I carry 2 cell phones? I addressed this in a previous blog, but, sadly, not everyone reads my blog, or reads it totally through, so I am constantly asked this question.  And that’s really ok, because sometimes I don’t even read it all the way through, hence the typo’s you may find.    I carry an iPhone and a Blackberry (bberry for future reference)  because I cannot get used to typing on a touch screen, and for business emails, I make too many mistakes, so I’ve  also kept my blackberry (but did end up upgrading to the new Torch) that has a full keyboard.   I have been asked at least 36 times, if the 2nd phone is for my “boyfriend”…And while I previously mentioned that Kevin “frowns” upon me having a boyfriend, he did recently mention that we’ve never had that discussion.  Hmmh!

10.  Am I really Jay Cutler’s Life Coach?  Uhm…Nope, but I know I’d rock at it (as I believe I would Rock at being an NFL sideline reporter, although my friend Jack says I’m “past my prime”…make that “former” friend, Jack).  I do think I have provided good, solid, well-thought out and free advice to Jay via Dressed to a T.  He would be wise to take me up on it…and while he has extremely endeared himself to me this past season, I still think there’s room for improvement (as there is with all of us).  And if we can keep Mr. Cutler “healthy” this next season, we Will go to the Playoffs!  And you can take that to the bank!  Go Bears!!

11.  Do I write blogs around someecards and bluntcards that I’ve seen?  Nope, the blogs are always written first, and there really is a someecard or bluntcard for everything.  The Honey Badger is a true testament to that! 🙂  But I do love someecards , (   My friend Stephanie and I celebrate Someecard Friday, every Friday, and it’s  the best way to start a weekend.  I also have other friends who have gotten into the groove of sending and receiving someecards with me.  I can spend hours perusing this website, and have wasted hours with friends just reading them to each other.  And the best part is they are free!  And, as I’ve mentioned before, Free is good. 😉

12.  Why have I not moved to San Francisco, since Kevin has been working there since June 2008?  First, and most importantly, Meredith was a junior in high school when he took the position there, and it didn’t make sense to move her when she was in high school…and now Patrick is in high school.  Not good timing.  Also, it would take 3-5 years to sell my house, and Kevin lives in his hotel, so we didn’t have to buy a house or condo there…Plus, having a “second city” like San Francisco to visit, while staying in his hotel, is Not the worst thing in the world.  It’s trying at times handling most things on my own, but why complain, when so many people in the world have it worse than me…plus, we’ve been married 21 years, and trust me, it’s ok. 🙂  And based on many, many requests, I am posting a picture of Kevin and I, as it’s been brought to my attention that it almost appears that Kevin (KOB) is non-existent.

So there…not terribly interesting, nothing too shocking, just news you can’t use about me, and since this was a “requested topic”, I’m  always aiming to please…(of course and wanting people to like me, which I hope alleviates the older I get).  And I have included more pictures at the end of the blog…for those who have skipped through my “musings of a not so fabulous me”, because they could care less about any of this.  Hopefully they’ll enjoy the ecards!

Upcoming blogs:  3rd edition of my favorite things; The art of buying Jeans; Spring Fashion tips for Men; The Duchess Effect.

Have a Groovy weekend!



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  1. TGIF, so much to learn about the fabulous T.O.! Fun blog as usual. Do not cut back on Starbucks, your energy is infectious to those around you. And who doesn’t need a T.O. lift now and then. So Patrick is definitely not in line for that Tiffany bag, huh? Have a fab weekend.

  2. A fun, whimsical blog for a pretty, snowy Friday morning. For what it’s worth, the garbage bag under the garbage bag inside the garbage can is an old trick . . . it’s the best, most efficient place to store them! And, you sure your Dad is Harold and not Leonard?? What your father said about coffee my father said about alcohol — always drink it neat or with water! Must be that Eastern European influence!!!

  3. Ed connects his “dress” socks together before throwing them in the basket. I think that is so considerate for our laundress!.
    cute picture of you and K.
    Michael’s girlfriend Anna could rival you for the spot of NFL sideline reporter. She amazes me with her sports knowledge and ability to talk with anyone.

  4. Love the blog…and I’m so glad to hear others wear their crowns too 🙂
    You’ll see me post one of the cards on Katie’s wall who seems to be a BL fan (but not with a lime I’m sure).

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