Fanny Packs are Back? Oh for Goodness Sakes!

17 Feb

Say it ain’t so…The Fanny Pack is making a comeback?!  The nylon fanny pack has been a running joke for 20 years. But now I hear it’s making a comeback, with updated materials and names like ‘Hands Free Bag’ and “Bum Bag” and “Belted Purse Bag”.  Fanny packs…small bags that fasten around the waist, are among the most “reviled accessories in modern culture”, carrying inevitable associations with “scary American tourists at the Louvre,” says designer Isaac Mizrahi.   “You either love them and make them part of your life or you fight them until the end,” he says.  I’m in the latter.

I must admit, that in the early 90’s, I used a fanny pack…and (gasp) I believe I carried one on my honeymoon.  It was a horrible red little vinyl  number.  But it carried a camera, lipstick, money …no need to carry a cell phone, as I didn’t have one in 1990.  I remember also holding Meredith as a baby, and resting her on the fanny pack.  It has its’ strong points, but truth be told, I was really happy (relieved) when they went out of style, and instead, could carry a cute, small, Kate Spade backpack.  Black, Nylon, waterproof…a staple for me at the Bears games.  I’ve had it for 15 years and it still looks brand new!  anywho…back to fanny packs.

No matter what fashion may dictate, when it comes to the dreaded fanny pack, we’d all do well to remember Jerry’s line to George on Seinfeld: “It looks like your belt is digesting a small animal.”

Designers have caught the Fanny Pack bandwagon!  Dooney and Bourke, Prada, Kenneth Cole have all got in the game.  Diane Von Furstenburg has some sassy “belt purses”… bold patterns:

Here’s an example that even Mr. Gucci has gone off the deep end and is now featuring Fanny Packs…yet, the more I look at this one, it does appear less horrifying!  And, they even have one in pink!

I’m truly hoping that a future blog won’t feature me with a “Belted Purse” saying, “well if you can’t beat ’em, join em”…though, truth be told, that little “Gucci number” is screaming my name!

Fanny packs are Not the New Black!  But I shall remain true to my old mantra, if You like the Fanny Back, and find it a must-have fashion accessory…then rock on!



Coming next week…Asked and Answered.  The Top 10, or so questions that I Always get asked…and most are not fashion-related.


4 Responses to “Fanny Packs are Back? Oh for Goodness Sakes!”

  1. Jayne February 17, 2012 at 8:02 am #

    I too will not wear a fanny pack, no matter how cute some of them look. I think they only work on a size 2 model, and still not sure if that’s even true.

  2. Carol S. February 17, 2012 at 2:32 pm #

    First off, I’ll drink to your TGIF comment. I’m partial to my small over the shoulder bag and one for every season. Keeps me from collecting too much junk! My wallet is even smaller, lol, a small pouch to carry a few bills, blank check, and 8-10 gift card/credit/medical cards. So my everyday bag does the duty of a fanny pack bag, which yes, I believe we all wore on our honeymoons, Must say, the Gucci one looks a bit like a caveman loincloth to me, not speaking to me.

    Enjoy your weekend!! I’m off to Univ of Minn for college visit.

  3. Louise February 20, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    Fanny packs are definitely not the new black .. . or even grey!! But, face it, we all thought we were pretty hot with them. Just think what our kids will say of our styles in 30 years??? Thanks for the hoot down memory lane . . .

  4. Jacqueline Bohman March 14, 2012 at 11:26 pm #

    Well, they may not be the greatest fashion statement, but some of us still love them…don’t count them out, some of us are TRYING to bring them back!

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