Pay it Forward…

This is a wonderful idea…I saw this on the Pinterest, and will do it this weekend.   While dining out, spy a young family, one that exhibits “good parenting”  in your eyes, and pick up their tab.  When growing up with 5 kids in our family, we were fortunate enough to eat out probably much more than the norm.  I remember almost every time we ate out, someone would comment to our parents how well-behaved we were.  Of course, I’m not sure the 5 of us thought there was Any other option than perfect behavior.  🙂

If able, I invite you to do so as well…make an impression on someone’s life…a lasting one.  Be it a toll, a fast food meal, or rewarding young parents with picking up their restaurant tab.  The gift of giving always exceeds the gift of receiving.

Pay it forward…

And I am Paying forward this Sensational Video of the spoof on Ferris Buehler’s Day off for a Super Bowl Commercial!  Love, Love, Love it!!




Go Pats!

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