Spring Fashion Trends!

Based on last week’s nasty weather (not to mention my 4.5 hour commute from downtown Chicago, but thankfully the caring friend I had lunch with kept checking on my well-being throughout my long commute home :)), I think we need to focus on Spring…and that, of course means Spring Fashions!

The trends are in. And….we’re off! Loving Gatsby. Wild over safari. Flirting with pretty. Crazy for curvy. Can’t get enough sunshine colors; shots of razzle-dazzle; and nautical that’s more Euro than prep.

1.  Great Gatsby

Cool girls are channeling Ms. Daisy. Taking the twenties for a 21st-century spin. In romantic pales. All flowery, fluttery, dotty, drapey; ruffled, flounced and feather-hemmed.  Best watch that flick on Netflix!

2.  Out of Africa

Get your safari on. It’s major. More city than savannah. More wicked than wild. Cool, crisp, easy. Done with all the iconic details you love. In super-luxe fabrics and savvy animal prints. Animal prints are not going away, Thankfully!

3. Mellow Yellow

The perfect lemon. A splash of sunshine. Coquettish. Stylish. Wildly becoming. The dishiest shade of spring. Fresh and pretty with black and white. Worn over, under and on its own.  Yellow…the new Neutral.  If you don’t want to wear yellow pants or a jacket, a yellow purse will take you into Fall, or a great pair of yellow gem earrings (canary diamonds not necessary).

4.  Scuba Gear

A trend that runs deep. Inspired by the curves of the wet suit. Sporty. Sexy. Second-skin. Loosely interpreted in silos that sculpt the body. And a color of ocean we call scuba blue. (not a fan of these pics with no heads, but it is what it is).

5.  Sail Away

The new nautical. Less prep. More Portofino. Euro-chic in scroll prints, tux-styled whites, tweed suiting, stripes of a different color and the coolest cropped jean on the Riviera! This white flowy blouse and leggings or cropped jeans will be my uniform for Spring!

6.  Pop Culture

Firecracker brights. The new IT-shades. Flashing. Sizzling. Supersaturated. Popping your wardrobe with pure, clean, joyful colors that kick it up to a whole new level of WOW!  Red, Orange, Yellow, pick a color, any color.

7.  Natural Woman

Say bye-bye to the boy’s club. Hello to pull-out-all-stops pretty. Find full skirts, eyelet suits, peplum waists, a flirty 50s twinset, a little glimmer and a lot of pink.  Again, a handbag, scarf, bracelet…you don’t have to wear pink in the clothing, but pop it in an accessory.

8.  Razzle Dazzle

Don’t spare the glitter. It’s on call 24/7. Stock-up on sequins, beads, patina and shine; little pours of molten jersey; a leather topper that glimmers; a boyfriend jacket that glows. Pair that sequin skirt with a denim jacket, white blouse, and fun jewelry.


The Colors of Spring from the Pantone Fashion Color Report

There are nine dominate colors for spring. They are a mixture of brights, pastels and muted tones that feel like the season they represent.

Brights: Solar Power (sunny yellow), Bellflower (bright violet/dark lavender), Cabaret (bright fuchsia/hot pink), Tangerine Tango (bright reddish-orange) and Sodalite Blue (dark cobalt/bright navy)
Pastels: Sweet Lilac (baby pink, pale lavender), Margarita (mint/light grass) and Cockatoo (aqua, light turquoise)
Muted Tones: Driftwood (muted Pewter/light charcoal) and Starfish (muted bronze taupe)

How to Wear Spring’s Brights

The brights of spring 2012 are bold and will add a pop of color to your wardrobe. You can pair these brights with neutral black or white for an easy look, which is my staple.   However, go for the gusto and mix these brights together. The prints for spring feature these colors from pretty feminine florals to graphic athletic and tribal-influenced styles

Mix Pastels with Brights to Intensify Their Color

Pastels are a spring staple. Seeing a mint green or baby pink frock is nothing new during this season. You can make your pastels pop with the color intensity their bright counterparts do when you pair a pastel and bright together.

Spring’s Muted Colors Bring a Fashionable Change

Typically ‘muted tones are relegated to office wear’. Muted taupe trousers or light grey skirt suits are the norm for these tones.

Whether you choose to pair spring’s hot colors together, purchase a colorblock garment or wear a vibrant print does not matter. These colors work well with each other and compliment many skin tones. If you are not one for wearing brights or pastels why not be daring and try out one of these hot colors for spring. It can be as simple as a scarf or colorful skirt. As always, whatever you choose inject your own unique style to make sure the look is totally you.

And a quick shout out to my friend Kim, whom I saw this week at a meeting and told me how much she loves my blog.  Truly makes me blush, and I love those comments, btw…and also love all comments, for example my friend Lynda who told me if I have too much energy, but if I possibly layed off caffeine, I could be like the rest of you. Here’s hoping, as I publish this enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee. 🙂

May the force be with you. 🙂



Sources:  Yahoo; Pantone Fashion Report, Etcetera

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