21 Days to get Organized

2012 is the year of the Dragon, so I shall stop Draggin’ and Get Organized (or attempt to) ! 🙂  I am going to do the 21-Day Organizing Challenge…and since I was traveling earlier this month (sunny San Diego, which I happen to love, btw), I have chosen to start late January, as opposed to Jan 1, when many people would have started this project.  You can pick 21 items or areas you feel need addressing, and spend time each day focusing on these areas.  I’m aware it’s not always possible to spend an hour or more each day on a project, but perhaps you can tailor your list to work within your time constraints.

21 DAY ORGANIZING CHALLENGE * Join the Challenge (at any time) * Day 1 – Junk Drawer (just pick 1) * Day 2 –  Desk * Day 3 – Tupperware Cabinet * Day 4 – Linen Closet * Day 5 – Under kitchen sink * Day 6 – Dresser Drawers * Day 7 – The Pantry * Day 8 – Coat Closet * Day 9 – 3rd Floor * Day 10 – Laundry Room * Day 11 – The Freezer * Day 12 – Spice Cabinet * Day 13 – Medicine Cabinet * Day 14 – Gift Wrap Station * Day 15 – To Donate Area * Day 16 – The Fridge * Day 17 – Game Closet * Day 18 – Files * Day 19 – Master Closet * Day 20 – Photos * Day 21 – You pick

Remember, You can Do it Yourself (DIY) and pick your own 21 areas, closets, drawers, rooms, or 21 items you want to see better organized:  Desk; Dresser Drawers; Jewelry; Holiday storage; Underwear draw; Athletic items…You pick…and if you have a list of 100 items, start with the 21-day Organization this month, then do a few more several days each month.  Before you know it, You will be Organized…or well on your way to being organized!

And here are some photos for inspiration!

I hang my boots this way in my closet, and I think it’s an ingenius idea…which I happened to pirate from Pinterest!

I have a copy of the 365-day Declutter Calendar…I cannot post it here, as it’s decluttering ideas for everyday of the year…but, if you comment on this blog, I will email you a copy!  How’s that for a New Year treat?

May you have an organized year!



PS – Re: Vernon Davis..I still love the video of him crying tears of joy while running off the field into Coach Harbaugh’s arms…but I think Prancing up on top of a camera stand, and getting a 15-yard unsportsmanlike contact penalty, was foolish on his part.  Not sure why these athletes will Never learn that Boastful Behavior in the end zone will be penalized?…Plus, I had forgotten about his boorish behavior in past years, but hopefully he’s realized football is a Team sport, and it’s not all about Vernon Davis.

RIP Joe Pa!


  1. Like the boot-hanging idea, that’s a new one for me . . . and the Hepburn quote. Yet ANOTHER good blog, TOB. Thanks!

  2. Heck yes, I’ll take that decluttering calendar! Sigh…nice inspiration if you’re itching to get organizing. Haven’t caught that bug yet this year, but someday in the next 365 it may hit!

  3. Great ideas. I’d like the 365 ideas for a year. I must say you sound like you have way too much energy. Reduce the caffeine and you’ll be more like the rest of us. Just read about a favorite of yours, Jay Cutler, soon to be papa!

  4. I love the 21 day challenge – tried tweeting it but the WordPress twitter interface wasn’t working. Anyway, I’m going to put it up through HootSuite. Love the idea of hanging boots! I’ve always found them so difficult to fit on my shoe shelves. What about getting organized around tasks and ideas? I wrote a blog post with some suggestions on how to do it. http://wp.me/p22Vnn-2o

  5. great post and blog in general! love the quotes i can find here 🙂 i really need to do something about decluttering my place! so yes, please, i’d like to have the calendar! 🙂

  6. I would love a copy of the 365 day declutter calendar. Stubbed upon your site and am just starting to tackle the stuff that makes my home lol thanks so much!!!!

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