I Can be a Savvy Packer (at times)…and my favorite video of the year, thus far!

Ok…I understand that when I blogged about being a savvy packer back in May, that perhaps, “historically” I may not have shown savvy packing skills as my luggage for a 4-day trip, typically tipped the scales within one pound of the limit of 50 LBs…and I also checked an additional smaller bag, that carried my shoes, boots, purses, toiletries and workout clothes.  Clearly Not Savvy.  I get that.

However…I’m pleased to proclaim, on a recent trip to Las Vegas for 4 days I Carried on!  27 LBs…and that included toiletries, boots, clothes, workout clothes, extra purse, etc…and my smaller carry-on was a purse!  Not a large laptop bag, but a 15×12 black patent leather purse!  Even the Limo driver commented that most women don’t carry on for 4 days n Vegas.  Indeed, I was savvy packer!

Yet, sadly, I must confess that after spending 4 days in San Diego, with 9 (yes 9) pairs of shoes and boots (actually 12, but I was trying to salvage some pride), I desperately need a refresher on how to be a savvy packer, as I once again checked 2 bags…one at least 45 pounds, and my “accessories” tipping the scales at 29 pounds.  And, I did not pack one pair of comfortable shoes…a painful lesson!

Perhaps I should take the lead from my friend “C”, who went to Japan, and packed one 20″ carry-on with satchel that had her purse in it. Boots, flat shoes and tennis shoes , 3 pants , 1 skirt, 5 sweaters , 2 tops, 2 scarves  , minimal jewelry    Though I did receive this text after she boasted about her savvy packing skills…  “oh crap I just remember I forgot my curling iron. ”  Forgotten curling iron aside, she is the Gestapo of packing!

REFRESHER PACKING TIPS (For Terry and anyone else who needs them)

*Choose dark (black, dark blue, purple, green, dark red) or neutral (all browns and shades of gray) colored clothing, so any dirt or stains acquired along the way won’t be too apparent. Try to stick to two or three colors, so that all your clothes mix and match.  May I suggest Black, White, and either Pink or Red?  Coordinate shoes and handbags with these colors.  Do Not be like I was and take both brown , black and metallic shoes, boots and handbags.  Unnecessary!
*For cooler weather travelers: layering clothes is more effective than hauling around bulky sweaters or coats.
*A great way to pack clothes and keep them relatively wrinkle free and neatly contained is to use packing cubes. Roll garments up into tight tubes to save packing space and avoid major wrinkling. Packing cubes can be used to keep your rolled up clothing contained and organized. They allow you to find what you are looking for without taking everything out of your bag and stop all your tightly packed rolls of clothing from coming unrolled and ending up in a pile on the floor.  And, truly, packing clothes really packs more items of clothing into your luggage.
*When writing out your own packing list remember the traveling light motto: Gather together everything you think you’ll need and get rid of half of it. Do not bring things just because they might come in handy.
*Pack one book. You can buy more when you reach your destination or at the airport. If you’re absolutely certain you’ll need more than one book, consider books-on-tape or download e-books to your iPod or MP3 player.  I bring one magazine, one paperback (never hardcover, as I don’t like carrying things that are heavy) and make sure I have 3 books and 4 movies/TV shows on my iPad.
*Don’t pack things you can buy in your destination. This includes extra feminine products, diapers, pain relievers, razors, etc.  Actually, these tips are from cheaptravel.com, and I say pack travel sized containers of these items, and keep them in your travel toiletry bag.
*Buy travel-size items. You’ll either discard them before leaving your destination or you’ll find a spare inch or two in your suitcase when coming home.  Buy these at home, and keep them stored in your Dop kit.

(Source: Container Store Travel Packing Tips)

This is the most difficult of all the packing chores – what to wear.  No one wants to run out of clean underwear or get a red wine stain on your only pair of khaki pants (which is why I don’t wear khaki pants, nor do I drink red wine), but there is a happy medium when it comes to packing clothes:

**One rule of thumb to remember: Unless its stained or soiled, it can be worn again. Double-up your outfits based on the amount of days you’re staying. For example, if you’re going away for 10 days, you need five outfits. (This is not necessarily a Terry-approved tip).
**Do the wash. Grab a bottle of Woolite® or hand-wash laundry detergent and do your wash in the sink one night. You’ll wake up the next morning with clean clothes that you won’t mind wearing again.
**If you’re not a celebrity at home, you won’t become one on vacation. Keep the outfit changes to a minimum. A simple cardigan or evening jacket can turn a daytime outfit into a nighttime affair.  What if one is a celebrity at home and on the road?  Just asking. 😉
**Pack shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits. The general rule is: one pair of shoes per anticipated occasion. For example, you’ll need one pair of walking shoes, one pair of beach shoes, one pair of evening shoes and one pair of casual shoes.

(Source:  Cheaptravel.com)

Though I beg to differ with Cheap Travel’s one tip…while I’m not a celebrity, I’m always hoping to become one when I travel…Why squelch a girl’s dreams?

And speaking of Dreams…This moment, when San Francisco 49-er Vernon Davis caught a pass from Alex Smith  to seal the fate against the New Orleans Saints (whom I love, btw), showed pure joy.  Pure emotion, and I, once again, became a fan of the San Francisco 49-ers…of course, it helps having Kevin work there, but nonetheless, truly one of my favorite moments of the year!  And you may FF to 1.34 if you don’t want to watch the entire video.  Jim Harbaugh embracing Davis…You have a heart of stone if you don’t shed a tear!


A perfect Super Bowl in Indy…49-ers v Patriots!  Bring It On!!





  1. T–and a great tip you taught me is that a scarf (flat and light weight) can give a totally different look to an outfit and also serve as a wrap for cool evenings. My next trip is 16 days in India and Thailand. Really want to only carry on as we will be going in and out of four different cities, but not sure I can manage it.

    –The Packing Gestapo

    p.s. Really T, 9 (or 12) pairs of shoes for 4 days????

  2. You forgot the best packing tip of all time: Be Male

    I have a trip to three countries coming up in a week, and will as always, be able to fit everything I need in a 21′ roller board, able to be carried on any airliner in the world. Carrying on saves time and money. Taking only one additional pair of shoes really helps as well. Leave jeans at home, and go with slacks only. Jeans weigh more, and are harder to pack, so leave them at home unless you have some hard labor planned or tractor driving at your destination. Wear your jacket or coat on the plane, and save the room in your suitcase.

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