Sell those Unwanted Gift Cards

Do you have gift cards that you know you won’t use? Did you receive a Menard gift card for Christmas, when you were yearning for a Nordstrom gift card instead?  Do you have 4 Starbuck’s gift cards when you gave up coffee for lent 9 years ago and no one seems to remember?  Well no worries…you don’t have to find your next pair of Christian Louboutin boots at the hardware store, or go back to your 5-a-day Grande Non-fat Latte habit… There are ways in which you can sell your unwanted gift cards for cash, or exchange them for a gift card that is more up your alley, so you can enjoy half-priced oysters at Shaw’s, instead of 27 Big Macs from McDonald’s.

These sites help you sell your unwanted gift cards, trade them or even buy gift cards at a discount.

Sites deal in gift cards from hundreds of national retailers, so you likely won’t be able to sell a gift card from a local shop. Cards usually must have a value of $20 or $25 still on them.  Sellers send their cards to the exchange, which verifies the value.   Buyers can pick up cards at a discount of up to 35 percent, although the saving is much less on popular cards.  Some sites offer a money-back guarantee if a card’s value turns out to be less than promised. That’s a big advantage over trying to sell a card on your own through Craigslist.

http://www.Plastic – As one of the largest gift card exchange websites, Plastic Jungle is a prime source for cards of all kinds, including electronics. Best Buy gift cards, Home Depot gift cards and Kohl’s gift cards are some of the heavy-hitters available on a regular basis, but you’ll find everything from iTunes to restaurant gift cards. Plastic Jungle only buys cards with a minimum of $25, but will pay up to 92 percent of the card’s value. To sweeten the deal, free shipping and a money-back guarantee are included with every purchase. – is the world’s first and largest discounted gift card exchange. has over 1,000 partner locations across the country where you can walk in with your unwanted gift card In the ever-expanding gift card swap world, the 3-year-old outfit Gift Card Rescue is doing things a bit differently to separate itself from the pack. With the same buy/sell services as many other sites, plus a repertoire of over 250 popular merchants and 90-percent cash back, it more than keep up with the big dogs. Where Gift Card Rescue really shines is in the customer service department. The business offers both phone and e-mail assistance throughout the whole process, as well as a generous guarantee and free shipping. – On this one you can set up a Wishlist of your favorite merchants and you’ll get a notification when it has gift cards that you can get in exchange for your unwanted ones. Card Pool is a clean and functional site with plenty of tips on how to become a deal-savvy gift card trader, buyer or seller. What’s more, every order comes with free shipping and a 100-day guarantee – The money-wise Granny knows the best deals are found when given options, accessibility and convenience. She works closely with seven reputable online gift card exchange leaders to provide over 15,000 discount gift cards from hundreds of the most coveted merchants, both online and off. – the leading online discounted gift card exchange, enables customers to buy gift cards and save close to 35% on their gift card purchases.  Customers who buy gift cards at a discount can combine the savings with any other coupons they may have. They sell gift cards from most major national retailers. CardCash has two gift card markets, one market is where we buyback unwanted gift cards and give cash for unused gift cards. – a company that gives the holders of unwanted gift cards the chance to sell those gift cards for cash.  They also offer gift cards to some of the most popular stores and restaurants at great discounts.

http://www.Ebay.comthe old stand-by…for buying and selling, just about anything!

How much you get for your cards depends on the merchant. Some merchants are more popular than others, so of course you’ll get less for the less desirable merchants.  Each website has its own rules and regulations, so it’s best to peruse all of them, and find which ones best suit your needs and work with the gift cards you have.

For example…for a $20 Starbucks gift card,  Cardcash will pay 80 percent of the value, so you’ll get $16 for your $20 gift card.

For Cabela’s you will get less at 67 percent of the value. So your $20 gift card will only be worth about $13 bucks.

If you’re more interested in buying gift cards, it’s a better deal for you. You simply search for the cards you want and get 10 to 30 percent off. You also have the option to trade gift cards, but keep in mind the transaction fee ranges from 3 to 10 percent.

And lest you think it twas I speaking of the Menard gift card, when I really wanted Nordstrom (though truth be told, I’m really not a big fan of hardware stores, but they do have their place in society), I did use AMEX points to buy a $500 Home Depot gift card.  So I got that going for me (and the back powder room). 😉

Happy New Year, and may you end up with a gift card that truly strikes your fancy!



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