Holiday Photo Cards…whatever to do with them after the Holidays?

Holiday Photo Cards!  We all receive them.  I send them and never throw away the ones I receive…but what does one do with them, after the season, other than keep them with the christmas decorations?  You can one or two-hold punch them, keep them together with binder clips (you can find at any office or craft store), or ribbons and put them on a coffee table each year during the Holiday Season as “coffee table photo books”.   I did this for the cards from the past few years and everyone who was over during the holidays looked through them. I may even sneak in a few photos of past blogs! 🙂

And, may I say, the  lovely photo, featured above would certainly open up some lively conversations! 🙂

And here are some Hilarious Holiday Photo Cards:

Happy New Year!



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  1. Pretty funny cards! Did you get these? I got one this year from a friend in S.B. that made her whole family (in their 20s) dress up in elf pajamas to match the new grandson. Puleeeze!

  2. A great idea .. . I’ve kept the photo cards for years but never really thought much about what to do with them … now I know! Thanks, TOB!!

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