The Ugly Christmas Sweater…They’re All the Rage!

The best caption of all:  Just when you get over the awkwardness of this photo, you’ve Yet to realize, she has a Goat on her lap!

Back and Reposted by Popular Demand!

Ugly Holiday Sweaters have become all the rage.  People are even  having parties to celebrate (or, actually, Mock) them!  There is even a Book about the subject:  The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book, and the authors were guests on Leno!  They’ve arrived, as have ugly christmas sweaters:

Definitive in every way, Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book includes the history of the event, how to throw the perfect party, what to wear, and how to judge the all-important ugly Christmas sweater contest. But most important, Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book is packed with more than 100 hilarious, full-color photos of outrageously ugly Christmas sweaters, including Scarf Face, Wreath Witherspoon, and Ryan Treecrest. It’s a must-have for the millions who plan to throw or attend an ugly Christmas sweater party, and a sidesplitting look at the funniest, craziest, most unbelievable holiday sweaters you can imagine—authorized by Team Ugly, the recognized experts on ugly Christmas sweater parties.

I love the idea…and wouldn’t this be a Great hostess gift?  And what a fun holiday tradition to have everyone wear their finest ugly sweaters to the family party?

Some of the Ugliest Christmas Sweaters I’ve found…I actually think some of these may have been set up, but they’re entertaining, nevertheless.  I especially love the pictures where they appear to be serious and happy about their choice of sweater. 🙂




Ugly Sweater Party Ideas



Sweater Cookies!  How sweet it is!



Wrap your glasses or candles with “mini sweaters”…made from old gloves, or sweater wine covers (can find at Pier 1 or Bed, Bath and Beyond).



What more to Wear


Looking for ways to dress for the season, without looking like a Christmas Tree ( got that line from Megan R.)?  Look no further… you may refer to last year’s blog on Dressing for the season without looking like a Christmas Tree, which word press has conveniently included at the end of this post, under “related posts”. 🙂


The true spirit of Christmas lays in your heart.

Song of the Day…Patrick’s favorite song when he was 2.  Deck the Halls by Mannheim Steamroller!  It would basically have to be played on repeat in the car…made for a “festive” holiday road trip going to see Kevin’s family in Minneapolis…all 5.5 hours of the trip.  Ah memories!! 🙂

I have been remiss in not giving more shout-outs to my very best guy buddy…Steve!  Cleveland Brown fan, and offered to bring Paddy and I to the game this weekend.  And no, I do not think Jay Cutler should start, but he is the Bear’s starting Quarterback, and Josh McCown is a backup.  I’m guessing the outcome of the game will create much discussion should the Bears (horror of all horrors) not win against the Browns.  Here is a great article on the subject:

Merry Merry.  Go Bears!!



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  1. Fun! I’m thinking that could be a fun theme for a game night with neighbors. Who doesn’t love having fun and being silly at any age! I hope I still have the one I used to wear as a young bride to the family get togethers…so festive. I like your last line very much.

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