Stocking Stuffers – Part Deux

7 Dec


I had “great feedback” on my blog last year on Stocking Stuffers (Hanging the Stockings with care) when I had all of 4 followers…so I’ve reposted the 2010 version at the end of this blog, but have some new ideas, ( along with Monday’s blog about stocking stuffers for men) which I’ve been compiling for a few months now:

Stocking Stuffers under $10

Flash Drive – Office Max had 4GB flash drives for $7.99

Lip balm – try EOS, round lip balm.  You can get it at Target for less than $3.50 – you can find it in near the chapstick

Tooth Brush – splurge on one in their favorite color (not the free one from the dentist, which are great, btw).  Travel toothpaste is also a great crowd-pleaser (Thanks, Lee for the tip).

Socks – always a big hit!  Sports, dress, etc…who doesn’t need new socks?  Remember, a sock in a sock!

Lint Brush/Roller – you can even get them now in the dollar aisle at Target! Maybe not the most exciting gift, but one you’ll use time and time again.  Don’t leave home without one.  You can also use this to get pesky lint from your carpet.

iTunes gift card – Everyone in my house gets these in their stockings…then I steal Kevin’s!

Gum – Chicklet Fruit Flavored is my personal favorite, but clearly you aren’t limited to this.  Plus, it’s kinda hard to find!

Candle – in their favorite scent – Philosophy has a candle of Amazing Grace (my fragrance).

Bath products – bath bomb; lotions, gels.  Yes, I know we all have tons of these, but truly, can you ever have enough?

Slinky – young and old love these..or other nostalgic toys!

Nailpolish, with a gift certificate for a Manicure (probably not under $10, but try Groupon), or for a No-Chip Manicure.  Essie also now has a product which is an acrylic top coat.  $7.99 at Target.

And in case you still don’t have enough ideas, from this year’s blog as well as last year’s, check these out, compliments of Pinterest!

Pinned Image

CHRISTMAS STOCKING IDEAS…………. 1) $5 gift cards (Starbucks, Borders, Cold Stones, etc)….2) A favorite candy (M&M;’s or mini candy bars)….3) CD of favorite music….4) A favorite magazine….5) Nail Polish….6) Paperback by an author they love….7) Hand Lotions….8) Tic Tacs or breath mints….9) Nice pens….10) Chapstick….11) Pocket knife….12) Socks….13) Mini Flashlight….14) Gloves….15) YoYo….16) Small photo frame w/ picture….17) Votive Candle….18) Personalized Key Ring….19) Golf balls…20) Golf Tees….21) Mini Perfumes….22) Travel Clock….23) Letter Opener….24) Fun, Colored Office Clips….25) Cool White-Out Tape….26) Uno/Phase 10 Card Game….27) Colored Pencils….28) Ruler….29) Small Measuring Tape….30) Rubber Band Ball….31) Lipstick….32) Eye Shadow….33) Makeup Remover….34) Nail Polish Removal….35) Measuring Spoons….36) Wooden Spoons….37) Bendy Straws….38) Tide-To-Go….39) Batteries….40) Fingernail File….41) Small Makeup Bag….42) Fishing Lures….43) Movie Tickets….44) Pocket Calculator….45) Matchbox Cars….46) TechDeck Finger Skateboard….47) Bouncy Ball….48) Shoe Strings (Fashion Color)….49) Brainteaser Mini Wire Puzzle….50) Stopwatch….51) Pedometer….52) Vitamins….53) Kitchen Timer….54) Cookie Cutters….55) Ice Cream Scoop….56) Nice Razor….57) Stress Ball….58) Magnifying Glass….59) USB Flash Drive….60) Cuff Links….61) iPod Ear Buds….62) iTunes Gift Card….63)Toothbrush….64) Lifesavers….65) Mini Kleenex Packets….66) Handkerchief….67) Tire Pressure Gauge….68) Eye Glasses Cleaner and Cloth….69) Address Pre-inked Stamp….70) Earrings….71) Hair Clip….72) Comb/Brush….73) Eyelash Curler….74) Bobble Head….75) Reusable Shopping Bag….76) Shopping List Pad….77) Travel Book….78) Travel Electrical Adaptors….79) Sleep Mask….80) Mini Book Light….81) Luggage Tags….82) Purse Hanger (To keep off of floor)….83) Luggage Scale….84) Compass….85) Portable Mini Speakers….86) Zhu Zhu Pet….87) Cool, Decorated Erasers….88) Pencil Sharpeners….89) Personalized Pencils….90) Digital Golf Scorecard….91) Money Clip….92) Mini Bubble Bath….93) Scented Soaps….94) BBQ Tank Gauge….95) Fingernail Clippers….96) Back Scratcher….97) Recipe Cards….98) Chopsticks….99) Mirror Compact….100) Personalized Christmas Ornament
 Best Places to Buy Stocking Stuffers
  • Discount Stores, e.g. Target or Wal-Mart (especially the $ spot and the travel-size toiletry sections)
  • Dollar Stores
  • Cost Plus World Market (great source for sample-size specialty food items)
  • Boutique Toy Stores (these may sell the nicer $2-$3 stocking stuffer toys, plus games, balls, action figures, magic tricks, mini musical instruments)
  • Drug Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Pet Stores
  • Girls’ Jewelry Stores, e.g. Claire’s
  • Department Stores, e.g. Macy’s, Carson’s,  Kohls (for gloves, chenille socks, coin purses/wallets, accessories, underwear, luggage tags)
  • Craft Stores, e.g. JoAnn’s Fabrics or Michael’s (for great pens, paints, beading kits, sewing notions, rubber stamps, scrapbooking accessories)
  • Sporting Goods Stores (camping gear, fishing tackle, key chain thermometers, golfing accessories, water bottles, healthy snacks)
  • The Car Wash or a Car Parts Store (air fresheners, visor mirrors, tire pressure gauges, flashlights, bungee cords)
  • Bed and Bath Stores, e.g. Bed Bath and Beyond or Linens and Things (kitchen gadgets, small cookbooks, bath/spa items, gourmet candy/food, gourmet tea, candles, spices)
  • Book Stores, e.g. Borders, Barnes and Noble, or your local book shop (tiny books, bookmarks, book holders, book lights, magnifying glasses, journals, diaries)
  • Stationery Stores (notecards, art supplies, calculators, stickers, magnets, desk supplies)


Happy Stuffing…and if I hear of more ideas, I’ll post them as they “pass by my desk”. 🙂

Friday’s blog:  Hostess Gifts! 

Speaking of Friday, next Friday, December 16th is Free Shipping Day.  Over 200 Merchants will offer Free Shipping with guaranteed delivery by December 24th..


8 Responses to “Stocking Stuffers – Part Deux”

  1. Lee December 7, 2011 at 7:06 am #

    a small bottle of Downy Wrinkle Release for each the guys-spray on

  2. Carol S. December 7, 2011 at 7:11 am #

    Great ideas though can I admit, all of this is making me a wee bit nervous as usual that I will underdeliver on the stockings? I do think last year’s stockings were a tad improved with some of your suggestions. And I do love the sock in a sock, always good for a holiday chuckle. I’m hoping something on your hostess gift blog on Friday could translate into a $20 unisex office grab bag gift… always deliver!!

    • Dressed to a T December 11, 2011 at 8:16 am #

      Carol, you are way too hard on yourself! I’m sure the boys love what’s in their stockings.
      As far as the Hostess Gift, I also love the White House Christmas Ornament…You can get it for $25, and it’s something they’ll hang on their tree, treasure for years, and always think of you (and Tom).

  3. Robin Nagle December 7, 2011 at 8:17 am #

    I have the lip balm from Whole Foods. I love it!

  4. Gina December 7, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

    love the socks! and…just bought a slinky for Jack…st. nick’s day.

    • Dressed to a T December 11, 2011 at 8:17 am #

      We never did St. Nick’s Day growing up, so never did that for my kids…sadly, this would have been a fun year to start that! xoxo

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