Black Friday…Part Deux!

In lieu of reposting last year’s Black Friday blog (which is still quite timely a year later…sans the store hours, which I’ve updated here), I decided to share some more black friday shopping tips, but will add a link to last year’s blog, at the end of this blog.    And like every other year, I shall forego Black Friday shopping, because I’d much rather be at home finishing putting up the Christmas tree (which, is the Most stressful thing our family does each year…so that should tell you volumes about my feelings on Black Friday…and I like to buy things!).

Before I launch into Black Friday info…I want to give a Hearty Round of Applause to Nordstrom, for recognizing that Thanksgiving is also a Holiday, to be enjoyed by families, and they won’t deck their halls until Black Friday!

Love that, and Love Nordstrom!

And one last thought regarding Holiday/Christmas Music…Radio stations who start playing holiday tunes before Thanksgiving, drive me Nuts!  Christmas decorations and ads before Thanksgiving, unnecessarily rush the public, and should be banned.    And I’m a girl who has basically Always had my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving (this year is an exception to that, sadly).  My friend Darlene said her husband and son declared that No Christmas music can be played in their car until December 1st.  Well done Mike and Wilson!

And my friend Nancy, and Black Friday aficionado, reminded me of these tips for those who choose to shop on Friday:  Remember to hydrate!!!  Have a bottle of water in that crossbody bag as those stores are very dry and one needs to keep their strength up and not wilt away!!  And only take what is absolutely necessary in that crossbody bag.  I don’t think ya really need all the make-up, etc. …. As you must have room for your coupons and flyers!!

OK…Onto Black Friday and tips that I have found:

Black Friday, the name for the day after Thanksgiving. It is named this way because it is supposed to be the day where companies move from deficits to profits for the year, i.e. in a checkbook, going from the red to the black.  Although according to Urban Dictionary,” Black Friday  should be renamed “black eye friday” due to the fact that thousands of americans forget the spirit of the holiday season by trampling ppl and giving black eyes while buying stupid gifts that you didn’t even mean to buy from stores who purposely hold sales the same day as everybody else.” 🙂

Consumer World offers these words of wisdom:

With the best bargain shopping day of the year nearly here (Nov. 25), shoppers are being encouraged to start their homework now on products and prices to spot the real deals, and adjust their shopping schedule to the reality of Black Friday’s new store hours.

“With many stores opening at midnight but others not until 4am, shoppers may have to choose one or the other or give up a night’s sleep,” said Edgar Dworsky, founder of, a non-commercial consumer resource guide. “A shopping day originally for early birds is now becoming one for night owls.” Shoppers are being advised to also check retailers’ sites for web-only deals on Nov. 24-28, and to consider the pre- and post-Black Friday sales, like Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving Day itself.

1. Read the Ads:Check local newspapers on Thanksgiving Day. They will be chock-full of circulars and last-minute deals. Friday’s papers will include additional sales. Get on retailers’ email lists, and look for deals and coupons listed on their Facebook pages. Preview the Black Friday sale circulars now at, and get a list of sale items at all stores combined by category, like all GPSes, at

2. Evaluate the Deals: Not all advertised items are great deals. To separate the ho-hum from the good deals, use several of Consumer World’s pricing tools, such as the Price Checker  at (to compare prices at many online stores instantly),   (to get notified when an item’s price drops) and  (to compare today’s price for an item to what was charged over the past six months). If shopping online, find out the total price including shipping and tax (if any), and what the reputation of the seller is using or .

3. Research the Right Product:A low price on a lousy product is no bargain. Check websites where professionals evaluate products, such as Consumer Reports, (for cameras), (TV/hi-fi equipment), (computers), best/worst toy lists, etc. Also, nothing beats reading customer reviews by real owners of the products you are thinking of buying. Check, and read the user comments posted after most product descriptions at

4. Save with “Triple Plays”:To save the most, combine the primary ways to save: buy items at a good sale price, use percent-off/dollars-off coupons offered by some stores to lower that price even more, and look for items that also have a cash back rebate.

5. Be an Early Bird:Toys-R-Us and Wal-mart open some stores at 9pm and 10pm respectively on Thanksgiving (but W-M electronics @midnight); Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s and Macy’s open at midnight. Sears, JC Penney open at 4am, Lowe’s at 5am, and Staples at a sane 6am. Plot your route from store to store based on store opening times, and since quantities of the hottest deals are very limited, arrive before the doors open. Send family members to different stores if opening times conflict.

6. Beat the Early Birds:Stores like Sears have been running pre-Black Friday sales on weekends, with better than Black Friday prices on some items. To plan for the real Black Friday, scope-out key retailers on Wednesday before Thanksgiving to learn each store’s floor plan in advance. Avoid the crowds by ordering online since some Black Friday deals may be available on Thanksgiving Day or Friday starting at midnight. But, stores are not generally good about indicating which items will also be available online.

7. Check the Return Policy:Before buying, find out the store’s return policy. While many stores have extended their return deadlines into January, others are clamping down by imposing restocking fees on certain categories of items, or by using a blacklisting database or returns tracking system to deny refunds to returns abusers.

8. Get a Gift Receipt:Make returns easier for gift recipients by asking the store for a gift receipt and include it in the gift box. Without a receipt, a refund may be denied outright, or may be limited to only an equal exchange, or to a merchandise credit for the lowest price the item has sold for in the recent past.

9. Use the Right Credit Card:Certain credit cards offer valuable free benefits. For example, don’t be pressured into buying a service contract when you can get up to an extra year of warranty coverage free just by using most gold or platinum credit cards. Ask your credit card issuer what length warranties qualify for an extra year of coverage, if any. Some credit cards also offer a return protection guarantee (they will refund the purchase price within 90 days if the store will not), or a sale price guarantee (they will give you back the difference if an item goes on sale within 60 days of purchase).

10. Save More with Price Guarantees: The bargain shopping process does not end with a product purchase. Keep checking the prices of the items you bought. Since many stores offer a price protection guarantee, you may be entitled to get back some additional money if the seller or a competitor offers a lower price before Christmas

Source:  (

OPENing early
Many retailers are opening earlier this year to kick off Black Friday specials. Here is a list of some store openings:
Thanksgiving Day
9 p.m.
10 p.m.
Wal-mart (stores will be open Thanksgiving, with some Black Friday promotions set to launch at 10 p.m)

Black Friday Early Store Openings
Midnight stores openings
Banana Republic*
Best Buy
Old Navy*
* Not all locations opening at midnight. Call location for specific Black Friday hours.

4 a.m.
JC Penney

5 a.m. Kmart

Store Name Sale Starts Sale Ends
Toys R Us Toy Book 10/30 12:00 AM 12/24 11:59 PM
Kmart Toy Book 10/30 12:00 AM 11/23 11:59 PM
Sears Toy Book 11/1 12:00 AM 11/23 12:00 AM
Lowe’s Early Sale 11/9 12:00 AM
RadioShack 11/10 6:30 AM
Sears Family & Friends 11/13 6:00 PM 11/13 9:00 PM
Kmart TG 11/24 12:00 AM 11/24 11:59 PM
Bass Pro Shops 11/24 12:00 AM
Express 11/24 12:00 AM
Meijer TG 11/24 6:00 AM
Rite Aid 11/24 7:00 AM 11/5 11:59 PM
Michaels 11/24 4:00 PM 11/26 9:30 PM
Toys R Us 11/24 9:00 PM 11/25 1:00 PM
Harbor Freight 11/25 12:00 AM 11/27 12:00 AM
Ace Hardware 11/25 12:00 AM 11/27 12:00 AM
hhgregg 11/25 12:00 AM
Bealls 11/25 12:00 AM 11/25 10:00 PM
Kohl’s 11/25 12:00 AM
Shopko 11/25 12:00 AM 11/25 12:00 PM
Sears 11/25 4:00 AM
AAFES 11/25 4:00 AM
JCPenney 11/25 4:00 AM
Navy Exchange 11/25 4:00 AM 11/25 12:00 PM
Meijer 11/25 4:00 AM 11/24 12:00 PM
Marine Corps Exchange 11/25 5:00 AM 11/25 11:00 AM
Gordmans 11/25 5:00 AM 11/25 1:00 PM
Modells 11/25 5:00 AM 11/25 3:00 PM
Sports Authority 11/25 5:00 AM
Sam’s Club 11/25 5:00 AM
Kmart 11/25 5:00 AM
PepBoys 11/25 6:00 AM
Joann Fabrics 11/25 6:00 AM
Tractor Supply 11/25 6:00 AM
Office Depot 11/25 6:00 AM
BJ’s Wholesale 11/25 7:00 AM 11/27 12:00 AM
Half Price Books 11/25 7:00 AM

Black Friday Etiquette

Tips from

  • Never stand in line only to have 10 of your closest friends and relative show up to cut in line at the last-minute. Many people get up early to get inline and get the items they need. They can get up early and wait in line just like the rest of them
  • Don’t be greedy and take more than your fair share. Remember there are other people who are trying to afford Christmas for their kids too.
  • Pushing, shoving and running someone over is not worth saving $10.  Be considerate of those around you.
  • Don’t Bang on the door before the store opens. There is usually a sign with a time to open and unless your GOD you will just have to wait.
  • Don’t take up more than 1 parking space and don’t park in handicapped parking if you’re not handicapped. Being handicapped in the brain does not qualify LOL.( meaning you think your special)
  • PLEASE leave your kids at home. This is not a time to be shopping with your kids. You certainly don’t want them getting lots, hurt or find them tearing up the store in the mass chaos.
  • Please be nice to your cashier and always say please and thank you.

Black Friday Apps – google black friday apps, and you will find tons…just look for the one that best suits your needs, if they’re not listed here.

TGI Black Friday – Called “the crown jewel of Black Friday apps,” TGI Black Friday compiles all the Black Friday deals into one place so you can comparison shop. Users can view ads from most major retailers, as well as sign up for push notifications of new ads as they come along. Did I mention that the app is free?

Snaptell –  With SnapTell on your iPhone, you can take a picture of a Book, DVD, CD and Video game etc. Use that picture to find online prices for that product. Pretty cool when you are in store and not sure if you are getting a best deal. So now with SnapTell you can find that out. Surprisingly, it doesn’t yet work for other products.

Lemon Receipts –  The app pitches itself largely as an organizational tool. Take a picture of your receipts using your smart phone, and Lemon will turn them into digitized copies that can be retrieved and printed as needed.  Not only will you be able to easily find receipts you need, you can also keep track of what you are spending. (Lemon will even generate bar graphs of where your money’s going.)

Fast Mall – FastMall can be used to find, then be guided (turn-by-turn) to restrooms, stores and restaurants. You can also navigate almost any shopping mall without the need for GPS or WIFI. Once you download any mall map you can get interactive navigation even without an Internet signal.  FastMall can be used to remember where you parked your car, share items that you discover, and even check in at the mall or your favorite store. You can even shake your iPhone to locate and then be taken to the nearest restroom. Good stuff.

Other Black Friday Websites:

“She had on good authority that Santa preferred champagne and cupcakes.”

Merry Shopping!  And when you are done Black Friday shopping, sit back at your computer and take 5 minutes to watch this clip.  Eveverything’s Amazing, and No One is Happy!  Thanks LAP for sharing!! 🙂



One last thought…Jay Cutler no longer needs a Life Coach (and he truly doesn’t as he was totally into his groove and was acting and playing like the Leader of the Bears)…he needs a world-class Orthopaedic Surgeon!  Hoping all goes well with his thumb surgery! xo

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  1. Hey Terry — great blog! As you know, I have been doing the Black Friday deals now for over 20 years (obviously since I was a child!!). LOL! Actually Nordstrom invites their employees to help decorate the store on Thanksgiving Day and then gives them a catered holiday dinner while they are decorating. It’s kind of cool that the employees donate their time on Thanksgiving Day so that the store is a grand showcase on Black Friday and that they don’t give in to all the hoopla starting back in September. And don’t forget…. Nordstrom Cafe is a great place to stop for lunch on Black Friday…. quick, convenient and they serve WINE! As for me, I am almost done with my shopping…. and will finish up on Black Friday. Then, it’s on to the wrapping…. and you know how much I love to wrap! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Look at you – love all this info…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nordstrom for so many reasons!
    And, I hope shoppers stay away from the stores on Thanksgiving and spend the entire day with family, friends or take time for themselves.

  3. I like the last evite cartoon the best….give someone else the list and sleep in. Seriously, that would be my idea of purgetory…shopping at the crack of dawn with mobs of people. Nope, sleeping in and shopping online (with some blog surfing in between) is more my cup of tea. Your xmas tree is fabulous…get to work on Friday!!

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