“Beautiful…Trendy…Fierce”…the Faux Fur Circle Scarf!!

When I receive an email and suggestion from my daughter, I listen.  I received this email from Meredith:

oh my goodness, i bought this scarf with my boots, and i am obsessed!

it’s soo beautiful! goes with everything! trendy…fierce…only 18 dollars! 

..something to consider blogging about maybe;)


Ok Mer, Mer…I totally agree…and for the terrific price point of $18, it would make a great gift for any woman!  I’m not sure I know many men who could pull this off, but if you do, then Rock On!  With the holiday’s coming up (and way too quickly, btw), my suggestion is to run, not walk, to the internet and order this from Nordstrom (www.nordstrom.com).  Truly for $18, you cannot beat this!   And thanks for the suggestion on blogging about it, Mer Mer…I think that’s a great idea, so Voila!

The Lulu Faux Fur Circle Scarf…Beautiful…Trendy…Fierce…just like Meredith….unlike me, and my “too-poofy” hair! 🙂



“A little bit of fawning is like a little bit of wine…why bother?”.  (Terry O’Brien)


  1. WOW!! Terrific . . . Fierce!! Great, short blog, TOB . . . with a great idea at a great price AND named after my sister! How could I NOT love this entry! (oh, and your ‘statement’ about wine — totally agree!!)

  2. YIKES!! Shows you how old I am . . . I thought I’d be cute with Terrific and Fierce . . . when it’s actually Trendy and Fierce! Mind like a soup strainer sometimes . . . (still LOVED this blog!!)

  3. You make me smile. By the time all your readers buy this, my luck it will be sold out. Heading over now. Fierce! Way to go Merideth, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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