Top 10 Pleasure Buys (Get your mind out of the gutter…this is a Family-Friendly blog) :)

Women get more pleasure from buying a handbag than any other item, new research has revealed. Shocking revelation. ūüôā

According to a recent survey, buying the perfect handbag was considered to be a sure sign of a successful shopping excursion and nearly a quarter of women surveyed said that buying a new handbag meant they felt happier than if they were to shop for any other item. I must say I totally acquiesce to this!! High heeled shoes, a nice summer dress and a well-fitting pair of jeans were among the other shopping items that gave women a sense of excitement. (We needed a survey for that? Doesn’t that fall under the term, “Duh”? ) ūüôā

Beauty products and underwear were also highlighted as items that leave women on a “high”, with three-quarters¬†of women admitting to trying out new makeup within an hour of buying it. (Please avoid¬†applying in the ¬†car, and you may refer to my previous blog about driving¬†being costly and dangerous).¬† Women say they are more likely to feel a deep sense of satisfaction when they do buy¬†something new. Out of everything they buy the most thought goes into buying a winter coat and underwear is the item that women are most likely to buy on a whim. Little black dresses also got women excited with most admitting to showing off a new dress to at least three different friends and family members. I love that, btw! ūüôā

The survey of 2,000 women and their shopping habits was commissioned by to mark the launch of their new shopping app and website which stores magazine advertisements and populates all the information for you in your very own personal account. (Source

Top 10 Items which bring Women Happiness when Buying them:

1. Handbags – This is such a given, I have nothing else to add.

2. Shoes¬†– As my friend Jody says “She with the most shoes wins”!¬†¬† These flats, by Attilio¬†Giusti¬†Leombruni (AGL), are hand-made from Italy. They feel like slippers! My friend Donna turned me onto them, and I’m a believer!¬† You can find these shoes at

3. Summer dresses – Truly who doesn’t love buying a great summer dress…and not only because they’re more affordable in their cotton fabrics, than their woolen counterparts for Fall, but it means warm summer weather is upon us!

4. Concert tickets – Nothing makes me happier than great music (hence the 47 mentions of Build me Up Buttercup in previous blogs)…I think Kevin and I have seen U2 at least 10 times…that and the Rolling Stones!

5. Jeans – And whenever I discuss jeans, I always mention this…if you find a pair that fits, and you absolutely love them, buy 2! ¬†Because chances are they may be discontinued, or rip, and you wanna have a spare pair!

6. Jewelery – I received this bracelet from my friend Colleen, and absolutely Love it!¬† The necklace below that is from Tiffany, and since it’s a purse charm, I though it needed to be shared…(Meredith, please share with Dad). ūüôā

7. Little black dress – I featured a picture above, but here’s another one, because it is, after all, a wardrobe staple! And there is no reason your LBD¬†needs to be sleeveless…I love this long-sleeved wrap LBD!¬† Though I’d put a fabulous necklace with it, and still keep the chunkier bracelet.

8. Chocolates РI received this for Sweetest Day!  And truly, who even celebrates Sweetest Day?

9. Underwear Рshall not post a picture of this.   Some things are best left to the imagination.

10. Beauty products – I love them all!!¬† Make-up; skin care; cologne; spa robes and slippers, etc…

And while I’m attempting¬† to feather in more male-oriented features, when I googled the Top Men’s Pleasure Buys…well, you can see where this is going…All raunchy!¬† So I will come up with my own version of what Men’s Pleasure Buys should be, and feature a mini blog next week…for MANic Monday!¬† And it’s a truly Magnificent Monday coming up, as our Bears take on the Eagles!¬† Go Bears!!¬† And, according to an interview on NBC-5, Jay Cutler is “officially off the market”.¬† Hmmm..Hoping he’s not seen prancing about again in those salmon-colored pants!

So there you have it…when you are down in the dumps, try some Retail Therapy…and shop off this Top 10 Pleasure Buying list (again, Family Friendly)!



My new favorite song: Mr. Know it All, by Kelly Clarkson


  1. Looks good to me. Love the shoes with the Nordstrom link, especially the comfort factor. Checking out the Kelly Clarkson song, sounds good. Can’t believe we’d had to wait two week plus a day for a Bears game. Two Sundays without Bears is poor planning on the NFL’s part! Happy fab Friday Terry. See you soon I hope.

    • Carol, the shoes are pricey, but wait till they go on sale! I think I’ve played the Kelly Clarkson song close to 100 times….Just ask Patrick!! I agree re: the no Bears Sunday…what is the NFL thinking?! Plus, they changed the noon game on the 13th v. Lions to 315P…Don’t like when they mess with my fall schedule. xoxo

  2. I could have practically co-authored this!!! I could relate to all 10, and the feeling of exhilaration that accompanies each. Love this ~ just in time for the holidays.

  3. Yet ANOTHER interesting blog, Miss TOB. I always learn a new tidbit . . . Thanks! Heard the “off the market” comment from Cutler, too, and wondering what that’s all about . . . and the Young Cousins and I were just talking earlier tonight about Mr. Know It All .. .

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