Bright Copper Kettles…3rd Edition of My Favorite Things

Since I am done preaching about Jay Cutler and why he needs a Life Coach, at least for this week, since my beloved Bears are on a Bye Week,  I present to you, my 3rd edition of my favorite things:

1.  Reebok Easy Tones – OK, I know these shoes are “under fire” for not doing what they say they do…as in work your muscles more than regular shoes…but you truly can tell a difference while wearing these all day long.  Your legs feel invigorated, and my muscles feel like they’ve had a more intense workout.   I,  however, caution you against wearing these while playing tennis, as they will wreak havoc on your toes!  These shoes come with a warning for good reason.

2.  iPhone and iPad – those who know me , know I carry 2 phones.  An iPhone and a blackberry…and no, not because my “boyfriend” has the number of my 2nd phone (and I have been asked that at least 58 times…Kevin frowns upon me dating, btw), but I still, after one year, cannot master typing on my iPhone, so I also carry my blackberry torch, which although has a touchscreen, but also  a true keyboard…However, I Love my iPhone and iPad  apps…Facebook, AA (American Airlines), Shazam, Twitter, LinkedIn, Fashion Journal, WordPress (for my blog), J. Hilburn, Confession App (approved by the vatican) etc…you get the picture.  I am totally addicted to Angry Birds.  And travelling with my iPad, is so much lighter than carrying my laptop around.  I can just throw it in my purse, and it’s always with me.  I can’t write long emails on it, because it’s too tedious, but can do most internet functions, (including going to confession)… and that I love!  Because my iPad is 3G-enabled, I can get my emails and get on the internet anywhere!   I remember Bruce once said that he feels badly for people who don’t have an iPhone…I have to agree, and that also goes for the iPad!

3.  Lincoln Park After Dark – nail polish for my toes.  When I first heard about nail polish that looked “black”, I thought that was way too “goth and dark” for me…I mean, I was one of the first to wear a french pedicure, and back then, in the late 90’s, it turned heads (and not in a good way)…but I have to say, on my toes, I love it.  It doesn’t chip, and still appears clean.  Plus the color is so neutral, it goes with anything.  These are not my toes, as my toes are unsuitable for photo!…but I wanted to show how fantastic this color looks!  Thank you Lee for signing the release so we can use your feet in this photo!

4.  Mac Chic Lipstick – this is the lipstick, I wear everyday, regardless of what I’m wearing.  It goes with red, pink, black , anything.  It’s a pink/berry color with a pale gold shimmer…And while I’ve mentioned this already twice in previous blogs, I was asked about my lip color 3 times this week, so hence, yet another mention!

5.  Dior Show Iconic Mascara – I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating…I basically have No eyelashes.  My sister Megan and Mer Mer have hit the jackpot when it comes to long, lush eyelashes.  So, in trying to do the best with what I have, I’ve used Rapidlash Eyelash enhancer to strengthen and lengthen my almost non-existent eyelashes…I also use Dior Mascara base and Dior Show Mascara.  When used in conjunction with Rapidlash, it’s almost like I have long eyelashes!  You can buy both Dior products at Nordstrom ( and Rapidlash you can find at  All of these products are in the $25-$35 range.

6.  Keurig Coffeemaker.  I am a believer!  I first tried it when they had it at the Conrad Hotel in Indianapolis (one of my very favorite hotels, btw)…and had hot chocolate, green tea, and coffee…each pod goes in this little compartment, and Voila…within 40 seconds, you have a fabulous hot beverage.  You can also make iced beverages.   I got the Platinum version at Costco, which comes with its own filter, so you can put your own coffee in it, and don’t have to be bothered with buying the little pods…But here’s a tip – you can buy a box of 80 Keurig coffee k-cups at Costco for $36.00, which is about a 30% savings off the $51.99 price if you were to buy it in bulk at the Keurig online store.  And since I make the coffee cup, by cup, I end up drinking less!

7.  Coach red patent leather satchel handbag.  I typically don’t carry Coach handbags.  Not because I don’t like them, but I tend to gravitate towards more “unique and one of a kind bags”, but I could not resist this purse.  It’s a deep red patent leather, and since I wear so much black, it gives me a pop of color.  Tt has a strap as well as handles, so I can carry it either way.  It’s not too large, but holds everything I need (including iPad)…and I haven’t seen anyone else carrying it, which is a huge bonus.

8.  Tory Burch Slippers – Genuine Shearling, and they make my feet very happy!  And even happier, they were on sale at Nordstrom!  Oh, and the Tory Burch flats did Not make my feet happy…as my friend “D” says, “the most uncomfortable shoes ever”.  I do not disagree.  Avoid the Tory Burch flats, at all costs…even at a sale price…but indulge in these fabulous slippers!

And in keeping with the Tory Burch theme…the wristlet.  I can use it as a small purse, which holds by my phones, lipstick, small wallet (and I emphasize small) which holds driver’s license, credit card, debit card, and $50 (always 2 $20’s, $5, and five $1’s).  And, when I feel like carrying a larger purse, like my coach red patent leather satchel, I throw the Tory Burch in the larger handbag!  And, I got it, on sale, at  🙂

9.  Rusk Worx Atomizer hairspray… This is the Only hairspray that holds my hair, and Mer Mer uses it as well…Horror of horrors, it has been discontinued.  I have had to stoop down to the level of buying it on eBay.  In bulk!  I mean, I really like this hairspray!

10.  I’ve saved the best for last:  Modern Family!  Hands down, the Best show on TV…Wednesday nights at 8PM on ABC.  Truly one of the funniest, best written, wittiest shows on TV…It reminds me of Arrested Development, because of the clever writing.  I’ve turned a few people onto this show, and they’re also hooked…and funny enough, I’ve found out that this is also the favorite show of some of my all-time favorite people!  You can catch past episodes on  You can also buy the first 2 seasons on DVD.  Watch it this weekend, since the Bears are on a Bye Weekend!  Heck…Do yourself a favor, and buy them on iTunes and put them on your iPad, so when you travel, you can always guarantee yourself lots of great laughs!  Here are a few of the hilarious one-liners:

Phil: “I’m hip, I text. WTF – why the face”
Mitchell: “may I take your multi-colored coat and bejeweled cap?”
Manny: “oh, it’s okay for YOU to take an older lover?”

Claire: One minute you’re just friends watching Falcon Crest and the next minute you’re under the air hockey table with your bra in your pocket.

Phil: I brought my own snacks, not because I’m cheap — it’s a matter of principle. Plus I get a little rush from the danger. Be cool, be cool, be cool! Just look straight ahead… I’ve never felt more alive. Woo Woo!

Cam: “I’m like Costco, big, cheap and everyone loves me”

Have a great weekend!



When in Doubt, Wear Red”  (Bill Blass)

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  1. Oh my, several of your favorites I would like to make my favorites. But a couple quick questions…not your toes, but are those your lips?….why are you using the confession app so much?…That’s all for now. Have a great weekend Terry.

    • Love those Gina!!!
      and yes, I need to give up that blackberry…I’m getting much better typing on the iphone…as soon as my battery lasts more than 6 hours, I’ll take the plunge!

  2. You think I have long, lush lashes? Why, I never knew! That’s probably the nicest thing anyone ever said to me. 🙂 Lots of fun things on this edition of favorite things. Can’t wait for “Warm woolen mittens”!

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