Jaywatch! And that’s how it’s done! :)

Yes Jackson, there is a Santa Claus!  And your request came true!  A very stylishly-played game, indeed!

Will the Real Offensive Line please stand up?   Isn’t it nice what can happen when you actually show up and protect your QB?!    Well done, gentleman.  It appears Mr. Cutler had a handle in this fine performance.   And Mr. Mike Martz appears to be able to keep his job (and parking spot, said Dan Hampton) !  The Bears spanked the Vikings (sorry Bruce, Mark, Eli, and Kim)…but it was really sweet.  The Bears played Stylishly, and looked Fabulous!  What a fun game to watch. 🙂

Jay Cutler – Outstanding performance!    Acting like the Leader of the Team!   My boy Jay completed 21 of 31 passes for 267 yards and two TDs. He had a passer rating 115.9.  You just showed America you are a Top Notch QB!  Look how good he is when he’s given time to do his job!

Matt Forte – he rocks, and I’ll join the bandwagon, please pay him Mr. Angelo!  Show him the Money$$$

Julius Peppers – WTG!  And here we thought you were going to be on injured reserve and Not play… Hardly!  Sweet performance!

Deven Hester – Wow!  98-TD run, and he looked to be an admirable receiver!  5 catches, 98-years, 1 TD!

And That is how it’s done!

Bears off to London, across the pond, to play the Buccaneers!  2nd biggest event there since the Royal Wedding.  Easy on the pints boys…you have a game to play!

And one last fashion comment re: this exciting game:  Kudo’s to Jay for wearing the pink trimmed knit hat on the sidelines during the game, as well as the pink towel.   If you will recall, last year’s horrible loss against the Giants, he was sacked 9 times, received a concussion, and was lambasted for Not wearing any Pink Breast Cancer Awareness items during that game.  This year he’s With the program.  Nice move.  However, alas, on a not so fashionable note, Jay did Not wear his game winning suit in the post game press conference.  Light blue button down with leather jacket is terrific when you go and visit your life coach, not as much during a post game press conference.    Please, wear a suit in the post game press conference.    I mean, my goodness, you had on a suit during your stint as a guest in the audience on DWTS, the least you can do is sport one after a spectacular win!    I may just have to tweet this to him @jaycutler6




  1. Thank you Santa indeed! What a joy of a game to watch. All the Bears were looking good. Let’s do it again this weekend. When can we plan MN again!!??

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