Vanity Plates…Yay or Nay? (And JAYWATCH, of course)

We’ve all been there.  Sitting at a stop light, and we look at the license plate in front of us…which is clearly a vanity plate, and we have No idea what it means.  I love to ponder what in the World were they thinking?…or are they playing a joke on all of us.  I personally don’t have vanity plates, because I don’t want people to know it’s me driving around, but it’s really a great, snappy way to “personalize your wheels”.   People feel strongly about vanity plates.  You either like them or you don’t.  For those who don’t, there is a Facebook page.  Kinda Crazy.  My brother Mark has had one since college.  He still has it.   And if I were to have one,  this would be a goody:

Here are some snappy plates, which I find fabulous:

I hope the above license plate isn’t raunchy…I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.  Plus I like the car.  Screaming Mid-Life Crisis!

Here are some that I shall file under, “What were they thinking”?

Talk about wearing a sign on your forehead!

Like wearing a bulls-eye on your chest…You are just waiting for criticism!

When I googled vanity plates, I could not believe how many truly Raunchy are out there, with Swear Words, Inappropriate terms, and quite crass meanings.  I have chosen not to include those, because this is a family friendly blog…

And these, I have absolutely No idea what the meaning is!

People put their names, addresses, hobbies, sports teams, even company names on their license plates.  A license plate becomes their identity…who they are, what they like, it’s almost like driving around with a “Hello my name is” name badge.     I, on the other hand, like to fly a little more below the radar…Afterall, not sure I always want someone to know who just flew by them on I-90. 😉

Happy Driving.



JAYWATCH – (my ongoing musings of Jay Cutler) – OK…finally getting over the sting of Monday Night’s loss against the Lions.  And, may I say, I’m not taking anything away from the Lion’s, they’re a great team, and deserve to be 5-0  and Matthew Stafford, is terrific.  He’s just not my Jay Cutler.  And succife to say I was darn-right irritated with the ESPN announcers during the game (and almost pulled a Harold (my dad), and turned on the radio and turned down the TV volume), as they were trashing the Bears and were Totally biased towards Detroit.  However,   it was Refreshing to hear them actually give Jay the credit he deserved, when he was scrambling and got off some Great passes!  Jay played one of his best games in a long time…and alas, the Offensive Line, once again, chose not to show up!  And this little news tidbit just hit the internet: One day after Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler expressed his desire to see a few tweaks made in the offense to alleviate some of the pressure he’s faced in the first five weeks, offensive coordinator Mike Martz endorsed the idea of calling plays that allow the ball to get out of Cutler’s hands more quickly.”  Golly, what a novel idea…you mean, Mr. Martz could actually call plays that doesn’t allow Jay Cutler to get sacked?!  Who knew!  Novel Concept!  Superbowl XVLI…Here we come!

Hey Offensive Line…Protect Your Quarterback!  I don’t like to see my Jay manhandled, as seen below!  Totally digging the pink towel, btw.  And Many, Many, Many thanks to Neil O’Shea, for getting me 2 Pink NFL Gatorade Towels!  Perhaps sitting with me during a game, hearing my pleas for a Pink Towel  the entire time, while also pleading with  the rest of our section (including my new friend Patrick King) into getting with the “Let’s get Terry a Pink Towel”  program” , finally broke him down…and Neil was crafty enough to find them on eBay.    Thanks Neil and Jane!!! 🙂

Go Bears!


  1. Fun post. I love reading vanity plates on other cars. It’s like a little puzzle on the road, and the whole car can get involved trying to figure it out. Now that FV4FiTN is going to bug me all day. Surely one of your clever readers can figure that one out? Not sure what mine would say…something else to think about in my free time. Come on Jay, and Bears, you can do it guys, tis the moment! Wonder if the Lions qb needs a life coach?

  2. So I got “BFMLY8”, which I thought was Burns family 8, so I could find my very nondescript big white car easier in parking lots. HOWEVER, the kids and every other teenager in town find the FML hilarious, which I now know means F*** MY LIFE. 🙂
    Love your blogs!!!

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