An Open Letter to the NFL, and Mr. Roger Goodell

Dear NFL Commissioner, Mr. Roger Goodell:  Jeremy Shockey is an Idiot.  A rude, crass, unbecoming Class-A JERK!  And how do I know that Jeremy Shockey, a tight end for the Carolina Panther’s is all of the above?

Well…on my constant quest to find the best seats in the house at Soldier Field, I sat in seats other than my own season ticket seats (1st row, 35-yard line, North Visitors side) at the Bears v Panthers game (nice win, but not sure the Bears played as well as they could) anyway, this time my seats were still 1st row,  but at the 45-yard line (though was told they were 50-yard line, but that’s my next letter) and still Visitors side, but opposite end of my seats on the South side.    And I was positioned right behind the bench of the Carolina Panthers…And I was smack dab behind Mr. Jeremy Shockey and his boorish, unbecoming, childish, unsportsmanlike behavior.  Mr. Shockey, in more than one instance, “Flipped off the Crowd”…I mean, did the ole “Up Yours without the fingers” to the fine Chicago Bears fans who happened to be seated in section 110.    How nice to be exposed to that.  I bring my 14-year old son to these games..I also bring clients, co-workers, friends and family, and I find it offensive, highly offensive, and shouldn’t have to deal with that unruly behavior.  No fan, paying good money, a Lot of money,  to watch a football game, should have to endure that type of uncultured behavior.

And in case you are wondering if I was too far to see his crude gesture, here was my view of Mr. Shockey (#80):

Mr. Shockey is seated to the right of Mr. Greg Olsen, who, although a Carolina Panther and no longer a Chicago Bear, remains a class act.

This is what happened to Mr. Shockey in the 3rd quarter, and this is what he had to say in a post game interview, re: a penalty that was called on him.

Tight end Jeremy Shockey was called for offensive pass interference in the third quarter — one of eight penalties against Carolina. It wiped out his 22-yard TD catch from Newton that would have given the Panthers the lead and the momentum.  “I’d like to get an explanation from the league and understand why they would call something like that,” said Shockey, who said the official making the call didn’t give him one. “We pay their salary and I can’t even get an explanation,” he added. “They should be accountable, as well. They get paid a lot of money.”

“They get paid a lot of money”.  Yeah, so does Jeremy, with his $3M+ contract, this year alone.   Mr. Shockey has  probably made in excess of $40M over his storied, sullied career.  For that kind of money, he surely could have bought some etiquette lessons or better yet hired an Etiquette coach.  He should have his arms cut off (tattoos and all) for flipping off the fans, when there are young Children, women, and fine Chicago Bears fans,  sitting there rooting for their NFL team.  And guess what?   The NFL fans, who pay to attend these games, help Pay Mr. Shockey’s salary as well!  Jeremy Shockey does NOT need a life coach.  That would be futile.  He needs  a stint in Military camp.  And… when the 4 Air Force Pilots,  who did the flyover during the National Anthem,  were introduced, he didn’t even applaud.   He just stood there like a buffoon.

Class A Jerk!

He should be fined $100K for his boorish behavior, and that money should be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the NFL is participating.  Mr. Shockey was also wearing pink arm bands.   Mr. Goodell, can you take care of that?  He is an embarrassment to the NFL, to the fans of the Chicago Bears, and no doubt the fans of the Carolina Panthers.  And I’m more than certain the fans of the New York Giants as well as the New Orleans Saints fans (his previous 2 teams) feel the same way.  In addition, several teammates, and even a “man in a suit, who could have been the team owner, but I could be mistaken”, even tried to tell him to knock if off…and he didn’t seem to care.  He Flipped off the crowd again (again, no fingers, but a violent full-arm gesture).

Mr. Goodell, I am sure you are aware (you may even have crafted it), but the NFL has a Player Code of Conduct…Mr. Shockey is in violation of that code.  For your convenience, I have attached an article containing this code, so you may refresh your memory:

Being an NFL player is one of the greatest jobs in the world and is a Privilege, Not a right.  Being a role model to children is also a privilege.  Mr. Shockey’s behavior was shocking, crude and highly inappropriate at a family-friendly sporting event, and I trust disciplinary action will be taken.

Signed, a Loyal NFL fan,

Terry O’Brien

Chicago Bears Season Ticket Holder

JAYWATCH – my observations of Mr. Jay Cutler – Sunday’s performance could best be described as Lackluster with only 9 completions of 17 passes and only 102 yards.  These are not the numbers of a franchise QB, or a future Hall of Famer.  But, I still believe in him, he’s still my quarterback (now I sound like Lovie Smith), and the season is young.  Next up,  the 4-0 Lions…That will be a great game!




  1. So respectful in your open letter Terry! Bet that took a lot of restraint. Something #80 clearly knows nothing about. The crowd must have gone nuts when he had that call against him. Respectfully nuts, of course. What a gorgeous day for a Bears win. Fun story!

  2. Well done! And how gracious of you to address him as “Mr.”
    …Shockey is much better suited for the Pro Wrestling circuit, not the NFL. Perhaps he should consider the hind quarters of a horse as inspiration for his Wrestling character!

  3. T…… go girl! Nothing gets by you and you are always telling it like it is. Gotta love it, my friend!

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