Why yes…I do have an athletic body type…that of a Bowler! :)

If Loving Fashion is a Crime, I’m Guilty as Charged! 🙂

And yet we have another age-old fashion question…how to dress for our body types and shapes?

It has taken me 3 months of compiling various articles from magazines, books (via Kindle on my iPad) and the internet to give a complete picture of What to Wear for one’s Body Shape…Because this blog is longer than the norm, I have provided a Cliff Notes version at the end of this blog.

Styling Rules do Not apply to everyone.   As a matter of fact, they should be customized to the individual.  What looks good on one person, can look not-so-terrific on another.  Since everyone comes in different body sizes and shapes, we can learn what to wear and what to avoid in order to best flatter our body shape.

You need to learn what your body type is.  Once you understand your body type, it’s easier to dress in ways that best flatter your figure.  I only wish there wasn’t this god-awful picture depicting “Apple”, “Athletic”, etc…could it be anymore unflattering?

Apple or Inverted Triangle Shape

Larger shoulders and or bust; excess weight often accumulates around the tummy.

Inverted triangle or apple-shaped women can showcase great legs and create an attractive silhouette by creating balance between a larger bust and shoulders and thinner legs. Clothing combinations that works well for this body type includes:

• Short skirts paired with slimming tunic tops
• V-neck tops worn with boot cut or slightly flared mid-rise jeans
• Blouses with a slightly nipped waist with flared skirts
• One button jackets with an above-the waist stance with wide leg trousers
• A-line solid color dresses

Dark and solid colors for tops work great for apple shapes because they create a more balanced appearance with their slimmer legs.

Pear or Triangle Shape

Narrower shoulders and upper torso; weight gain can be seen in hips, legs, and thighs.
Clothing for this body shape should balance out heavier legs and hip areas with a slimmer top half. Do this with clothing choices such as:

• Just-below-the-knee length plain colored skirts with patterned blouses
• Boot cut jeans paired with boat neck or scoop neck tops
• A-line skirts with three-quarter sleeve wrap blouses
• Straight leg trousers with jackets that hit slightly above the hip
• Wrap dresses in simple prints or solids

Pear body types can usually opt for darker colored bottoms and have fun exploring lots of print and design in terms of tops to create a proportionate appearance and draw eyes upward.

Rectangular or Straight Shape

Often a slim or athletic figure; this body type has fewer defined curves and extra weight does not show up in one prominent area.

Ladies with rectangular or ruler shaped bodies are considered lucky by many because they are often slender in build. The challenge for this body type is typically that women want to appear more curvy and feminine. Clothing options for straight body shapes to create curves include:

• Pencil skirts paired with belted jackets
• Blouses with ruching or other dimensional details with flared- leg jeans
• Cap neck or polo shirts worn with modern boot cut trousers or jeans
• Dresses with a fitted bodice or nipped waist and full skirt
• Layered ensembles

Rectangle body shapes can also wear item like shift dresses that can be constricting to curvier figures. Contrasting styles, such as bulky sweaters and slim jeans, can also work to break up the vertical lines of a ruler shaped figure.


Defined waist and curvy figure; extra weight shows up in both the bust and hip area.

With a defined waist and feminine curves, the hour-glass figure fits many styles of clothing without trouble. To show off a classic hourglass, consider the following clothing choices:

• Flared jeans with scoop neck tees
• Three-quarter length slitted skirts with v-neck wrap blouses
• Nipped waist jackets worn with straight leg trousers
• Halter style or classic dresses

The right clothing for different body shapes can truly help women bring out their best physical attributes. Have confidence no matter what your shape with clothes that fit and flatter!

And because this blog is extra long (LAP), I have provided the cliff notes version:


1.   Wear the right clothes for your body shape and you’ll fill out and slim down areas, creating a proportional body shape with no heavy point that interrupts the eye.

2.   Choose the right cut and length to make a wide rear  (and thighs), boyish hips and a full torso look less noticeable.

3.   Your goal is to create a visually balanced yet feminine body – making it look like your bust and shoulders are at the same width as your hips.

4.   If your hips are greatly wider than the shoulders, then add more volume to your top half.

5.   If you have a straight waist, find clothes that will add dimensions to your upper and lower part, making your torso look narrower in comparison.

6.   Choose clothing that fits properly every time, from the dresses to business suits. Whether you have an angular or ultra curvy figure, are short or tall, clothing that is either baggy or too tight will not be flattering on any figure.

7.   Another tip that applies to all the different body shapes is: don’t buy an item of clothing just because it’s trendy. Not every trend works on every body type. Classic clothing for different body shapes can be purchased in more modern cuts, and you can accent your base wardrobe with a few pieces of trend clothing that are appropriate for your body

“Highlight the positive and delete the negative.” Donna Karan

Since I had over 700 views on Sunday alone, after that travesty that one may have called the Bears v Packers game (though admittedly,I did have a great time at the game), I may write an addendum to my previous blog(s) re: Jay Cutler needs a Life Coach.  I think Jay Cutler needs an Offensive Line.  And the Bears could Also use a Life Coach!

Happy Dressing!  And that also goes for those Chicago Bears!



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  1. OK, first of all, I hope you’re not offended I skipped through the part directed at slim, athletic type builds. There are definitely some great tips here I can use. I love Donna Karan’s comment about accentuating the positive. Figure, fashion and all around life, that’s the way to go. I’m all for more Jay Cutler blog posts or anything football as that is all that is happening around here come Sunday. All I know about Carolina Panthers…is I don’t recognize a single players’ name and they are 1-2. I hope it’s a great game and we win big time.

  2. CORRECTION: I was informed Greg Olsen is now a Panther and I definitely know him and met him at Bears training camp. He was a doll and a pleasure to watch as a Bear. But I hope he loses on Sunday.

  3. It’s not the dress that makes you look fat . . . I’ve heard that out of the JoeMann countless times .. . THANKS for the chuckle!

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