Monday Morning Reflections of a QB’s Life Coach…

I don’t know about you, but if I were Jay Cutler, I’d be Hopping Mad!  It’s ironic the first three letters of OFFensive Line are OFF.  I was under the impression our Bye Week was October 30th?  Jay Cutler showed up to play football, while the OL were nowhere to be seen.  Brian Urlacher,  Matt Forte and Lance Briggs, showed up to play.  The OL, did not.  Perhaps I should send them all a copy of the movie, The Blind Side?  Mr. Davis, Mr. Webb and Mr. Omiyale may I introduce your to Mr. Oher (and Sandra Bullock)?

Jay Cutler was Sacked 5 Times.  Make that 6 times.  3 in the last few minutes. Ugh!  He was  Rushed, Hurried, Knocked into, Pressured, Mocked and Harassed more times than I can count (or find the accurate numbers on Google).    The OL needs work, lots and lots of work.  And No, Jay Cutler was Not perfect.  He threw passes when he shouldn’t, to areas in which were poor choices, but he was rushed basically 90% of the time.   No one protected him.  And, as I have taken a more tough approach on our illustrious QB in recent weeks (you are welcome, Phyllis), I will also be the first to jump to his defense…I mean, someone has to, as it appears the Offensive Line won’t (or at least, did Not today).

These are some of my friend’s comments, lifted from Facebook..

Oh Bears!! Couldn’t you have surprised all the critics??? This is painful! (Kathy)

If I was Jay Cutler, I would be really mad at my offensive line. (Kim)

I’m not talking about football until NEXT Sunday. Geesh. (Bridget)

I’m about to loose my sh%^# if Cutler gets hit one more time…where is the protection. (Kristen)

The game was not pretty…However…Jay Cutler certainly was, in his post game interview…Not only did he wear a Suit, but he was smiling.  Golly…where did I hear That recommendation before?    And, again, he was Smiling!  (no Jack, that was not him Wincing in Pain).   And he acted like a gentleman, taking responsibility for his fumble, and Not placing blame on anyone else (as I may have done in this blog).  And after all that, Jay Cutler said only this, “It was a long day out there,” Cutler said. “I had to throw a lot of balls before I wanted to. … The Saints were the better team today. They rushed me hard and forced our offense to do things we didn’t want to do.”  Spoken like a true Team Leader. Well Done Jay!

Note:  because I had to lift this picture off the internet, as I was Not in New Orleans, this picture of him post game, is Not of him smiling…but he did, indeed, smile.  And the suit, appears to be Navy, and the tie has Orange accents.  Wonder where he got That idea? 🙂

So…Bears Fans…Onto next week, for “America’s Game of the Week” (According to NBC), Bears v Greenbay! Put this game behind you, and Sack the Pack!  I will be there, with Patrick (though back in my seats, not the sweet seats of Opening Day), cheering them on!

Go Bears!



Tomorrow’s blog is on the Madness surrounding Missoni, and on Friday all about Dressing for your body type!  Sorry the past 2 blogs have been hijacked to accommodate more pressing matters, but felt since Jay wore a great suit, this could pass for a fashion blog! 🙂

And I present to you pictures of Mr. Jay Cutler…Smiling!  And these were quite easy to find on Google…Honest to goodness, he Must be reading my blog, because Clearly, I am Not his Life Coach…yet.  🙂


  1. Well said. Love all Jay’s smiling pictures. The suit looked smashing. The sun will come up tomorrow (or Sunday) Jay! Didn’t your friend Kristin read the blog on swearing? Two steps forward, one step back, sigh….you’ll get us all in line soon enough Terry. Have a great week.

  2. Just heard him say/croak that no one could hear his play calls 4th quarter because he was kicked in the throat 3rd quarter. He is starting to look cute to me, sympathy factor weighing in. 🙂

  3. Amen Madam Life Coach! Sacked 11 times in the 1st 2 weeks- not the way to get the job done. Jay is going to have nightmares shortly if that OL does not make some positive changes immediately; I can already hear the big green and gold buses rolling into town, they will be relentless…we need a miracle here for week 3. Hey OL, step up and protect his blind side; Jay’s got the talent, he just need to be protected. Loved the post game suit, it made him look like the winner I know he can be! For the love of the team people…

    • late in responding to these…at least we can play the Packers again, and hopefully redeem ourselves…
      I truly think the suit makes All the difference in the world!

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