Salty Language is Always Unbecoming

I have hijacked today’s post of “What to wear for your body type”, and decided to pen a quick blog about Swearing.

What’s with all the swearing?   When did it become acceptable to drop the “F Bomb” in public, in front of women, and in front of children?  And while I hate confrontation, I have no problem telling someone to lay off the language, when there are children around…or even when I’m around.

I was at the Bears game on Sunday (and Fabulous game, btw.  Golly, it’s almost like Jay Cutler has used a Life Coach! 🙂 )  The “Gentleman” behind me (and I use that term loosely) kept dropping the F-Bomb.  I had Patrick with me, and was not going to tolerate that boorish behavior.  So, I politely, and I stress politely, asked him to stop swearing.  I explained that I had my 14-year-old son me, and I didn’t care for his language.  Of course it helped that the Bears were playing like Champs, so I probably could have gotten his to do just about anything, as he was wildly over-served by 1240PM.    And of course I’m aware that a 14-year old probably hears much worse language than his dear old Mom, but I didn’t want him to have to hear it, if I could at all help it.  And you know what?  He acquiesced, and stopped swearing.  And he was fine about it.  The family to his left, also thanked me.   His cleaned up language didn’t take away from the Screaming Bears Victory, but it did make for a better family friendly environment.

Some of my very favorite people swear like longshoremen.  They do so, and don’t even realize it.  Some people swear to make a point.  Some do so because they think it’s funny.  Some do so as easy as they are breathing.  I think we all need to take a step back, and, once again, remember our manners.   Swearing is so not cool.  The Bears are. 🙂

There is actually an organization called the Cuss Control Academy, and here is what they say is wrong about Swearing:

Swearing Imposes a Personal Penalty

It gives a bad impression

It makes you unpleasant to be with

It endangers your relationships

It’s a tool for whiners and complainers

It reduces respect people have for you

It shows you don’t have control

It’s a sign of a bad attitude

It discloses a lack of character

It’s immature

It reflects ignorance

It sets a bad example

Swearing is Bad for Society

It contributes to the decline of civility

It represents the dumbing down of America

It offends more people than you think

It makes others uncomfortable

It is disrespectful of others

It turns discussions into arguments

It can be a sign of hostility

It can lead to violence

Swearing corrupts the English language

It’s abrasive, lazy language

It doesn’t communicate clearly

It neglects more meaningful words

It lacks imagination

It has lost its effectiveness

So there.  Perhaps more information than we needed…I just wanted the goon behind me to stop swearing, in front of Patrick, but it’s nice to now be so very much informed..and now on to more pressing matters…The Bears…and Fashion!

Next Week:  What to wear for your body type



PS – Here’s a great tip I learned this week.  While out to dinner for my Anniversary (21-years, and yes, it’s a crime 🙂 ) I had coffee after dinner, and it was super hot.  I love hot coffee, but my Keurig only makes it 192 degrees, and it cools off within 10 minutes.  The waiter told me the secret to keeping your coffee hot, is to Pour Boiling Water into your coffee cut before pouring in the coffee (and of course, dump out the boiling water).  I tried it this AM, and Voila…Hot Coffee! 🙂


  1. Great blog. Someone once told me that people swear because they can’t come up with a better word. Cutler definitely has an image consultant but his new teeth are brutal! Will I see you at the Packer game? I’ll be wearing my Clay Matthews jersey!

    • I love his new Teeth! I think he looks Mahvelous! Of course, I’ll be there…I will be adorn in Bears colors, and Not in a Jersey. You look great in an NFL Jersey. I’d looklike Dick Butkus! We will be tailgating before in the South Lot. Join us!!!

  2. This is a freaking great post. I use that word a lot for emphasis. OK? You’re setting a good example for Patrick. I imagine he will someday have the mildest language of any rowdy Bears fan! I drink my coffee daily in thermal tall to-go cups. That’s an invention waiting to be developed…good looking short thermal coffee MUGS for home use. Someone run with this….

    • Thanks Carol – I do try to be a good example for Paddy…I can also use reminders! I think good looking short thermal coffee MUGS is something YOU should run with! xoxo

  3. Hey there! I concur w/ Stephanie, say what you mean and therefore it’s important to say things in a manner to get across your point – respectful engagement is critical – as you did w/ the cursing man, at the game. And you also illustrated something positive w/ your son. I was out on a OKCupid date and the guy was nice but he started to nonchalantly swear – they were adjectives or nouns tossed in – when better words could have been used. I thought – he making some poor assumptions. There was no need to follow up.

    thanks for the fun, engaging thoughts!

  4. What the freaking heck? When I taught in the schools, I didn’t swear. When I learned how to play golf; the blue-haired, mild-looking, leather ladies seasoned my vocabulary with peppery language. My sons had to glare and tell me to ‘rethink” my word choices. (Which of course was what I had told them ad nauseum).

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